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Updated on Monday, September 22


OMG: I've got a crush on my TA :D Think I will have a huge crush on her until she gives me a C :'( I have no clue whats going on!


OMG: If you didn't go to KOI fest this weekend, you fucked up.


OMG: You know what sucks? When you and your best friend admit that you like each other and then she suddenly goes and gets a boyfriend. I know she wasn't bullshitting me because she confessed first. How the heck am I supposed to feel about this? I'm so confused.


OMG: It'd be just swell if I could make my way through the halls of ESC, the path between ESC and EIT, and the EIT doors without being blocked by a giggling crowd of 20-30 students walking at a snail's pace, who call me an asshole when I say "excuse me" after being trapped behind them for several minutes. Peace.


OMG: I was talking with the local Rabbi (Rav E. Oli), and I said to him, I said:
"What's the difference between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Teruah?"
And he said to me, he said:
"Oh, about fifty bucks."


OMG: Just wanna share this with my fellow schoolmates:

I've never let my school interfere with my education -Mark Twain


OMG: where can i find composites for graduates of the math faculty?


OMG: 90% of these posts are alarmingly difficult to decipher. I question the literacy rates at this school.


OMG: Something has been off with eduroam wireless this past week. And it's really annoying


OMG: Why is investors group allowed to post jobs on jobmine for graduating students??? These jobs take anyone and are 100% commission...


OMG: The effects of Ontario's "grade inflation" are really starting to show, and not in a good way.


OMG: Honest question, how many people at UW use Tinder/OkCupid/Similar dating sites?


OMG: That awkward moment when the girl in front of you in class opens a new browser window in Firefox and the recent sites are Facebook, Google, Netflix, Pornhub, Tube8 and youtube videos about hot beach guys... and they leave the window open all class and write notes on paper. #closeyerbrowser #stayclassyinclass

Updated on Sunday, September 21




OMG: Thank god I dodged a bullet those many years ago. When a person has to cheat to achieve mediocrity and still thinks they are worth something is nothing I want to be involved with. Thank you for being meretricious and teaching me a valuable lesson.


OMG: That feeling when you see your best friend in person after months of not seeing them but having to say goodbye again. Bittersweet!


OMG: Wacking off is getting in the way of my studies... gotta dial it down.


OMG: Holy fack boys, Trailer Park Boys season 8 is on Netflix


OMG: You got a decent coop job? Nice. Now don't brag about it all the time. It makes you look insecure and odds are that someone else may have had better. Just use it and accomplish great things.


OMG: I'm being racially discriminated against by my roommate and their friends whenever they come over to my apartment.

They mock me while they know I'm in my room and within earshot, and yesterday left a hurtful graffiti on my desk while I was out and my room was open.

Let me be clear that I don't expect every person I meet to like me. But what I do expect is the same amount of respect that I give to others. You may think that I'm funny, but do you have to make me feel hated in my own apartment?

I never did anything to them and cannot understand why I am being bullied like this. I have been reduced to tears. I have never felt so unwelcome before, and now I have to spend a year at the same place.


OMG: Oh Feds...

While I think it's AWESOME that they attracted so much money in sponsorship, and that it opens the gateway to bigger and better things in the future, 2500 people for the WW concert is kinda pathetic. There were 6000 people last year. Soooo....


OMG: Sometimes working for family makes me want to kill myself. On a Saturday when I have plans to go to the gym so I can work of this fat that I've gotten in some bad times, my fucking dad knocks on the door at 7 in the morning asking me to go to some recruiting seminar for one of clients that does not even concern him in the slightest. I'm sitting here in this fucking shirt which I can barely get the neck button on rather than at the gym where I should be. Fuck my life now.


OMG: Recently i haven't been able to sleep. Well, not like i used to. And I can't breath in and out like I need to. It seems every time I try to make any movement is like breaking ice. My vice is the illusion that i give that I'm happy.. but I'm not. i just want someone to help me out.. who can be what I need.


