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Updated on Tuesday, July 29


OMG: Wait, I just discovered this page

What is this tom foolery MODS?

MOD's NOTE: Throwback Tuesdays? That's not how that goes...


OMG: To the selfish people who "save" their cubicle in DC by leaving their notebook and laptop chargers when they go for lunch/class: if you're not going to use the study space you should let someone else who actually needs it use it!


OMG: I was almost late for my exam today because my bike was gone ... Turns out KW4Rent moved it to their new bike storage room because I tied it to a tree while they were setting up their new bike racks. Thanks for the broken lock and the lack of notice.


OMG: Hey guys! Did you know everyone is different? Apparently not.

There's a lot of dating advice being thrown back and forth on OMGUW lately, and frankly you're stupid if you believe any of it. Developing a relationship with a person to the point you're 'dating' (which is arbitrary btw) isn't a step-by-step process that is sure to work in every case, because no person is like any other person. Instead of trying to focus on how you can manipulate people into dating you, or using completely theoretical constructs of how people are to formulate a plan, why not you all just stop thinking so fucking much about it and just go with the flow? Jump on opportunities as they arise, and if they don't arise, oh well. There's billions of other people you can date.

I would imagine it would be this straightforward to people, but I guess it's not, so you're welcome I guess.


OMG: With the amount of people I see getting pets lately, I just have one thing to say: Please consider rescuing a pet from a shelter before looking on kijiji or something like that.

I guess I also have another thing to say: make sure you can sufficiently take care of it.

Updated on Monday, July 28


OMG: Reading harry potter erotic fan fiction in DP, stay classy me, stay classy


OMG: That moment you see in movies when the person can't be with their family on Christmas or holidays . That's how I feel right now, being stuck here for Eid while the rest of my family is celebrating with all the relatives. Classic loneliness.


OMG: I shall consider my list of lifelong achievememts complete once I use the phrase " my team good, we don't really need a mascot." Coherently. As part of a conversation.


OMG: There's some advice that goes around about dating which says that people like the chase. Someone you're pursuing doesn't want to know they've got you for sure, so you should be confident enough to know that you're someone that they would be lucky to be with. In a sense, you want them to be chasing you as well.


OMG: Anyone else sometimes feel like is just always been the same 5 or 6 people bickering in the comments for years


OMG: After seriously reading over a lot of my activity on here and everywhere else on the internet, why the hell do I behave like such a huge cock when it's anonymous


OMG: Ladies and gents, I have decided to be a smiley person. Keep an eye out for a rather good looking guy randomly smiling around camps.


OMG: Seriously I am such a p*ssy when it comes to quitting my part-time job.


OMG: I hate when friends text or call me just to talk and I constantly make excuses to not hang out with them even though I have fun with them when I do. I try to go the other way when I see people I know unplanned instead of saying hi and making small talk. But then, when I'm lonely and no one has asked me to hang out, I feel bad and wonder why.


OMG: It may just be me because I read this site way to much. But there seems to be a lot of MCs about lifeguards.


OMG: For all the co-op peeps: If you have reason to believe that your boss's evaluation of you had something to do with communication you had with the ceca at the uni, you can have the evaluation revoked!


OMG: The arts academic advisors suck. Incorrect information, lazy and just shameful. I'm talking to you, advisor person, so you will help me figure out my requirements, not so you can tell me to figure it out for myself; it's your job, that is why you have a job. WTF.


OMG: It always makes me wonder if some of the posts are related to each other ... especially the relationship ones

Updated on Saturday, July 26


OMG: To the guy who consistently tries to sleep with me even though I repeatedly tell you that I have no interest, I can't believe you just don't get it. Now we'll never ever be friends again. I had to block you from Facebook and blacklist your number just so you don't continue harassing me. Get a freaking life, for goodness' sake!

MOD's note: Moved from MC! 


OMG: Can someone explain what the president actually does, other than write a blog and attend fancy dinners?


OMG: I'm an atheist, but I often find myself defending my Christian girlfriend's decision to not have sex until marriage to my Asian immigrant mom.

What a world we live in.


OMG: How much money do Waterloo people have? There are many expensive cars (Porsches, Maseratis, etc) everywhere.


OMG: Saw a post a while back about sexual frustration at UW. If UofT had a university sponsored orgy (look it up!), why can't we?


OMG: There has always been a lot of relationship OMGs, but it's getting rather annoying. Is there any way we make a separate section on OMGUW so all these broken hearts can stew in their own miseries elsewhere?

Updated on Friday, July 25


OMG: What's with all the GoT spoilers?
MOD'S NOTE: Snape kills Dumbledore! Anakin becomes Darth Vader! Judas betrays Jesus!


OMG: Things I learned from not dating someone this term:

Relationships aren't like the ones in movies - you're not going to fall madly in love for someone who falls madly in love with you. There will be good times and bad, and part of a good relationship is to keep putting in the effort even during the bad times.

Relationships are hard. The most important thing is to keep communicating and to let them know if anything is bothering you - don't keep it bottled in.

Peoples' feelings aren't toys. They have feelings and emotions too. Being led on is the worst feeling ever - if you don't see someone in that way, just be honest. It will hurt, but it will hurt a lot less than if she had to find out after a year of pursuing you.


