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Updated on Tuesday, November 25


OMG: The red pill and men's rights activists in general are such a joke. Seems like this site has been overrun by them recently. Ah well, I guess there is some need for idiots at both extremes to keep each other in check. I figured with religion declining among youth, there would finally be less ideology to divide us. Nope! Now we just argue over the most basic thing that's left: what's between our legs.


OMG: I sent out the agenda today for the next meeting of the Feds Council, which will be held on November 30th at 12:30 pm in the SLC Multi-Purpose Room. Note that these meetings are open to the public and anybody can attend, so if you are interested in any aspects of Council, be sure to come out.


OMG: So I would like to apologize to the girl I sat next to in DP. I farted a few times. They smelled really bad. I wasn't feeling too well.


OMG: In my cubicle on co-op right now, I have the worst gas. I feel sorry for my neighbours.


OMG: My goal in life is to have a household income of at least $521,411. That way I will be in the top 1%.


OMG: When a prof asks you what you think your participation mark for the course should be . . .


OMG: Quest leaves me in tears of frustration every time


OMG: God damn you Quest! I just want to add one course and you've been loading for twelve minutes!


OMG: When you're just about to start building a shitty make-shift bookshelf with old boards and a glue gun and your dad shows up, gives you a "what the hell are you doing look," starts taking measurements and says he'll have a shelf built for you by next week :)

Updated on Sunday, November 23



Made this random widget to help select course. Please help me test this so that it is more usable. (please dont peak into my code cuz it is so bad).



OMG: I just died a little inside looking at fees for next term. They wouldn't be so bad if it were not for the $500 in incidental fees that we are getting tagged for. I don't understand why I have to pay for things that k don't even use, having non-refundable fees is definitely a piss off.


OMG: Ladies, what is your opinion on chunky guys? If they were cute, had a rockin' personality, but are overweight however not obese...would you consider dating them?


OMG: Has anyone seen a beaver around campus lately? I haven't seen him in a couple of years :( he used to hang around my window when I lived in V1.


OMG: Donate bras, panties, tampons, deodorant, pillows, and towels to the Women's Centre and Food Bank for the holidays. All donations are going to Mary's Place Women's Shelter for the holidays/

Rooms 2102 and 2104 SLC


OMG: To the girl at Engplay tonight (Saturday) who was sitting in the middle. Heckling/chirping is part of the experience, but please realize when no one is ever laughing at what you say, and you repeat it over and over so the performers can't even speak you need to shut the fuck up. PS had a sweet time good job engplay peeps !


OMG: To all the guys out there, if you're interested in a girl DON'T BE AFRAID to add her on Facebook or just go ask her out. The worst that can happen is rejection and you know that person isn't worth your time then! Or else you will always be wondering!


OMG: If you are interested in submitting an item to the Agenda for the Feds Council, the deadline to submit agenda items is Monday Nov 24th at noon.

The purpose of Feds Council is to determine the common interests of students on all issues relating to post-secondary education and to determine the policies of the Federation of Students.

To submit an item, email me at I can help you connect with somebody who could bring this forward, as any item needs to be 'sponsored' by an elected member of the Council. You can also contact your Councillors at directly, although not all the members of council have been updated on the website unfortunately.


OMG: i'm in my first year of engineering and i failed the elpe exam. I feel so ashamed and horrible because other people I know passed the exam and I also have to add an extra course to my six courses next semester. I think I'm loosing it.What should I do?


OMG: I am getting concerned at the apathy of our generation. I don't mean to sound "edgy", but there are some really messed up things going on.

Our current government is planning to cut public healthcare by 36 billion in the next ten years.

Meanwhile tuition fees are rising faster than incomes and inflation.


OMG: As a TA for a soft class, I can confirm that I mark stricter than a conservative interpretation of the solutions (to be fair, indicate N marks was never defined). I spend approximately 1h over the time I could finish just to deduct as many marks as possible. It is a game; I want students to suffer and fail, while not having a single person complain to the professor about the grading.

So the next time you fucking use mean value theorem on an open or unbounded interval, remember that I will be there in your sleep to rape you(r assignment).


OMG: I call for a boycott of the Beer Store. If you need beer, go to LCBO.


OMG: If you're standing in the middle of a walkway chatting with others, don't expect me to ask "excuse me" because you and your group are being inconsiderate. I will force my way through you and if you happen to drop anything, that's your own damn fault.