OMG: that feeling when you finally stop liking someone you've been trying to get over forever is so liberating. what really helped was investing energy and time into my own well being instead of spending it all on someone who i knew would never like me back

Updated on Friday, September 19


OMG: A waitress called me hun. It felt.... weird.


OMG: being in love with your not-single best friend is a shitty place to be. how do you live like this?


OMG: I feel like the Math Graduation Committee is oblivious that they're inviting mostly co-op students to an event they can't attend.


OMG: If you are interested in Feds, come out to the Feds Council meeting this Sunday at 12:30 in the SLC Multi-Purpose Room.

What is going to happen at this meeting? There will be elections to many different committees (which any student can do and are a GREAT way to get involved with Feds without a huge time commitment), there will be a few discussions and votes on policies and procedures of Feds, and there will be a vote on initiating a referendum to see if students want a Fall Reading Break.

For more info on this meeting, you can check out the Agenda for the meeting here:

You can also get more information by contacting your Councillors, which you can do by looking at

Student engagement is an incredibly important part of Feds, and this is a great way to contribute.


OMG: If I'm complaining about being behind with homework within the first 2 weeks of university, how the hell am I supposed to get through the next 4 years?


OMG:  I lost my black TNA jacket at clubs day yesterday. It has my watcard and other important cards in it. If anybody has it, please return it turnkey. If it helps, I left it by the UW Pre-Rehab Science Club Booth. Thanks!

Updated on Thursday, September 18


OMG: I have so much anxiety about nothing. Yet all I want to do is break down crying all the time.


OMG: So anyone think that this video ( is a true representation. The building is great now lets replace some of the staff that are terrible and hire more staff so that the students are actually being helped. No one who is put in the high risk suicide category should have to wait three weeks to see a qualified professional. There is no way they should be referred to a first years master student. SOME of the doctors there are great but others need to be replaced and we need to hire more.


OMG: PSA: If you are going to put your phone on the desk or table, please turn the vibrate off so I don't have to listen to it buzzing all class! Actually the most annoying thing during a math lecture...


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OMG: What's the deal with people on campus that take up the entire pathway and walk as slow as they fucking can? Like do you not realize that people are trying to get past you, or do you realize it and just don't care cause you're a jerk?

One of these days, I'm going to get a group of people together to walk past these kinds of groups, and then just stop and completely blocking them from moving altogether. Maybe they'll get the idea of what it's like to be behind them.



MOD'S NOTE: Sorry... =( All fixed now though!


OMG: Why the fuck is the weather bipolar, I'm dressing for all the seasons each day



Bicycles are nothing to be afraid of. Yes, sometimes they go fast. Yes, sometimes they appear quickly. However, there is no reason to assume the cyclist plans on barreling into you from behind, thus there is no reason to jump unpredictably to one side at the last second when you hear them approach. If a bicycle scares you, you are an example of failure by coddling. Remain calm, continue walking where you were walking and assume the cyclist possesses instincts of self preservation. Or conquer fears and get some goddamn training wheels.

Updated on Wednesday, September 17


OMG: To the guy in CS with the ponytail that slowly stroked it with both hands during the lecture. There are no words. Except that you are glorious.


OMG: My TA asked for the time today, the student resonded 4:20, and the TA ACTUALLY SAID "420 blaze it" infront of the class.. Then appologized. I've been waiting 3 years for this haha.


OMG: Are there any other first years who've met students that have 93+ averages from high school but lack basic lab knowledge? There has to be a better way to standardize marking because these students don't even know what they're doing, how can they have a 95 in chem and have never titrated before?


OMG: I just saw a mouse in AL!

Updated on Tuesday, September 16


OMG: Have you guys seen this? We're famous on /r/cringe


OMG: A student in my program worked at Amazon this summer. It's really wonderful, except the program director and the rest of the admin is treating her like a demi-god and it makes the rest of us feel demotivated. It's great that she got such a great opportunity, but if they could just stop all the praising and making the rest of us feel like all our hard work was nothing as compared to her internship... it would be really awesome.


OMG: IB/AP does not mean that much anymore.