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Updated on Tuesday, March 31


OMG: To the girls handing out "study kits" in the SLC today; thank you, you have no idea how encouraging such a little thing was to me.


OMG: The staff at the food place in DC need to stop acting like the toppings and sauces are coming out of their wage. How do you advertise something as "Loaded Fries" after throwing on literally a teaspoon of shredded cheese and spoonful of meat sauce onto fries. If I even ask for sauce on a burger or sandwich, they act like they're not gonna have the funds to put their kid through college anymore. I was feeling extra bitchy today, so I asked to speak to the manager. He was gracious enough to give me another half-teaspoon of cheese. This some next Oliver Twist shit.


OMG: Anyone else playing pacman google maps on campus?


MC CnD > EngSoc CnD


OMG: I would love to know the reasoning behind charging a Work Report Marking Fee on the tuition of a student that handed in their last work report in September 2014.


OMG: UWP's walls are paper thin. Roommate invites boyfriend to stay overnight. They stay up late and I can hear his voice grumble through the wall. Terms almost over, might as well tough it out within reasonable limits.


OMG: Some custodians have some mental problems in this school.
They throw chair and garbage bins around in the math building and one custodian at DC just farted right beside me as he was cleaning up the tables.
It's not my fault you have to clean up piss and shit everyday jesus.


OMG: I waited 40 days for an appointment with counselling services. During this time I hit rock bottom, and told myself just to wait it out for my appointment. Well my appointment came, and my counselor was sick... and the next available appointment is in another 40 days.


OMG: The piano in the basement of QNC is actually so annoying... I get the sentiment but its SO LOUD and echoes through the entire floor whenever people play it!!


OMG: Wow. Thanks Jesus for blessing me with a cold a week before the exams. Love you too homie.



Updated on Sunday, March 29


OMG: If you're gonna walk slow as a mofo, don't walk in the middle of the hallway. Some of us have classes to get to.


OMG: Sick of the food thieves at 295 lester. Unfortunately my roommates don't keep the front door locked all the time and this building doesn't have deadlock doors. and of course domus is too cheap to install cameras in the hallways.


OMG: I see tons of "Defensive Driving" schools but where are the "Aggressive Driving" schools? I just want to learn how to race, drift and drive to my car's limit.


There was a rotting muffin in one of the MC rooms.. c'mon guys..


OMG: If I learned anything from the varsity athletic banquet, it's that the less physical contact a sport has, the better the team is.




OMG: I try not to be racist but it gets real hard when I see 2 blacks making rounds around UWP with flashlights looking in people's windows on friday night when everyone is out. Lock your doors people!


OMG: Let's hear some inspiring adversity stories. Something about why you here and how you made it this far on determination.


OMG: To the kids in EIT screaming at the top of their lungs pls for the love of god shut UP


OMG: People should try to stop using "autistic" to describe students at this school ... it's kinda an insult to actual autistic people.

Updated on Friday, March 27


It's that time of the term again when I start missing all the connections I didn't make


OMG: On a crowded bus: If you are standing, move back as far as possible and place your backpack at your feet. If you are sitting, sit on the inside seat so someone else can sit down. If you are standing next to an empty seat, either sit down or let someone else sit down.

This has been a public service announcement.


OMG: To the guy with the crooked front teeth earlier from this morning, if you're going to keep asking me stupid questions while being incredibly rude to me at the same time, you really shouldn't be surprised that you're going to get vague answers from me. Just saying.


OMG: Today I asked a girl in my class to move down a couple seats so everyone could spread out and have some space (AL seats can be cramped) and she only moved down one seat... Awkward Waterloo students are the worst...


OMG: There are certain foods that should not be eaten in lecture halls. I realize apples are delicious, but please save them for in between classes and at home. Extremely distracting :(


OMG: If you're going to be as bold as to talk and laugh loudly in class, at least have the courage to look me in the eye when I turn around to stare at you. Maybe even ask me what my problem is. But no, of course you wouldn't dare to. These kinds of people are the boldest kind of coward.


OMG: To those 2 white ppl constantly talking in the back of BIOL241, when half the class and the prof directly look at you to shut the fuck up, respect everyone else and do it.


OMG: To the idiot who drives the red F-150 in C parking. Your vehicle is no more special than anyone else's so stop taking up 1.5 parking spaces. In fact your truck is ugly


OMG: To everyone at the engineering coffee house tonight (March 25) you guys were a great bunch to work with all evening. Glad I got to experience some of the great engineering culture at this school before I graduate. Also the guy singing the Bee Gees cover, you were awesome! Cheers!


Everyone complaining about FEDS. 5% voter turnout. This is why politics at this school are pointless.


OMG: Trying to hide the fact that I'm reading "Buckland's Complete Guide to Witchcraft" from my super conservative Christian parents . . . It's for a paper I'm writing, but I still think my dad would have a heart attack.


OMG: Looking back on the men I've dated throughout my time here and realizing half of them half been autistic. #uwaterlooproblems

Updated on Wednesday, March 25


OMG: To my Speech Comm. prof:

You are incredibly disorganized.


OMG: I thought I was doing ok, but recently I realized I haven't fully moved on from my ex that I broke up with 2-3 years ago.


OMG: To whoever lost a ten dollar bill in DC, I'm sorry and I hope you're not poorer than me. Rest assured it will be used for something productive.


OMG: Recap of Feds General Meeting:
- fee increases all passed
- AFSA feee change passed
- Board elected, two incumbents were voted out (good riddance) and it is all new people.


OMG: Sometimes I go through the MCs and try to find the description that fits me the best and feel good about myself, even though I know it's definitely not me.


OMG: That sad moment when someone super attractive in your class does a presentation... and they're suddenly that much less attractive.


OMG: I would fuck all of the men in Arts Student Union Executive team. Your jeans are blessed.

MOD'S NOTE: Where could we buy some of these blessed jeans?


OMG: One of the sub-letters in my apartment this term who I've grown close to had a deep conversation with me about how she's given up on finding the right guy and losing her virginity to him.


OMG: They need to get adult sized study cubicles for the engineering lounge "quiet" study room in E2-3339. Seriously, did they get the current ones from an elementary school?


OMG: To the guy in the DC first floor washroom, the fact that I could hear you typing on your laptop in the stall next to me is freaking gross. I hope you inform people about germs if you ever let them use it. That's just nasty.

Updated on Tuesday, March 24


OMG: All Geese are Bastards!


OMG: You'd think people that got in to Waterloo would be able to read and obey a sign that says silent study...and not play music and socialize. YOU'D THINK. I'M LOOKIN AT CHU XL EARL GREY TIMMIES GIRL.