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Updated on Tuesday, August 4


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OMG: An alumni here. I was in Waterloo and took a drive through campus. Fed hall looks empty now. What the hell? Used to be Thurs through Friday if you weren't in line by 8, you weren't getting in. That being said, it was run by the Federation of Students who did a terrible job. The 'manager' was a complete meathead, the guys who worked there were all his friends and they spent a lot of time bullying anyone they took a dislike to, and letting all their friends cut in line. And, according to one of the servers I was friends with (and still am 20 years later) the staff used the place as their personal LCBO. So, maybe mismanagement did them in. Anyhow, I'd like to know what happened and if the place is used at all now.


OMG: Hey Guys! 

I work at Coffee Culture in the boardwalk in waterloo.
There has been a UW key chain here for a few days. we've been waiting for someone to claim it. I contacted the university to see if they can somehow trace the keys back to the student but they failed.

The key chain has 5 keys and a green plastic rectangular tab on it.

I found these keys on my desk early morning on Monday July 27th but they could have been forgotten sometime over the weekend.


OMG: There should be a tool in the course calendar where it can filters down to all the course UW offers that you meet the prerequisites for. That way you can easier pick electives.


OMG: While completing a long ass research paper after two consecutive all nighters, I regret my choice of social sci major. Can I turn time back and choose Aviation instead? :(


OMG: This new thing about no food or drink in exams! FYI


OMG:  In DC library :
silent study = quiet study
quiet study = loud study
group study = party


OMG: Our gym needs an upgrade.


OMG: To that girl who cat called me as I was walking back from the gym the other day.... I have to say I was quite flattered.


OMG:  Sorry, but I cannot respect construction workers. Why do we pay for 10 guys to stand around watching one guy work? Because each one of them has only one damn skill. If only half of them had the mental capacity to learn to twirl signs AND dig a hole, they'd be twice as efficient.


OMG: PEOPLE, how the hell do you push yourself to study when you're tired? COFFEE? MOTIVATION? TELL MEEEE


OMG: Anybody else wish they could spend their entire life just watching Netflix and eating brownies? All motivation lost.


OMG: Apparently most of the regular and college residences at Waterloo just throw away perfectly good food at the end of each day............. #waste


OMG: I just switched out of my major. Isn't it crazy that we have to make decisions on ending up in $50,000+ (most of the time) at the age of 18... damn


OMG: Since it seems that overwhelmingly everyone posts as anonymous, can you please make the "post as" selection to be anonymous by default? (it's tricky to select on my shitty phone :(

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OMG: Just graduated with no prospects. I was above average in my classes at Waterloo, so I foolishly thought I would be ok. Now struggling so hard to find a job. I never appreciated how good I had it with coop, sigh.


OMG: Gotta love when your roommates turn into rude, negative, passive aggressive people who never clean a thing! Feel bad for anyone they live with in the future.


OMG: 10 Days to learn 5 very heavy courses.... I don't wanna fail.. again.


OMG: I'm so fucking done with the online HRM 200 group project. My team member submitted our project even though I CLEARLY told her that I wanted to do it because I had one final part to fix. It's like she didn't even have the brains to read my email before she sent out her own saying, "Who's submitting the project?" and then submitting it herself a minute later. I can't believe people this stupid are studying at this university.


OMG: Best way to get over an ex. Just make a list of pros and cons while you're breaking up. Once you're over and think of getting back, just read the note.

Updated on Wednesday, July 29


OMG: Hobby: Creeping everyone on the UW textbook exchange and judging how much their appearance matches the textbooks they are selling


OMG: Had drunk sex with my male roommate. I've been a lesbian for quite some time, never enjoyed straight sex before and I'm almost never attracted to men. I actually orgasmed hard and enjoyed it. I think I may reconsider men...


OMG: In case no one has seen it yet the make up day for Thanksgiving Monday is Saturday, November, 21. Yes we have class on a SATURDAY this Fall. Not to mention only 12 days of between the last day of exams for Fall and the first day of Winter classes.

So no you can't have a fall reading week and you get class on Saturday and a shorter Christmas break. 


OMG: Walked in on my roommate giving a guy head on our couch. Told him I was going to be gone for the weekend but came back early. This is when I realized my roommate was gay and now that I think about it I am an idiot for not realizing it earlier


OMG: I'm a student note taker for a class and one of the students didn't give me the right e-mail address to send them the notes. Now they're frustrated and yelling at me cause they didn't get any of my notes. Like seriously, your supposed to be taking your own notes and supplementing with mine.


OMG: I'm in my 3rd year of university. Been dating the same girl for many years. My girlfriend broke up with me because she's too focused on her career. I'm not sure how to take it, should I move on or hold onto false hope that maybe once we're done university, she'll want to be with me?


OMG: Thinking of switching to a different field of engineering but I don't know if that's what I really want and don't want to do the switch then regret it.


OMG: I'm a guy and have three female FWBs. They all know about each other and everyone is tested. The girls want to rent a hotel in the coming weeks and have a foursome with me. I'll let you all know how it turns out.


OMG: I find myself not watching porn anymore. Now if I am to masturbate at my house I participate in online video chats with ladies who are looking for the same thing. This has turned out quite well as I have met a number in real life where we fucked the living shit out of each other.


OMG: Change my view: If men are incarcerated more than women, its because they are more likely to be criminals, not female privilege. So, if black men are incarcerated more than white men, it is because they are more likely to be violent criminals, not white privilege.


OMG: Students who own pets, remember! If your landlord gives you a lease saying you can't have a pet on the premises, sign and bring your pet anyway. Under Section 14 of the Ontario Residential Tenancies Act, a lease can't restrict pets, so those requirements aren't worth the paper they're printed on.


OMG: I walked in on my roommate watching anime porn...


OMG: I come from rural-ish Ontario. My parents have always been a little racist but not openly racist. We have very few colored families in my town and my parents love them since we've known them for ages. They do have issue with people they don't know, not sure why but they just do. I was always raised that I'd be in trouble if I were to ever date someone non white. I started dating someone non-white when I came to UW.

Updated on Friday, July 24


OMG: Is it bad that I'm ecstatic to see my brother's girlfriend hanging out with my brother less and less and putting distance in their relationship? I hate the bitch, but I've been pretending to like her for the last year and a half.


OMG: Apparently I only date really beautiful women and have been called a womanizer. Now that I am getting older my partners have been looking younger. I don't see a problem with it.


OMG: EVERY connection at UW is a missed connection. They're as scared of you as you are of them. Go talk.


OMG: Did anyone else see a guy in a yellow t-shirt with painted blue hands and bright pink nails on the 23rd? Did anyone ask him why?


OMG: SMH @ the CDN Dollar.


OMG: Nothing like quitting your job to ask your friends/family to fund your religious volunteering vacation (and reminding everyone on FB to donate to your cause)!


OMG: Happy pi approximation day (22/7)! I was glad to have some approximate pi (cake) in MC, but disappointed there was no contest to recite the most decimal digits of 22/7.