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Updated on Thursday, July 21


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OMG: I lost my Watcard recently and am still taking an online course at another university which is being counted towards my waterloo degree. I went to the Watcard office today to get a new one and they refused to give me one. They say I'm no longer a UW student and can only give me a guest pass which is for $35.00. My original watcard was expiring in 2017 and now I can't use any of the student benefits even though I'm still a student. I despise the watcard office and their rude staff.


OMG: I'm tired of being UW's bitch.


OMG: Length of thread... MIND BLOWN

Updated on Tuesday, July 19


OMG: Ive been dating this man for 2 years now and we are really getting to know e.o very well. He's someone that I can see myself with in the future- studious, polite, well groomed, passionate, talented, beautiful and most of all, he is driven. The problem: my mother.


OMG: Should I get a macbook pro? Since they have a student discount my parents told me I should. But at the same time Im kinda questioning myself if it's really worth the bucks. I'm currently using a windows laptop but it easily warms up and has a pretty bad battery life. Everything else I can handle it tho.
I'm in chemical engineering btw.


OMG: UW has the highest amount of know-it-alls that I've encountered in university life. It's too bad that they're wrong most of the time, but will still refuse to admit such.


OMG: Pokemon Go: For the 20 something university graduates living in their parents basements while working a menial service job to pay off their massive student loans wanting some pseudo accomplishment in life while still thinking they're twelve years old.


OMG: Shoutout to everyone putting lures everywhere on campus, you the real MVPs


OMG: Left Marble Slab this afternoon only to see a naked male student shouting at people in the street. I guess some people can't handle midterms or the hot weather.


OMG: Love when people unfriend you on facebook after having a friendly debate. what is this kindergarten?


OMG: Hey, so I lost my keys Saturday night around Phils, and I've called phils, the police, turnkey and waterloo police and no luck! I was hoping to have something posted to hopefully get them back! three keys, a fob and an audi car key on a waterloo lanyard that I would love to have back! Will even give a 50 dollar reward! I just need to be able to drive home this weekend!!! I am desperate!!!


OMG: Fuck, people are whiny.


OMG: Disturbing realization: since sex toy bingo is paid for out of the FEDS fee, we are essentially all paying money every term to buy sex toys for a few of our random peers.
Thanks FEDS, for having no regard for my morals or beliefs when spending my money on shit.


OMG: PSA: There's a creep who has been sexually assaulting females at night around University Avenue West between King Street and Keats Way. If you know any information about this guy, please call the police. 

Updated on Tuesday, July 5


OMG: The only good result of new-wave feminism: Young girls give it away easily.


OMG: OMGUW is a safe space for racism, reverse racism, homophobia and overall bigotry.


OMG: So many good looking women.


OMG: There's a picture of a gun shooting a rainbow next to the OMGUW website banner. Please remove it along with all references to violence against gays.

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Was there ever an OMGUW meetup? Will there ever be one?

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OMG: To the guy with the white shirt and dark hair in the slc, your paper airplane making skills are inferior to mine


OMG: Entering my fourth year now and still haven't glimpsed that mysterious entity called friend. I have managed to gain several hundred acquaintances on my Facebook and LinkedIn, but that's it. There are people I get along with pretty well and its all fun and games till the term end and we never see each other again. Sigh.

( I just needed to get it out of my system. I realize it sounds miserable af, don't rub it in)


OMG: Why is Conrad Grebel even associated with the University of Waterloo? The most discriminatory hiring process ever. If you're not a Christian, they won't hire you, rofl.


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OMG: So, thoughts on basic income?


OMG: When you're checking out a girl... nice ass, fit figure, nice breasts... and then you see she has monkey face. Turn off.

Updated on Thursday, June 23


OMG: So our do-nothing, good-for-nothing, "I pay lots of lip service to the idea of caring about students but never actually leave Needles Hall to talk to them or make any meaningful changes to improve things for them" President is getting reappointed....

I guess I know where UW's priorities are at. SMH


OMG: Bi-centennial updates are now the norm for OMGUW.



OMG: Feds is useless. Why do we have to pay the Feds fee?


OMG: I had never heard of UW before moving to the area. Now that I've moved away it still is irrelevant.


OMG: Shoutout to fellow co-op kids who saw the beautiful word "offer" on their ranking pages! It's good to be at the #1 university for co-op.


OMG: When your electricity and magnetism prof posts half the notes you need 36 hours before the 2 and a half hour midterm... and then half those things aren't on it like he said there would be...


OMG: Remember - you ARE judged by the company you keep.


OMG: Governments are finally looking into housing. Wow. Only eight years too late.


OMG: UW does not live up to it's own hype. Shit school


OMG: A lot of people try to put me down for being in arts. I've always found great high paying co-op jobs, and I honestly think I get a lot out of my degree. I get that in general arts is easier and less stressful than STEM programs, but it doesn't mean we're doomed to be homeless or that we're stupid. Some of us really enjoy what we're studying. Why do some people have the need to put arts students down?


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OMG: I never thought I'd say this, but as Hillary won the democratic nomination, Trump might be the safer candidate. Sure he's an idiot, his policies are just statements without any research behind them, and he's racist, but he doesn't have a history of supporting invasions of other countries. Clinton has supported the invasion of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria. I'm sure she will try to start shit with Russia, Iran and Yemen as well.

I'd rather see Trump bring awareness to the failings of the political system than have Clinton start WWIII.


OMG: Convocation day,

When there are herds of brown parents on campus disappointed that their sons transferred from engineering to arts.

Updated on Monday, June 13


OMG: Anyone else at 303 Westcourt Place notice this guy who screams at the top of his lungs all the time and wanders around outside?