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Updated on Tuesday, February 9



I don't think it'll ever get better, I don't know if I want to be here anymore



Today I realized that I have become that douche who makes a scene in SLC. How shameful. My sincerest apologies to anyone who had to witness it.



To all the dudes out there, give your balls a feel and check for lumps or swelling. Testicular cancer is some real shit and it affects guys around our age.

A buddy of mine told me that a girl he brought home from the bar handled him downstairs and said that there was a chance he could have testicular cancer. Turns out he was at the early stages and is being treated now. She more or less saved his life. Check your balls and while you're at it give your prostate a good poke  



You're right fucked if you think people can't see the happenings on your technology. THERE ARE PEOPLE SURROUNDING YOU! PEOPLE WITH EYEBALLS! And a moving screen is ALWAYS going to be more eye catching than a lecture... 

I'm talking to you girl who watches animal videos/shops for underwear and also you, girl who was snapchatting her hickey. Why do you even come to class? You are a distraction. 



People need to stop saying that WPIRG is tied with terrorist organizations, there's way too little evidence out to be able to say that.



Damnnn you engis dressing up today are sexy af. Keep working on ur booties u sexy men loving the tights



ungrateful fatherland you will not even have my bones

Updated on Thursday, February 4



First Feds, then the sever ties referendum, then the WPIRG. Man, you guys need a life, arguing endlessly over these things..



Anyone know why the police and EMS were racing around the ringroad on Feb 3rd at around 12:30pm?



These are my initial thoughts after watching the Feds debates in the past few days:

President: Chris, no question. Razan clearly has no idea what she is talking about and is not prepared for this position at all. Chris is the surest candidate, for any position. (Chris = Team Impact; Razan = People's Voice)

VP Internal: I'm leaning more towards Deanna, though Victoria comes pretty close. Deanna seems to have a slightly better grasp on what the position is, but Victoria seems way more committed to this position and has better ideas. Amanda is in a very distant last place. (Deanna = Team Impact; Victoria = Independent; Amanda = People's Voice)

VP Operations & Finance: This is very much a toss-up. I would say that Brian and Jeremy have similarly decent platforms. They both handled themselves well in the debates. This one is going to come down to who can get the most voters out. (Brian = Team Impact; Jeremy = People's Voice)

VP Education: Kinsey is still the better candidate in my opinion, even though he wasn't at one of the debates. Neither Kinsey nor Sarah have very strong platforms, but Kinsey has experience working in government which will be really important for this role. Sarah doesn't seem to understand what the VPED does. (Sarah = Team Impact; Kinsey = People's Voice).

There is still over a week until the voting ends, so plenty of time for these things to change. However, there do not seem to be any more debates, which is strange. I propose that feds organizes a debate to take place on Monday, as a final debate before the voting begins.



OMFG. to the Asian girl in all my planning classes. Stop eating and stop asking everyone you see for their food! Grow up.



FASS Theatre Company is back this weekend!
The show's looking pretty good this year. But I'm in it, so obviously I'm hella biased.
Here's a scene from last year's:

It's happening at Hagey Hall, Thursday @8pm; Friday @7pm and 10:30pm; and Saturday @6pm



Please remember when posting: a controversial opinion isn't always an insightful one



As a student of Chinese descent, I'm disappointed at how easy it is for people to criticize international students and their habits. I understand that they may be loud, spoiled and unwilling to integrate into Canadian culture, and in fact, many Chinese-Canadians feel the same way. However, seeing comments that generalize those students just seems disrespectful to me.



That Kinsey guy running for VPEd wants to offer internships to students not in co-op and maybe even put them on Jobmine...umm what will be the incentive for students to pay for co-op then? Can I get a refund on the $3,000 I spent to be in co-op? Ridiculous



I'm heavier than I look. Don't try to hog all the sidewalk. I'm not sorry you ended up on your ass in the mud.



Ahhh. Left the bogo program (double degree) several years ago and haven't regretted it.



Today is a sad day. After three years of using my Ex’s Netflix account, she finally caught on. Goodbye free netflix

Updated on Tuesday, February 2



Controversial opinion incoming: giving women the right to vote was a mistake. A century later, that's how we get the girliest man ever elected as Prime Minister - women voters who think pretty feelings matter more than actual political sense. It's a cutthroat business that was always meant to be a man's world.



