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Updated on Monday, October 20


OMG: My biggest complaint with the proposed Reading Break: nowhere have I seen ANY data that supports the claim mental health will be improved by a mid-term break. Yet this is time and time again cited as the primary reason for a break. Mental health has become a buzz word that we use whenever it seems like something we want is remotely related to it.

We have a few anecdotes about other schools, but I claim that the week during and after the Winter break are actually the MOST stressful, as profs assign much more work, and schedule all midterms around that time, with the anticipation that you use your break solely for studying. When all your profs do this, the idea of a "break" or "catching up" during this time goes out the window, as you just continue to study and work harder than ever.


OMG: If you want student leadership, then be a student leader.


OMG: Spent an hour surfing the Facebook accounts of people I went to high school with. So many ultrasound pictures and engagement photos!


OMG: This is for the MOD that never posts my MC's - fuck you. Guys that like guys can post too.

MOD'S NOTE: Apologies if we missed your post by accident - feel free to resubmit it. 


OMG: Humans vs. Zombies signups this week! All week in MC 3rd floor outside the CND, until Wednesday in SLC, from Wednesday until Friday outside POETS in CPH, and AL on Thursday and Friday


OMG: Humans vs Zombies in a week = distracted, pumped, planning escape routes, and wondering what kind of new friends I'll meet while running around with a pair of socks and a Nerf gun.


OMG: I don't understand the logic of people who own homes and decides to rent/share them, then expect their tenant to live like a mouse and not say anything when you are being completely inconsiderate!

Just because it is your home, does not mean you can do whatever you want!

If you're not prepared to accommodate your lifestyle to share your home with someone else, you should not rent the place in the first place! Instead of tricking students into signing a lease and then threatening to kick them out whenever they complain about your noise!


OMG: why music 100 taught by lacoste so hard…i wish the legendary old prof who never changes exam teaching this course for every section, on every single term.


OMG: Use the centre door on the bus unless you have a really, really good reason to use the front door. Unless the centre door is unreachable because of your location on a crowded bus, do not use the fucking front door. If I have to watch one more asshole bump into some poor parent with a stroller I'm going to lose it.


OMG: If we increase the Feds fee, we increase student engagement and therefore school spirit. Discuss.

Updated on Saturday, October 18


OMG: I like him. He likes me. Yet I said no when he asked me out. Why? Lack of character. He asked for my friends # when he asked me out. It doesn't bother me now as much as it did when he did it but I feel like I gotta respect myself enough to not be with a guy like that.


OMG: I was at the SLC the other week sitting by the individual couches that run along the side of the wall, and beside me in a row were these construction workers who literally made rude and derogatory remarks about everyone walking by them. And I mean eeeeveryone; they'd find something to say even if the students were just minding their own business and innocently making their way without trying to attract attention. The insults would just keep on coming, one after the other. Sometimes they'd say insults pretty loudly but disguise it so it wouldn't be so obvious. They'd comment on the simplest things body types, physical appearances, fashion choices, couples that they thought looked odd together, if someone walked or talked funny, and even made sexual comments on younger girls they thought were attractive. And I just kept thinking to myself, wow, are these pigs that miserable with how their own pathetic lives turned out that they feel the need to better themselves through hateful comments on students who 1) they don't even know and 2) are way younger than they are? This wasn't the first time I've witnessed them doing this either; I've seen them crowd together outside ESC with their hands folded and chins high looking for the next stranger person they could talk shit about. I really wanted to say something to them but that 4:1 situation would have most likely ended badly for me.


OMG: Seriously, it's like the Feds President either has no respect for Students' Council as an institution, or doesn't understand how democratic policy-making works:


OMG: So nobody comes out to the Fall Reading Days referendum to form the Yes and No committees? Seriously?!

...That's just pathetic. This is one of the most important issues students have voted on in years, you'd think people would be more engaged.


OMG: A lot of these 'in progress' items had better become checkmarks before the next Feds election...


OMG: Through this whole Schembri drama, something has seemed unusual to me.

WPIRG essentially jumped into the situation and helped students not only organize themselves as neglected residents, but also helped them seek legal advice, and are now successfully legally organized to deal with Schembri.

Meanwhile, FEDS continues to have Schembri be a sponsor for orientation week (and yes, they didn't know ahead of time, but they could have withdrawn their sponsorship easily enough), and last term kicked WPIRG out of the SLC, mostly because they just didn't like them.

So WPIRG, which is an optional fee that students don't seem to want to pay, actually helps students out in their time of need, while FEDS, which is an obligatory fee, accepts sponsorship money from Schembri and basically doesn't do squat.

Sometimes I wonder who's on who's side...


