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Updated on Tuesday, September 27


OMG: A big fuck you to the the asshole on 202 Lester that broke a beer bottle in the elevator and just left beer and broken bottle pieces all over the elevator floor.


OMG: Which platform/website is good for building an online artistic portfolio (for graphic designs, photography, sketches and stuff?)


OMG: I am so paranoid of people hearing me jerk off. Now I haven't masturbated for 2 weeks and want to just spill it all out at the top of MC. What should I do?

Updated on Tuesday, September 20


OMG: I love seeing the new outdoor area, near DP, take shape. Everything is so bright and colourful.


OMG: Just wondering, if you have UHIP would your prescription drugs/medicine be covered under that? Also, can you pick up prescription in Health Services and how expensive is that? Thanks :)

Fallen Warrior 


OMG: #HeForShe I just read about Dr Tracy Morgan's promotion to Manager, Counselling Centre. She was one of two women sexually harassed at UW 9 years ago. UW's internal investigation turned out to be wrong. And people were concerned about how Dr Morgan was being treated by her department after her complaint. There were many omg's about her treatment.

But this decision gives hope for all of us that not all old institutions stay old, just caring about their reputation, but can come around and change themselves. So happy I could sing!

Great start to #HeForShe week on our campus. Emma Watson would be proud of our school!


OMG: Sick dodging skills to that Asian guy who was almost run over by a car


OMG: Safety Tip: DO NOT walk into an intersection if you hear/see a police car with lights and sirens coming up. Do not try to run to get past, just wait for it to go through. It gives the cop a heart attack and slows them down from getting to their emergency.

Updated on Friday, September 16


OMG: So I have textbooks that are 2-5+ years old . What are the chances that Feds will buy them from me? Or at least take them as a donation?


OMG: Safety Tip: DO NOT walk into an intersection if you hear/see a police car with lights and sirens coming up. Do not try to run to get past, just wait for it to go through. It gives the cop a heart attack and slows them down from getting to their emergency.


OMG: Why are participation marks a thing? It turns class into a hunger games arena sos get me out of here

Updated on Wednesday, September 14


MODs: Welcome back UW! Hope you had a great summer. We promise to deliver daily updates - but we need more submissions to make this happen! Also, we're thinking of retiring ASKs. All questions will be posted as OMGs. Thoughts? 

- Love MODs.


OMG: Any updates on UW's Counselling Centre?


OMG: It turns out that my entire class does not know FORTRAN, and we also learned today that this is basically the only code used by engineers and scientists in my department. So, is there anyone in all of UW (preferrably in engineering?) who is skilled enough in FORTRAN to teach me within a day or two? It's optional but it would really help me with my assignment.

Sincerely, #Keener


OMG: Sometimes I wonder if you still get on here. I'm glad you're happy. I miss you.


OMG: Has anyone else ever searched "example hobbies" to figure out a good answer when asked what their hobbies are or is it just me? I don't have any hobbies! Why do people have to ask that and make me feel boring and awkward?

Updated on Monday, September 12


OMG: It's weird being the only White person on campus.


OMG: Edcom has gone WAY downhill.

They used to be hot......

Especially the females. Please do not show your Belly Button when you have a massive muffin is not attractive.


OMG: UW grad of 2014 and I still continue to miss UW all the time. Honestly fellow UW students, party just go all out...but also study even harder and do great things and make this fellow UW alum proud !


OMG: Thank you to the shuttle bus driver who dropped me home to my doorstep even though it was out of her way 2 years ago. I was coming back from a party where my friends promised to take me home. Everyone got too drunk and no one could drive me back. It was too late for the busses to run and my phone was completely out of charge. I was crying so hard because I was really scared walking this unknown path at 3am. You stopped the van and asked me to get in and dropped me home. I remember thinking you're an angel. Thank you so much, I will never forget your kindness.


OMG: I'm curious when the common person will finally say no to mass-immigration and to factory-education.


OMG: After seeing other campuses I can confirm: UW is a shithole.


OMG: What about UW makes you "sick"? Like, mentally unhealthy/isolated?


OMG: When did Grab a Greek close?! :(


OMG: God must exist, because I am his punching bag.

There is no natural way to explain the number of ways I get fucked over.

Updated on Tuesday, August 16


OMG: I graduated from UW in the Fall of 2014 and I realized that I have some money left on my Watcard. The card itself expired on June 2016.

my question is: can I still use my Watcard at a library to make photocopies or buy some food at library? Or since the card itself is expired in June, I can no longer use the Watcard?

I checked the Watcard website, but didn't find anything related to expired Watcard. Any information is helpful. Thank you in the advance :)


OMG: Prepare your bum-holes Waterloo! The unofficial grades are coming.


OMG: This is the first time in months I've visited this website. I graduated back in 2015. Nice to see this still exists...GO GEESE!


OMG: Please tell me the hot girls are hiding somewhere. That has to be it.


OMG: My final mark for the 2nd year engineering math course was out 2 days ago. And my the exam was fucking easy but somehow ended with 55%. FML


OMG: Women in Canada are very oppressed. They are forced to work harder than men at everything including training for the Olympics. Canadian women winning the majority of medals is a sign of the patriarchy that women face everyday in this country.


OMG: RL reminds me of the high school jock who has graduated years ago but still wears his team jacket to try impress the cheerleaders.


OMG: Confession: masturbation is one of the few things that is keeping me going during finals season.


OMG: Confession: masturbation is one of the few things that is keeping me going during finals season.


OMG: This website is mostly people complaining that something is stupid and then other people replying with "no actually you're the stupid one". I love it.


OMG: Never put a bumper sticker on a Ferrari.


OMG: MS runs in my family, so when exam season arrives and I end up drinking just a liiiiiitle to much caffeine my mind jumps to "My hand's not perfectly stable and I feel jittery? On no! This is how it ends. I totally have ... oh right.... french vanilla."

Updated on Wednesday, August 3


OMG: Why are DC bathrooms so fucking disgusting. Man just want to take a god damn shit in peace, and cleanness. I pay 8k a term and they can't provide a fucking stall without shit stains on the walls. I guess the shit and piss stains are the bonuses! WOOO So glad i didn't go to UBC. FUCK UW


OMG: Does DP even have AC? I felt like I was going to get a heatstroke for the one hour I spent trying to study there..


OMG: The acapella concert this past weekend was amazing, I'm still thinking about it. Props to the acapella club and shoutout to the adorable MC, all the waterboys, and the two filipino soloist in the unaccompanied minors, I could listen to you again and again