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Updated on Sunday, October 4


I realized up to this point of my life, when I faced problems bluntly, there's usually a good outcome. And when I tried to dodge it and postpone it to be dealt at a later time, it became worse very quickly...


I'm going all out dressing as a douchebag for Halloween this year. I have the graphic T, growing a beard, putting on fake tats, shaving the sides of my head but letting the top grow out and getting it all oily and greasy. I should win a prize for sure.


Met my first asian female identical twins the other day. The joy of the experience was short lived though... their dad came along and I thought they were triplets.


I hate when I can smell you menstruating.


I asked an asian guy if cats and dogs fight back home in asia. He said no, they both go well with sweet and sour sauce.


OMG: I've had this question in my head for a while, but haven't really been able to ask, because it's such a sensitive subject. Hopefully logical, non-biased, intelligent people can provide some insight.


OMG: I've been living alone this term and it's been interesting. First thing I learned: I fap a LOT more when I don't have roommates. Seriously, we're talking twice a day during the week, 3-4 times a day on weekends. So much fun.


OMG: There's so much more to life after university. Whats the use in comparing yourself to others while you are here? Whats the benefit in comparing your grades or coops? You WILL look back when your life is settled and wonder why you worried in the first place.

Updated on Friday, October 2


OMG: Sage II mistreating tenants


OMG: To everyone who wears top much cologne and perfume, this is what I want you to do: Take your preferred fragrance, open the bottle and hold it under your nose for an hour.

This is what you are doing to the people besides you in class. When I can smell you from several spot over


OMG: Just saw this shit last weekend in AL.

How does it feel now that your vending machines (with overpriced-as-hell chips and candy) are now infested with mice...


OMG: Just read an old missed connection, and saw that everyone in the comments was hating on the poor girl, calling her ugly and shit. Man... why you guys gotta be such dicks?


OMG: You left your laptop in the second floor QNC bathroom. You can pick it up at reception :)


OMG: Apparently, the conservatives want to tie in government tuition grants (osap) into your marks, so the better your marks the more you get..... :/




OMG: Northern European countries are so far ahead of eastern European countries for quality of life and intelligence they're almost lapping them.


OMG: To my roommates, fuck off and stop creeping on me all the time so I can fawking fap off.

Updated on Thursday, October 1


OMG: Can UW just enroll people based on looks from now on? Good god some of your have been pummeled with the ugly stick.


OMG: Considering the time it took for me to get food from Bon Appetit in DC yesterday, I should've just gone to Bomber for lunch. At least that way I would've been able to sit....


OMG: I nominate ENGL371 as the most boring class at this university


OMG: Times Higher Education Ranking from the UK is a joke LOL according to them, UWaterloo climbed from the range of 250-275 last year to 179 this year. Almost 100 places ahead in a year, no one university can improve itself so drastically in one year LOL heck, they are renowned for propping up their own schools' ranks in the UK by doing sh_t to their criteria LOL


OMG: Pro Tip: When you e-mail an entire course on LEARN, unless you identify the name of the course somewhere in the e-mail (preferably the subject line), everyone else reading the e-mail has no idea what class you're talking about.
So sorry, person who mass e-mailed saying "can I get Tuesday's notes?" I don't know which of my three Tuesday classes you're talking about, and IDGAF.


OMG: So caught my SO on r/gonewild, now I'm looking for long blue dresses that looks like the one the girl was wearing in the pics at 3 in the morning. 

MOD'S NOTE: Keep it civil guys.


OMG: Man, what a time to be alive. 


-->"Give a man a mask and he will show his true face."

the shit I've learned about myself on sites like this one..

Updated on Wednesday, September 30


OMG: What the fuck is this? 


OMG: After an 8 month work term, it's refreshing to hear passersby engage in intelligent and abstract conversation while walking to class.


OMG: No one wants to go the bomber ;(


OMG: I hate how the people at the Imprint (especially that one woman in the office) treat you like the freaking Antichrist when you ask for a refund.


OMG: 23 yo Indian male here in 4B

So last week, my mom's friend (whom I am not too familiar with) adds me on facebook. Given I dont know her but after checking the mutual friends, I added her. Simple day right.

Fast forward to next day, she unfriends me. I have had some friends from other school unfriend me sometimes but never a family friend.

I talk to my mom about it as to whats going on. Turns out, that aunty has a daughter. Her son and daughter use their mom's facebook. They added me, looked through my pictures and everything and unfriended me.

I feel like a used up whore.


OMG: Just putting this here. Vote on Oct 19 Waterloooooooooooo!!!!!!!!


OMG: PSA to everyone applying to jobs on JobMine: DO NOT APPLY to TutorJam, also known as 360 Education Labs. They violate labour laws, give you zero training, make you tutor subjects you don't know, and treat their coops like shit.

They've been given warnings before and CECA has, in multiple terms, offered coops the opportunity to quit without penalty. Do not apply, and if you get stuck with an interview, sign off on it the day of.

Updated on Tuesday, September 29


OMG: I find it very strange how so many people here yell "thank you" as they exit the bus.


OMG: Apparently Feds hosted a debate between Uber and taxi drivers... lol, does Feds really think they can do anything about that? Why do these student "politicians" think they can make any difference about that sort of stuff


OMG: In high school I was obsessive about my weight. Not anorexic, but I would weigh myself daily and often ate only a granola bar for lunch to stay slim. My Chinese parents also watched everything that went into my mouth, and came up with ridiculous rules like "no carbs after 7pm" and "only eat fruit in the morning".


OMG: Seriously, I need to know, what happens when you tell counselling services at UW that you're having self harming thoughts? Will they take me in right away? What happens?


OMG: Idea: What if we did what they do in a lot of asian countries, and wore surgical masks over our faces when we have to go out while sick? Even if all you have is a cold, wearing a mask is a great, courteous way to avoid spreading your germs to other people, in the event you can't just stay home until the sickness is gone.


OMG: Just watched a random YouTube video which had the following statement in it: "Blinding laser systems have been banner under international law"


OMG: Just got rejected, when will it end. Cannot find any good girls at UW who are single.


OMG: I hate sandals. I don't want to see your toes.