OMG: To the person putting up the "WARNING: Reflections in this mirror may be distorted by socially constructed ideas of 'beauty'" mirrors all over campus, you are awesome. Thank-you.


OMG: It's sad how SOS has to go to Laurier to book rooms for their sessions.


OMG: Interested in getting involved with the Federation of Students Council? Come out to the meeting on Sunday Oct. 19th at 12:30pm in the SLC, and you can nominate yourself to be the Assistant Secretary!


OMG: I always complain about people not staring or making eye contact. So I had some eye contact today and it felt very uncomfortable.


OMG: Play #31: The Iron Ring

In my experience, there is not a single group that is more intolerable than the engineers. They walk around with their cocky leather jackets, traversing the halls as slowly as possible as if they own the place, and never hesitate to rub it in your face how inferior your program is to theirs. They routinely get open book midterms and exams, yet still end up with mediocre marks. They have a whole week off when they need to study for midterms, with no assignments or homework to worry about. Lastly, their exams are purposely scheduled to be evenly spread out, showing just how much they are babied and coddled.


OMG: I've started slipping entire song lyrics bit by bit into conversation with my friend. He hasn't noticed yet.


OMG: Your new bike makes me want to take a ride...
On your face.

Updated on Wednesday, October 15


OMG: Please do not come into classroom and sit down 10 minutes before the previous class finish. It's disrupting and disrespectful to the previous class.


OMG: Schembri scams with fake advertising. Was so excited for move in today, what a let down.
Never leasing from Schembri again, too bad I'm stuck with them for a year.


OMG: I'm in my final year of undergrad, and I still play Neopets


OMG: Looking back, joining a uW Greek society was the worst decision of my undergraduate career.


OMG: Assigned TA's who TA a course while on a co-op term outside of Ontario are honestly the worst


OMG:Dear sick people: covering a cough/sneeze goes a long way. Washing your hands goes a long way. 
Welcome to the 21st century where hygiene is a thing and waves of colds and flus shouldn't have to spread every month.

Mod's note: ... Flu shots go a long way!


OMG: Failed a midterm for the first time in my life. Does not feel good


OMG: When you think you did well on a midterm and then you get your grade back and it's like 65% :(


OMG: Being a 36A is a curse. Can't find my size in half the stores.


OMG: Dear men, from a psychology student who has studied the effects of scents (cologne/perfume) on interpersonal relationships, I highly advise you to not use cologne. Most colognes are made from civet anal gland secretions, which are not only unattractive, but tend to drive women away (with the specific exception of women who have been in excellent relationships previously with men using these scents). They are not a natural turn on, quite the opposite, they are a natural turn off, and it is an acquired taste for women to appreciate these scents. In contrast, lavender and licorice are among natural turn ons scent wise, and are a much safer bet in terms of scent choice.


OMG: hey, person/people in dp library, is there any reason as to your frequent, violent twitching spree? not fidgeting, but spasms-like twitches. are you dancing in your chairs? or do you need to use the washroom? a medical issue? if not, sit your bum still in that chair, you are a peripheral distraction.


OMG: I just need to vent this:


OMG: I was so afraid of my physics midterm I rushed through it and I'm pretty sure I'll be luck if i get 25% 


OMG: To the guy who gave me a weird look outside DP this morning, no I'm not crazy. I just like to talk to squirrels sometimes.


OMG: Being a tall, dark, handsome, physically fit male with high intelligence and numerous achievements both in university and in society is nice. But why is it necessary for a guy like me to get into a relationship? It seems like the norm is to be monogamous when I really don't feel like being so.


OMG: I walk with my head down not because I'm shy or insecure, I do it because ain't no geese shit be ruining my vans.


OMG: Anyone else hate being the odd one out in groups?

I'm in a group with people who are past friends and I really feel like my input isn't valued... despite my high GPA I feel like I'm treated like a second class dim wit and a burden.

I recently was in a situation where I felt like I was being witch hunted for something I didn't do... As a guy I can't even complain because I don't want to look like a pussy.

I guess I'm not good at earning respect.


OMG: it's been six weeks since i moved out of KW4Rent's building and they still haven't sent me my key deposit yet ...

Updated on Saturday, October 11


OMG: I find "Caught Sleeping at UWaterloo" or any school for that matter, kind of creepy. Personally I wouldn't care if someone takes my picture, but some people might not be as open to it.

And a second note, if someone is sleeping in their bed, is that really worth posting? That is like acting surprised that someone is eating food in a restaurant.


OMG: Could UW please stop using words like "innovative," "creative," "vision," etc. I really don't think those are words that I would describe this institution as.


OMG: Currently doing my PhD (2nd year) at a school with a Fall reading week. I highly recommend it (from both a student and a TA's point of view) and would suggest that current UW students petition for it. - Former UW student


OMG: be free, warriors!