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Updated on Friday, August 28


OMG: Dear Mods,

I imagine there is a process for what gets accepted onto the website and what is filtered out. Lately I've noticed a lot of hate being accepted and posted. The fact that you guys have the ability to stop this hurtful ignorance from inciting more ignorance yet you chose to allow this forum to contain such disgusting message is sad. I'm not saying people can't disagree and have unpopular opinions. I am saying that there are different ways to go about conveying this. The internet is an uncontrolled environment for horrible things to be said to other with no repercussions. The least you guys could do as mods is do your job. Whatever race, sexual orientation, religion etc. you have we should all be respectful of one another.

Cut the crap guys and stop perpetuating this sickening cycle of unregulated cyber ignorance.


OMG: Finished with this university. Though I hated 80% of my time here, I will try and remember the other 20%. All the new people I met and all the amazing experiences. 

My advice to all you who are still here is that to hang in there and just keep working hard. It will all pass. Don't cheat on midterms and exams. Also, QNC is a great place to take a dump.

I use to like this site until the MODs started being assholes. You may not even see this.


OMG: I had to pay 3% watcard surcharge at bomber for using my flex dollars. The server told me the university charges the bomber 8% and they cover off 5%.Why does the university tax the students for eating on campus?


OMG: Schembri's buildings are now covered in MARQ signs... Guess they hired a new company to run the leasing as their name is in the mud after the One Columbia disaster...


OMG: At 5'4'' my height is a dealbreaker to 99% of women. Guess I'll just try and be cool with dying alone.


OMG: I eat A LOT. I'm a competitive dancer and an active person in general (hockey, basketball etc.). I'll be entering as a first year and was wondering how do people manage to do their grocery shopping without a car? Should I buy a trolley cart?


OMG: A fuckfriend and I wanted to try something new so we bought some latex suits. How can people wear these when fucking? It was like having sex with a balloon.


OMG: We need a best of procrasturbation sites.

MOD'S NOTE: It shall be done! We need more ideas for bestof folks. Comment below.


OMG: I can honestly say that before moving to the Waterloo area I have never seen such self-centered, myopic people in my life. Is it an Ontario thing where more inclusion means more exclusion? I'm not bitter myself as I can exploit this to my advantage, but I feel sorry for those coming to the area who will find out first hand how truly shitty it is here.


OMG: I get grossed out when I see women with hairy armpits. It's just nasty.


OMG: KiK valuated at over a billion? Sure. No tech bubble at all.


OMG: I really want to take care of my mental health... I do, but sometimes I feel EXTREMELY guilty for feeling so bad. Like maybe I have so much privilege that I need something to complain about. But I feel down all the time. Like there's people so much worse off and I actually have it pretty good. I'm not sure what to do.


OMG: I'm looking forward to leaving this shithole of a city. #countdown


OMG: The closet door of the room I moved into has this scrawled into it in dark red:

> Jan 29/07
> - no chips
> - no sweets

Sometimes I hear rustling and swallowing noises as night. I feel like something terrible happened in this place.

Updated on Monday, August 24


OMG: Stop hating on Arts. Your passion is not any less than anybody else's.


OMG: To the mods:

Last year (in the summer) there were applications to be mods for the upcoming year. Will there be any such application process this summer?

MOD'S NOTE: Yes, stay tuned!  


-->I'm not gay but last week I filmed myself jerking off and then jerked off to the video the next day. Yesterday I got so horny that I came into my own mouth and swallowed it.

Gay people are confused by their feelings, I don't even know what I'm feeling.

MOD'S NOTE: Vid or didn't happen.  


OMG: I just paid 25 cents to FEDs to get a friggin' plastic fork. I feel like a sucker. F you FEDs. F you.


OMG: Condom dispenser going in the SLC bathrooms? Geez, this'll make it so much easier for me to have sex in the SLC now!


OMG: I feel that I am good at nothing. Every year of school has bashed that into my head. I am unable to gauge my performance on anything well. I really don't have any idea why I am still with my degree or what I will do with it after.


OMG: A major flaw about uni is the fact that we're all so rushed to finish. If something happens and you get sick, tragedy strikes or mentally are unwell, it's like "sorry, we have to take your money and put a with drawl on your transcript".


OMG: Okay, who's that jerk that goes back and comments on posts from months and months ago, long after we've all stopped thinking or caring about those discussions? Can they stop and stick to the front page? It feels like a cheap way to have the "final" word on things.