OMG: I think maybe after 2 relationships, 
Several years and many days, 
I still refuse to forget this, not able to let it go. 
The first time she let me kiss her on the lips;
The last time she let me kiss her on the cheek.
The way I let her go, I can remember still, 
What were minutes lasting through the years.
It's 2 AM and I am still hung up over you. 

I miss you like the ocean loves the sea.


OMG: Ugh, I officially don't understand relationships. I don't even know what to query here; I and a group of my first year friends ended up in almost homogeneously unconsummated 'relationships' in first year and now don't know what to feel (the exception to this was the exception to the consummation and he just wants to get laid to 'not let his ex win'). Why do people dwell on these things and expend so much energy?
Also strangely, after an absolutely uneventful relationship that I terminated, I discovered on a past occasion that I am legitimately frightened of any non-academic discourse with females as some odd consequence. Does anybody feel remotely the same?


OMG: I guess Liberals and Conservatives aren't all that different after all...


OMG: Has anyone here gone to Counselling Services on campus? I think I need to talk to someone. However, I am nervous to go and was wondering if anyone could comment about what it's like? Did it help?


OMG: Why are all the comments on this website mostly negative and hurtful?

If you have nothing better to say or nothing seriously constructive to say about someone's unfortunateness then please just don't say anything. You're probably just bitter yourself or can't come close to relating to the situation.


OMG: Watching a bird fly around in DC. Apparently I'm the only one who's noticed. People in the express Tim's line better watch out.


OMG: Today I discovered the Laurier gym. Holy batman people are attractive.

What's harder? Finding an attractive person that's likely smart at UW? Or Finding a smart person that's likely attractive at Laurier?


OMG: The country is facing an employment problem with an expectation mismatch between workers and employers. Young people are struggling finding work while the TFW program runs amok. We are having record personal household debt with inflated housing prices. So what does our government do? They bring in a "Common Sense Firearms Licensing Act." Exactly what we need right now. Smh.

Updated on Wednesday, July 23


OMG: It's been almost two years, I can't understand why seeing him and his new girlfriend still makes me so angry/frustrated/upset. It even made me slightly happy just now finding out that his girlfriend is going to be working abroad for 4 months next term. Happy because I hope the long distance for them, without the chance to physically see each other, breaks them up eventually. And I hope he cheats on her like he did to me.


OMG: Do you ever just want to say to someone, "Look. I'm flattered. But we're friends. We've only ever been friends. I do NOT see you in a romantic light. Stop following every little thing I do online. You're turning from a good friend into a weird stalker. Not. Cool."


OMG: Since when did country music become so popular? I know so many people who didn't care for it at all then all of a sudden it seemed to become popular. Like it almost became the cool thing; to be "country". Nothing against country but it's just an observation I've made. Anyone else know what I'm talking about?


OMG: My ex told me he cheated on me a few days ago. I met up with him because he said he had some important things to tell me and me being the nice person I am, went to meet him. He started dating another chick about 4 months after we started dating and they're still together (although he called me in April to tell me he wanted to get back together with me). He said he met up with me to tell me because he still wanted him and I to get back together and wanted to tell me the bad news first, because he had been feeling guilty about it. I told him him there's no way I would ever want to be in a r/ship with him again. Even though we're no longer together, it hurts a lot to find out something like this. I had hunches we were no longer connecting emotionally but I never suspected he was cheating at all. I had no idea there was someone else. He acted like the sweetest guy when we were together. I thought he was an angel, but he was the devil in disguise. I'm shattered to find out I wasn't good enough for him that he had to go after someone else. He texted me the next day and I responded with an angry text, called him the liar and cheater he was and some other things. The one person I thought I could trust was the one who ended up betraying me and I hate him for that.


OMG: I think I'm falling in love with this guy. I don't think he feels the same way, and even if he did it probably wouldn't work out between us in the long run because of core value differences. This royally sucks.


OMG: Part of the last text message I sent: "I think I'm a pretty decent looking girl and I just wanted you to fuck me or let me give you head and I'm not sure why you don't want me to- I think I have more reason to be confused than you do". I think I may be the most awkward person I know.


OMG: I know this sounds super needy, but I really just want someone to cuddle with, and someone to share a mutual loving bond with. Someone who I could go out for coffee with and talk about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict currently happening. A drama free, adult relationship would be nice right about now. Is that too much to ask for?


OMG: WHY DO ALL OF THE FREAKING ADVISERS GO ON HOLIDAY DURING THIS WEEK?!?!!? They know this is a week students need to come talk to them about classes and they book it off every year! If they don't want to be there to help, then they should find another freaking job.


OMG: Is it just be or does /r/TwoXChromosomes seem like a big female circle jerk? This coming from a girl too..


OMG: Fuck all the group work in AFM. This shit is getting ridiculous when you have assignments that take up a ton of time that are hardly worth anything.


OMG: So my boyfriend and I tried anal for the first time. When I woke up in the morning there was a... turd just lying there on the bed. I freaked out and I swatted it away so now it's in between the bed and the wall. My room is starting to stink and I'm not strong enough to move the bed myself. My BF is on co-op right now and he won't be back for a while... what do I do?