OMG UPDATE: We passed our birthday without knowing! Thanks for 5 wonderful years of support, UW!

Updated on Monday, April 21


To whoever decided it was a good idea to microwave tinfoil in East 1 Lounge. I just wanted to say... y u do dis noob?


Why do people post selfies with a random (and mostly senseless) "inspirational" quote that has nothing to do with their picture? I don't think your face is inspiring anything here.


OMG: The amount of comments on here have dropped significantly in the last few days.

People are finally realizing they need to study for their exams. Or they are done and don't want to think about UW for a few weeks/forever.


I was going to submit a post here but then I decided against it because there's too many rude assholes on this site, so I am submitting this instead. Everyone has their own shit to deal with, so if you are one of those people who like to troll and be rude on the internet, I dare you to say that kind of shit to someone's face and see what happens. Don't be the kind of cowardly prick who only says shit from behind a screen. Don't even say terrible things at all, for that matter. There is something called being nice, try it out sometime.


Now that Feds has left that useless CASA organization, we should join the CFS. They're a far more effective lobby group.


Today I learned that there is no such thing as a casual hook up with a person you're actually attracted to. Fuck you, emotional hangover.


OMG: To the group of people who came into the tutorial centre multiple nights in a row to be obnoxiously loud and play games: People are actually trying to study for exams; you literally had hundreds of other empty classrooms to choose from on campus.


OMG: People always ask if they should apply for CS or SE. In response, here are the 1B employment statistics, as of April 17:
Software Engineering - 82%
Comp Sci + BBA - 81%
Computer Science - 60%

And some more, just for comparison:
Computer Engineering - 76%
Honors Math - 60%
Nano - 30% :(


OMG: Waiting for final grades to show up is the most nerve-wracking ever, especially if there's a possibility of failing one class (an elective) and you might graduate with a lesser degree if this happens. I'm not even attending the graduation ceremony; I just want them to send them my degree. If I end up with a 3-year degree because of this class, I don't know how I'll be able to face my family and I don't know how I'll be able to look at myself in the mirror. The only thing left for me is suicide.

Updated on Friday, April 18


OMG: I work at the Dana Porter Library and recently I heard that the Janitors having been picking up as much garbage in a day as they usually do in a week. That being said, please do your best when studying to not leave your garbage in the study carrells. There are tons of garbage cans all around the Library for your convenience to use when you are done eating. Thanks again and good luck!


OMG: I was wondering if any of you Waterloo students have seen him, he's always wearing an orange reflective work shirt and pulling his trolley. I just hope some of you guys can help him out, it breaks my heart to see an old man having to be in that situation. Thank you.


OMG: Dear inconsiderate neighbours... maybe you are done exams or you just don't care. It's fine that you decide to party but it's 3am right now and I can still hear your music blasting through the ceiling.

Honestly, it's exam period. Have some respect for other people who still needs to study/have exams.


OMG: I'm literally pooping in DC right now. Pooping on campus is the best. Never need to buy toilet paper.

I also heard someone next to me in the stall take a picture on their phone. He must have been really proud of that one.


OMG: Math girl (initials L.N.R.) who lost her Watcard near BMH on Thursday (April 17) - it's at the Turnkey desk in SLC.


OMG: I think Grant Russell is the best professor at UW. Please keep teaching AFM481.


OMG: Living with roommates sucks. I guess I was lucky enough to live with messy, obnoxious, and criminal roommates.

Laurier kids. Never again.


OMG: Here I lay, drunk as hell;
on my bed I lay, because I fell.
Exams are almost over;
but I feel like I need a four lead clover.
Screw you school, I'm almost done;
why don't you just admit I've won.

Peace out, UW.


OMG: So sad for the Korean boat sinking victims. All the shattered dreams can't help but make me feel that I should be living life more meaningfully #donttellmehowishouldfeel

Updated on Wednesday, April 16


I haven't had sex in so long, i think i've forgotten how to do it.


OMG: You're in university now. Learn how to use the correct "you're/your," "their/there/they're," and that "a lot" is two words not one.

MOD'S NOTE: Your right, their are alot of these mistakes here. 


I'm always afraid people think I'm being lazy when i take the elevator instead of the stairs, but the real reason is just because I have an overwhelming fear of stairs, especially the ones in m3 and dc, especially going down


OMG: Whoever went to see Rio 2 just now at Conestoga Mall the show started at 7:40 and was in cinema 2. Someone who sat closer to the back left a black shoulder bag/case on the floor with what felt like a tablet or ipad inside. I found it and gave it to the management of the theater, just posting this incase you were a UW student that left it there!