OMG: My roommate has always been on the bitchy side, but now she's beyond bitchy. one of the rudest, most ungrateful, messy and immature people i have ever met. i was so nice to her, did things for her and now she decides to be a complete and utter asshole. no one deserves to be treated like that but on the other hand i'm happy she's out of my life because she was always a bossy, demanding, judgemental bitch anyway

suck on that, two-faced rude chickenshit xoxox


OMG: To the marching band that's been playing in the UWP parking lot for the past 4 hours, can you fuck off? We're trying to study.


OMG: I just graduated with a degree in Science and am still having a tough time finding a job. A white friend of mine graduate with an Arts degree and gets a job right away? Privilege at its finest...


OMG: I've spoken to a number of communications professors at other universities and hiring managers for different organizations and every one has agreed with me that the PD1 resume rubric is beyond stupid. It feels like such a waste making this new cookie cutter resume to get a good score then throwing it in the recycle bin right after... thanks PD1 for being such a great use of my time.


OMG: I'm coming to UW for eng but I really want to be a tattoo artist. My brown parents won't have it any other way. I know my parents want what's best for me but damn I really wish I had more supportive parents. I am good at what I do and I know I can make a living but they see no honour in it


OMG: I just had the worse landlord ever. The hot water tank went out and I was deprived of hot water for almost a week. Now he has insisted on inspecting our units to check the drain and change the lights and gave a "20 day notice with a 12 hour range" meaning he could come any time.


OMG: So for the econ elective I was taking I got a few emails from these guys who were "sick" and writing the deferred exams and they were asking for tips on how to prepare. I couldn't help but think ho pathetic some people are and how much they deserve to die.

Updated on Monday, August 17


OMG: End of term reminder to not put unwanted books in the library return boxes. The library doesn't keep them; they go straight to lost and found. You're better off trying to sell them to the Used Bookstore or bringing them to Good Will.


OMG: Hello OMG UW,

First post ever here, just thought I should leave this here. Remember critical thinking guys.


OMG: All the fat-shaming on here seriously needs to stop. Like seriously. I lost a lot of weight and kept it for many years. You don't know why someone is the weight they are. Emotional reasons, binge-eating, trauma, family issues, genetics, thyroid problems etc. etc. etc. Somebody who is skinny doesn't have to be healthy. And the healthy weight range for everyone is different.


OMG: The men who post stuff like this are complete losers. Become a more rounded person. Stop blaming other people and the system for your issues. Your are a white male with privilege. You statistically have a better chance of getting a tech job than a women just because you are a guy STFU. Seriously. The system is NOT conspiring against you. Your idiotic attitude is conspiring against you.


OMG: I wonder at what moment most people officially become adults. I feel like I still rely on my parents too often. I am not finically independent (as much as I would like to be yet) and I always seek them out for advice. #oneday


OMG: Technically, Tinder is an app for just meeting new people.
So yeah, go out with her.


OMG: Unpopular opinions thread GO:

1. Average people cannot be trusted to make good decisions when it comes to science and politics

2. Unclean people and people who do not wash regularly should be punished by being sprayed with high pressure fire hoses

3. Bronies and neckbeards/niceguys should be monitored by the government as they are very likely soon to be pedophiles or rapists


OMG: My roommates watch loud TV shows and talk loudly in the night, sometimes as late as 4am. Whenever I tell them to be quiet, they will turn down the volume a little bit, still loud, then turn it up again soon later. I have tolerated them throughout the term, but I'm extreme frustrated when they do this the night before my 9am final. How do I deal with them?


OMG: With the Federal Elections coming up, I encourage every student to take some times out of their lives to research about the news about Canadian politics. Google the news when you are taking a shit or something. Talking about politics is so voodoo these days, and I dont know why. - an engineering student.


OMG: I hate it when people complain that their parents are too rich so they don't qualify for OSAP. You'll be happy when you graduate debt-free. Even though I went through co-op, I had to apply for student loans because I sent the majority of my co-op money to support my parents. I'll be paying back my $30k+ student loans for the next 10 years.


OMG: Lately, I've become so incredibly depressed due to a skin condition known as vitiligo. It's spreading to my face. I have to cover it up with makeup, but sometimes it still shows through. I don't think anybody who has never had a severe skin condition understands how much emotional trauma it can bring. I can't take antibiotics because of a health condition I have. I never want to go outside or leave my house. I'm scared about not finding anybody who will truly love me or if I'm worth loving. I'm scared about not finding a job in the future because of my skin condition. I'm scared a therapist will only reassure me that my skin pigmentation disorder is wrong. I just don't want to be here anymore.