OMG: if you say "presently" instead of "right now" or "currently" in casual conversation, the people around you probably think you're a douchebag.


OMG: submitted my 'intent to graduate' form just got so real


OMG: I've been toying with the idea of dying the tips of my hair a different colour like pink or blue but whenever I mention it to people, they tell me that it'll be harder for me to get a job. I've been saving up money to do a dye job but considering I'll be looking for a coop placement next term, I'm nervous now.

Does the colour of your hair matter in a job situation?


OMG: The awkward moment when you see someone and they see you, but it seems like both of you know each other but possibly not. Then you walk away THEN they make a status about it. WTF


OMG: Being a woman in a developed country is life on easy mode. Quit your bitching.


OMG: To the inconsiderate jerk in the black pickup truck who drove closer to the curb and painted me in slush:

I hope bad karma comes your way, asshole.


OMG: My employer has unrealistic expectations of what I can actually achieve. A mech eng without the slightest fucking slither of a clue about what neural networks are, I am expected to create a neural network for a robot (suggested casually by Mr supervisor sir).

Employer is to blame for shitty grammar and lack of creativity.


OMG: of all the horrid things i've seen, a seal f*cking a penguin is by far the worst lol


OMG: Please wash your gym clothes and bag more often... I wanted to vomit.
- The entire bus

Updated on Wednesday, November 19


OMG: I'm 22 and in my first year a UW, I can't hep feeling "old". I took 4 years off out of high school to work and I sometimes regret not going right into university. But I'm really enjoying my first year so far. Anyone else in a similar situation?


OMG: Fellas, what is your opinion on chunky girls? If they were cute, had a rockin' personality, but are overweight however not obese...would you consider dating them?


OMG: To the girl wearing shorts infront of DP, how are you not cold?


OMG: WARNING : I don't know for long this was going on, but there's a group of filipino ladies running around campus asking for donations for Children's Joy Foundation. The foundation itself is legit but these people, with their aggressive ways appear to be scamers. They have everything including IDs, a small booklet relating stuff to the foundation. A girl approached me and said 'Namaste' but after saying I'm not Indian she quickly tried to get to know me and simultaneously shoved the paper on my face. I scan through it and pull out my wallet to give $10.
She noticed a 5 in there and said, I see a 5 in there.
At this point I'm pretty pissed cause, first it's rude. And second, I'm going broke and I'm giving you what I can.
After that, she leaves and I do my research cause it's kind of strange how she approached me and stumbled on a lot of scam threads and posts about the said people.
TL;DR, Avoid them or refuse. They usually are aggressive about money and if you say you don't, will try to get you to an atm (friend's experience)


OMG: I'm on co-op in California, and I don't miss UW at all. HAHA


OMG: To the idiot arguing with the bus driver that he was late on Wednesday night. Give them. A break have you seen the weather!!!


OMG: Congratulations to Matt Taylor for both Proofs by Demonstration. First, landing a probe on a comet, proof that it can be done. Second, proving that what a male scientist wears is more important than what he discovers.


OMG: Wtf is it with all the guys on tinder and flow hair


OMG: can i just say that getting laid is actually really hard for your average female. i've tried tinder, but no one wants to fuck a virgin. well how you do expect me to not be a virgin when no one wants to take my goddamn virginity like yes i know i'll suck but i'll learn with experience. all i want is a guy who will have casual sex with me like why is this so hard ughhhh


OMG: Just putting this out there, I know some TA's are assholes, but I genuinely care about the students I have in my tutorials. I want them to do well, and get excited when I see a student improve. The semester is coming to a close and I will miss them! Just so any undergraduates know your TA has hearts too (even when I do give you a bad grade )


OMG: i hope no one takes the food reviewer at Imprint too seriously. his reviews are mean like Simon Cowell but lack the industry experience. who does he think he is?!


OMG: to the 6'6'' punjabi guy that plays basket ball sunday nights. You are the cutest.


OMG: A friend from my hometown committed suicide last night. I am trying to raise awareness for mental health resources that are available. Please if u need help, reach out <3
Good2Talk: 1(866)925-5454
Counselling services: (519)888-4567 ext 31976
National Suicide prevention hotline: 1(800)273-TALK
Chaplain services:
Peer mentoring:


OMG: To the Asian girl who decided to paint her nails red on the 13 bus today.

It is not ok to do that in a confined space with strangers. If you dont have time to do your nails at home. Then just don't do them.