Does anybody else read some of the crap thats posted on here and is like, "ew holy shit do I actually go to school with these people? am I really surrounded by individuals who seriously think like this?"

MOD's NOTE: Refer to OMG #23558. You're not alone.




When I graduate I want to become a software engineer at Google
work for WPIRG since it pays better



Last week I noticed two bandages on my little sisters arms in exactly the same place on either arm. I asked and she laughed it off, got defensive and told me not to ask again. This evening I came home to a dark house...My mom took her to the ER where they gave her a prescription for anti-depressants. Just wanted to put this out "there." A way of saying it, or telling someone, without airing the dirty-laundry... It makes me sad because I don't know how to help her.



The University is proposing a 9% increase to international tuition at Tuesday's Board of Governors Meeting, come out and show your concern for this increase in a peaceful manner. NH 3407 1:30pm



Entering 5th week of term. Still can't figure out why is Anne Hathaway is in CS 430.



Okay first of all I'm not against couples. If you are in love that's cool you do you but I hate how my roommate bring his girlfriend and act like they are married. Like do you even go to class? She's always here cooking and they are always messing around in their room being loud and laughing. 
I get it you are in love and all the best to you but come on....Act like students.   



Has anyone else seen the old man around Tamarack who walks his dog and cat without leashes?



MOD's NOTE: Let's just put them all in once place...

Donald Trump is going to become president, and then he is going to become the Hitler of World War 3.
Don't say I didn't warn you.

Here's hoping that Trump and Bernie win the Iowa Caucus today. No matter where you lean with your politics, the last thing we need is for another one of the establishment in power again. 



It appalls me that Muslim women are brainwashed enough to call the hijab/niqab "empowering". This is clearly a religion that does not respect the rights of women, regardless of how you want to spin it. 

Also, has anyone considered that forcing children to fast during ramadaan is child abuse? I know children are gradually "eased" into fasting and don't start doing the full fast until they are at least teenagers, but isn't there some kind of a law against this kind of bull?



MOD's NOTE: Let's just put them all in once place -- Come on UW, do what you do best and and argue your opinions on an anonymous forum!

Interested in more commentary on the Feds elections? Check out @FedsElxnWatch on twitter for your daily dose of sass about student politics


WTF is with the buzzword-named "teams" running in every single Feds election? Get that cliquey partisan BS out of our school.


Does the neckbearded keyboard warrior who runs the fedselxnwatch twitter account have nothing better to do with his life?


Victoria Harkes:
I am currently hosting an AMA and will continue to answer posts throughout the campaign period. So let’s talk about Feds, the campaign, your ideas, and my ideas:

Updated on Friday, January 29



the term SJW. It's almost always used in a white male supremacist argument.... usually an ad-hominem attack.



Lol @ all these internationals thinking they have money with their chump BMWs and garbage ass clothes. Let me know when your dad is a hedge fund manager and we'll talk.

I 100% know I'm a pretentious asshole, so you don't need to tell me.



Okay... does "Peoples Voice UW" even understand what the FEDS Exec actually do? Their platform reads like a bunch of high schoolers who think they know what a student union is for, but have never actually dealt with one.



Sometimes I want to vote a post higher but the mod's notes are so annoying I end up going for the lowest score.

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Updated on Thursday, January 28



eagerly waiting for boy trudeau to lose the confidence vote.



Hi all,
lost watch, black strap and white face, reward if found

Updated on Wednesday, January 27



Couples at UW: 'we found love in a hopeless place'

MOD's NOTE: Havent' you heard? Nerdy is the new sexy...



Bravo Denmark. Seriously. Way to take a stand against those who posture yet don't act.



If you are fat, go to the gym.

But don't come to the gym in a goddamn burqa.



F*** the registrar's office for charging me $10 for a proof-of-enrollment letter, which takes them 2 minutes to do and less than 20 cent to print.



CIF needs some new equiptment goddamn I swear everyday I go there is like 10 new broken machines..