Updated on Tuesday, April 15


I just finished exams and moved home yet I still feel the need to check missed connections. SOMEBODY LOVE ME.


OMG: Hey UW, we are a small group of students looking into starting up a full service wash, dry, fold and delivered to your door laundry service. Please help us out by filling out!


OMG: I blame grade inflation.


OMG: To S.A. (female) in engineering that got off of bus 7e at BMH at about 12:50 Tuesday April 15, you dropped your watcard on the bus and I brought it to DC, they said they'd bring it to the watcard office.

- Guy that was behind you :)


OMG: Girl on the 10th floor, DP, individual desk: the library is a place to study if you haven`t noticed.

Go snort and laugh your ass off somewhere else while the rest of us try to use this place for it`s actual use.
. . . STUDYING!!!


OMG: I was walking to work in Ottawa this morning, minding my own joyous cold-infested sniffling business, when some d-bag pulling out of a parking lot somehow doesn't see me in front of his car. I ninja away from his car and pulled some matrix style crap to avoid getting run over. I gave him the most intense death stare I've ever given anyone in my life.

Tis the season for being outside, so PLEASE look for people walking when you are driving around. If that guy was going much faster I would have been a new hood ornament.


OMG: Sick of being single. especially when it's exam season and I'm trying to actually study and my friend and SO are cuddling. I'm just there typing away. Awkward being the third wheeling single for life friend. sigh.


OMG: Why do all the brown girls have a pissed off face? It's really hard to make eye contact.
Cheer up ladies


OMG: When you finally figure out the answer to that one question on the exam! ...hours later, in bed, right before you're about to fall asleep.


OMG: People who socialize loudly in study areas... I hate you.


OMG: To the guys who signed their names from BIOL 301, thanks for signing your name after you wrote all your study notes on the wall of QNC. Also, thanks for not using dry erase markers. Not only are you guys douchebags, you are also fucking stupid.

Updated on Sunday, April 13


OMG: People getting riled up over a feminist thread during exams? I think I've spent too much time here, because everything is starting to look like deja vu. I actually feel sorry for the people attempting intelligent discourse when things always devolve to shit.


OMG: I think feds needs to really change the ugly logo in atrium. It is clear that students dont like it and would rather the old (as it was clearly written all over it) and its so shitty to see an old janitor have to wash it off. Please listen to your students for once and replace that piece of shit


OMG: I am glad our main campus isn't closer to downtown Kitchener. I've never seen meth being smoked so casually.


OMG: I am sick of people saying terrible things and excusing it as "trolling". It is not ok to bully people, give death threats, be racist, sexist, homophobic, etc., all in the name of trolling. Try being fucking civilized human beings, instead of letting your inner psychopath out because you get to hide behind your anonymity.

And to others, stop saying "he's just trolling". No, being prejudiced and/or excessively mean is NOT ok. Stop excusing it.


OMG: When people are ridiculed for your predictions, then some time later, years even, you are proven to be correct in all facets of these predictions. It feels so good.


OMG: 2 days left but 900 slides to cover. BIOL 331 just take me now.


OMG: Sometimes I wonder what my life would have been like if I had gone somewhere else for school. Don't get my wrong I love UW and its a great school, but I've grown up here and it makes things more difficult in ways. Meeting and making friends is next to impossible when you live at home so far away from everything and everyone.


OMG: RIP Jim Flaherty.


OMG: I'm officially going to start making an impact at UR. You want a random peer to talk to you while you wait in a timmies line? I will. What about in an elevator? I will. Want a true honest compliment? I'll give you just that, not to make you feel better but because I speak the truth. I'm over disliking uw culture. Hate me for who I am? No worries, others will appreciate interaction on this campus. Positive reinforcement people. I may overwhelm you but that how you learn, same with school. Xo.

MOD'S NOTE: You go, Glenn Coco!

Updated on Friday, April 11


OMG: So my coworker (I'm in Washington state) decided to buy some pot chocolate and I guess ate twice the recommended "dose" last night and came into work totally whacked out. We were finally able to convince him to go home... by bus... with a small food care package....

That look on his face. Omg, I can't stop laughing XD If you're going to indulge in "legal" weed, don't overdo it!


OMG: Did you know that 6% of men may admit to rape, as long as you don't call it rape? I agree that Slutwalk is silly but I think educating people about rape is extremely important, more so than educating people on violence, etc. A lot of people aren't sure where to draw the line when it comes to sexual assault and it's important that we have this conversation!


OMG: How do you tell someone to put their shoes back on because their feet stink? I'm fine with telling people to shut up in the library, but thought people would have the common courtesy to be aware of their body odour/ AT LEAST have socks on instead of their bare sweaty feet when they remove their shoes!