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Updated on Wednesday, November 30


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OMG: My mom thought it would be funny to drive off slowly down the road when she knew my skirt was caught in the car door.



-->it was fun. shout-out to the old chat room.
inb4 i member
goodnight sweet prince
RIP in peace.

MOD'S NOTE: Rest in peace in peace? 


OMG: A former University of Waterloo vice-president has been charged with fraud. - lol


OMG: What's up with "nobody cares" posts on different OMGs? Stating a fact, trying to convince people not to care (move along there's nothing to see here), or both? Is it a good counter? How much does it matter?


OMG: To whoever took that yellow umbrella made with a duck handle from DC library study cubicles. Its honestly my favourite and I traveled the world with it. If you can bring it back it would be so appreciated - no hard feelings.


OMG: How to determine whether or not your prof is hot?
Think of it this way, if you see them on Tinder, would you swipe right?


OMG: Whats with AFM girls and being so shallow ???


OMG: To the person who came into the PAC gym this morning fully clothed in a jacket with a backpack on. Please don't just walk up to a treadmill and then toss everything onto the ground blocking the way.

Updated on Friday, November 4


OMG: Shoutout to the couple making out on the benches near MC last night. And as if it wasn't obvious what else you guys were doing.....


OMG: People are finally waking up to mass immigration. Time to scale back international students also.


OMG: One of my biggest pet peeves is the use of stock phrases at work - it means people are putting no thought into it - if I had a nickel for every time someone used the phrase "Please join me..." in an email - I could retire by 35!


OMG: Keep hearing about how gross Asians are on this site, but honestly every time I go check out a sublet full of white kids I open the door to the stench of stale vomit and saturday night projectile poos. Most landlords who have to live in the same house won't even take you folks anymore, swear to god.


OMG: Will do anything for a hundred bucks. Ya boy needs that Xenoverse 2.


OMG: Shout out to the guy playing Zelda songs on the piano in the basement of QNC. Thank you for playing it beautifully!


OMG: National Random Act of Kindness Day is coming on Friday, November 4!

Show your support by RSVPing on our Facebook event page, and come check out the activities that will be happening in the DC & DP Libraries and the SLC!

Make kindness a priority on November 4.

Updated on Sunday, October 23


OMG: A letter to my co-op housemate that I am too cowardly to say/ I can't figure out how to say it


OMG: Okay frosh, it's time you learned the truth about geese. They run UW. Geese with gang rings on their left legs are part the Creekside Flappers. They shake down the ducks, control smuggling across the creek and take a percentage from all campus retail.


OMG: Libs want to increase student visas from China. Need to fill the newly built UW Engineering buildings! What a joke.


OMG: LOL. When I was an undergrad my bank treated me like sh*t. Now that I have a job they think they'll get my business, mortgage and loans.


OMG: Anybody got some good areas around campus to smoke some herb?


OMG: What is up with the lack of men on campus? It's full of hormone filled boys


OMG: Does ne1 know how many ppl work in the SSO that actually help students on the front lines? They seem to have ALOT of staff for how little they really help students.


OMG: Would you guys recommend the campus dentists for a minor cleaning/scaling?. I have heard mixed opinions about people's experience there. A friend of mine went for a cleaning and was told to get a root canal for a minor problem. :/


OMG: Does the library still give warnings/ move peoples things when they've left them at a study cubical for too long? Im currently sitting in the quiet study section of DC to the right of the library entrance and have been here since 3:30 pm its now 5 pm and I have not seen the person who left their bag in the cubical beside me for the entirety of my duration at the library.


OMG: The reason why so many people feel that there's a lack of community here at UW is because everything feels like work.

Updated on Tuesday, October 11


OMG: Oh UW. Why are you so arrogant when you're, at best, rated seventh nationally, but act as if you're first internationally. Why? You claim style but lack substance. You're as meretricious as your graduates.


OMG: One of the boys at REV east gave me an STD, watch out ladies.


OMG: The more I read about Dr. Morgan the more I think that these postings were by her hand or someone designated by her. Nobody cares on this forum. Nobody. Yet these posts are posted constantly with updates. In addition, these updates are very specific and detailed for someone with passing knowledge. I hope an investigation will be held into Dr. Morgan to find the truth behind the libelous smear campaign that seems to be taking place against UW Counselling by her.


OMG:  Some of you seriously have to start paying attention to your surroundings... STOP crowing the hallways. Stop having your conversations in the middle of busy walkways. Stop driving people onto the street so that you and your friend can walk side by side on the sidewalk, MOVE OVER, LET PEOPLE PASS. When the bus is crowded, move out of the way so people can get off. Holy.

Updated on Monday, October 3


OMG: lol @ WPIRG


OMG: I read what Dr Morgan is going through at the Counselling Center. I want UW groups to push UW to fix it. And fix it for our safety worries. Not just talk about it here.

But I don't want to put my name to it. I want my privacy. I don't want anyone knowing if I go there. Especially for sexual safety questions. Going there should be private. I shouldn't have to give that up if I want our groups to make it safe. I don't want attention. I don't want to get mistreated if I go, from me calling action groups. What groups can I contact? How? I don't want to use my email address, cell phone, or have anyone recognize my voice. Is that possible?


OMG: Can someone explain to me how food services can charge 2.40 for a SMALL hot chocolate, that's made with powder and water. That's just stupid, I'm tired of food services taking advantage of students.

Updated on Tuesday, September 27


OMG: A big fuck you to the the asshole on 202 Lester that broke a beer bottle in the elevator and just left beer and broken bottle pieces all over the elevator floor.


OMG: Which platform/website is good for building an online artistic portfolio (for graphic designs, photography, sketches and stuff?)


OMG: I am so paranoid of people hearing me jerk off. Now I haven't masturbated for 2 weeks and want to just spill it all out at the top of MC. What should I do?

Updated on Tuesday, September 20


OMG: I love seeing the new outdoor area, near DP, take shape. Everything is so bright and colourful.


OMG: Just wondering, if you have UHIP would your prescription drugs/medicine be covered under that? Also, can you pick up prescription in Health Services and how expensive is that? Thanks :)

Fallen Warrior 


OMG: #HeForShe I just read about Dr Tracy Morgan's promotion to Manager, Counselling Centre. She was one of two women sexually harassed at UW 9 years ago. UW's internal investigation turned out to be wrong. And people were concerned about how Dr Morgan was being treated by her department after her complaint. There were many omg's about her treatment.

But this decision gives hope for all of us that not all old institutions stay old, just caring about their reputation, but can come around and change themselves. So happy I could sing!

Great start to #HeForShe week on our campus. Emma Watson would be proud of our school!


OMG: Sick dodging skills to that Asian guy who was almost run over by a car