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Updated on Wednesday, May 18


OMG: To the guy who ordered a large ice coffee then walked away loudly calling the barista a "bitch" and "incapable" for putting too much ice in your drink, how about you complain to Starbucks headquarters on how their recipes requires that much ice or you know just ask for light ice. As the customer after your rude self, I felt so bad for the barista.


OMG: Opinions on UW and the general region in regards to general tech advancement and innovation?


OMG: Nobody fucking posts here anymore

rip omguw ;_;

Updated on Monday, May 16


OMG: Saw a guy pick up girls on campus, I think most of you may need his help


OMG: I think I may have social anxiety. Used to be super outgoing but recently I've just been hiding in my shell a lot, and I am feeling worse about myself every day. Classmates don't help. Any services on campus I could go to? I can't afford a real therapist and I don't want to travel far to find one. Thanks


OMG: If you're in ECON 221, STFU jeesus, so much noise fam. I'm not paying to hear your dumbass talk the whole way through this lecture.


OMG: Why is the food court closed in the SLC this summer?


OMG: Rule #1 of Waterloo: it's not a question of "if" you develop an Asian fetish, but of "when."
The hard part, of course, is figuring out how a tall white guy like me can get an Asian girl to date him....


OMG: is it possible to get a mark written up as an INC if you provide a doctor's note to show that you were really sick when writing the exam? I'm talking about showing the note after marks are up and everything. Will the undergraduate office allow that? 


OMG: So I'm taking CS 241 & CS 251 this term. I just framed the MIPS reference sheet on my wall.


OMG: When your sleep cycle is messed up, so you get the morning wood in 8:30 lecture. I'm pretty sure this girl beside me noticed.


OMG: UW Food Services, why the hell don't you take credit? Was just at the SLC Tim Horton's, make my order, then learn they don't take credit. Now the stuff they made is just going to get trashed since I had nothing else to pay with. How does this not cause a bigger loss than offering credit? Get with the times already and offer the full spectrum of payment options.


OMG: My roommate threaten to kill me and banged on my door holding a cricket bat. How do i solve this situation

Updated on Thursday, May 5



Working in DP, I feel like a movie villain. I want to ask students "You made it through the maze and over the moat, but how did you escape my evil geese?"



UW dreams: Hoping at least >10% of my class can speak at least some English.



Finally done with Uwaterloo, I won't miss the grind but I'll def miss the people. Keep pushing you'll make it, it'll all go by so fast so don't get too caught up trying to do everything perfectly. :D



There is nothing more intoxicating than the sweet scent of a woman's perfume as she passes by - no I'm not going up and sniffing anybody - i'm talking about the breeze that hits you a second later with just a whiff of fragrance.



After much observation throughout the years, I have come to the conclusion that: Most girls' right butt cheek is bigger than the left



Just confessed to a girl that I loved her after a year of being best friends, she didn't like me back and I'm hurt. Should I just move on now??#heartbrokeeeen



Take turns with the equipments at CIF. This asian girl at CIF on the first day of school decided to just pretend there was nobody else waiting for it. I overheard her reply to people asking how many sets she's got left, that she "will be here all day". Yeah. okay. I saw same shit happen long time ago with another dude thinking he owned the barbell taking it with him from bench press to squat rack then to deadlift with it. You need to take turns goddamit. What are you, a five? With the expected high volume and with the number of equipments out of order, you gotta share folks. Please.

Updated on Friday, April 29



All these black women worshipping Beyonce, too stupid to realize her entire career is written and produced by middle aged white men.

She's only a man hating feminist because it makes them money, how empowering!



I'm at school now to print a couple pages of documents, but most buildings are closed. And for the first building I can get in that has a uPrint printer.......URGHHHHHHHH THE ROOM IS LOCKED!!!!!



What's the best faculty at Waterloo and why is it ECE?

Updated on Tuesday, April 26


OMG: Who knows when the psych 101 final marks will be posted... That's the only one that hasn't been uploaded yet and I'm curious on how I did


OMG: How dumb can you get? I just passed a girl who was sleeping on the stairs. Later staff member said something to her, but she's too cool to listen to staff. I wonder if I will see her in class next term.


OMG:  Idea: to combat our decreasing population, why not legally require all women to have one child by the time they turn 25, and impose severe tax penalties on women over 30 who have less than two children? Then you can offer financial incentives to any family with three or more kids. BOOM, naturally increasing population.




OMG: I think I've fallen in love with my best friend, but he's in the same cohort class as me. We depend on each other a lot academically. Is it too risky to go for it?


OMG: Who else is following the Tim Bosma trial? That case is turning into something really weird. The shady business owner approaching bankruptcy, his friend who smokes weed with him and gets convinced to do robberies, shady business owner's girlfriend (9 years younger) who doesn't know anything except that he had a gun. It's like CSI except there's not really much doubt who did what and how.


OMG: To the girl on the 200 who took up 3 seats for herself, one for each of her bags and one for her selfish ass, fuck you. Your old enough to know proper bus etiquette.

Updated on Wednesday, April 20


OMG: Really wish they'd bring the pool table back at Bomber :(


OMG: Done 2nd year CS and it feels so good - I'm not as smart as some of the people in my program (a majority of them I bet), but I work so fucking hard to stay afloat.

I feel like I'm just getting better and better and I love what I do. Other people: Find something you love and give it your all every day, and you'll find success.


OMG: To the brown guy at CIF who always has the bottom half of his in his mouth when working out... May O ask why??


OMG: So one of the departing Feds exec is gonna go work for Trudeau Jr. in Ottawa now. Guess I shouldn't be surprised - our student dollars, there to help land our liberal student politicians jobs with actual liberal politicians. Though I guess it could've just been the fact that the guy's an Arab that guaranteed it for him - that's who Justin really has running the country, right?


OMG: If anyone lost a couple rings in an MC bathroom, they're at Turnkey.


OMG: Waterloo could really handle some more study spaces. I'm talking tables and chairs, in buildings with windows, with outlets. Too much to ask for?


OMG: Girls are np-hard.


OMG: I would like to apologize to the girl who's hair I accidentally spat gum in. This was a few years ago and we were dancing at a club. I panicked when I couldn't get it out and left before she noticed. I've truly been feeling really bad about it... Sorry


OMG: I feel like university completely kicked my ass. Not in terms of marks. ive been doing decent. i dont know what it is. but my final term has just been brutal.


OMG: I'm on coop in a small town and know no one here, I'm so frustrated and just eat and masturbate every evening. So sexually frustrated rn fam