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Updated on Thursday, June 23


OMG: So our do-nothing, good-for-nothing, "I pay lots of lip service to the idea of caring about students but never actually leave Needles Hall to talk to them or make any meaningful changes to improve things for them" President is getting reappointed....

I guess I know where UW's priorities are at. SMH


OMG: Bi-centennial updates are now the norm for OMGUW.



OMG: Feds is useless. Why do we have to pay the Feds fee?


OMG: I had never heard of UW before moving to the area. Now that I've moved away it still is irrelevant.


OMG: Shoutout to fellow co-op kids who saw the beautiful word "offer" on their ranking pages! It's good to be at the #1 university for co-op.


OMG: When your electricity and magnetism prof posts half the notes you need 36 hours before the 2 and a half hour midterm... and then half those things aren't on it like he said there would be...


OMG: Remember - you ARE judged by the company you keep.


OMG: Governments are finally looking into housing. Wow. Only eight years too late.


OMG: UW does not live up to it's own hype. Shit school


OMG: A lot of people try to put me down for being in arts. I've always found great high paying co-op jobs, and I honestly think I get a lot out of my degree. I get that in general arts is easier and less stressful than STEM programs, but it doesn't mean we're doomed to be homeless or that we're stupid. Some of us really enjoy what we're studying. Why do some people have the need to put arts students down?


OMG: Mods, Why doesn't the "recent comments" work anymore? Can you fix it?

MOD'S NOTE: We will look into it!  


OMG: I never thought I'd say this, but as Hillary won the democratic nomination, Trump might be the safer candidate. Sure he's an idiot, his policies are just statements without any research behind them, and he's racist, but he doesn't have a history of supporting invasions of other countries. Clinton has supported the invasion of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria. I'm sure she will try to start shit with Russia, Iran and Yemen as well.

I'd rather see Trump bring awareness to the failings of the political system than have Clinton start WWIII.


OMG: Convocation day,

When there are herds of brown parents on campus disappointed that their sons transferred from engineering to arts.

Updated on Monday, June 13


OMG: Anyone else at 303 Westcourt Place notice this guy who screams at the top of his lungs all the time and wanders around outside?


OMG: I'm a 5'4" 100 lbs female and even I think that the EIT toilet seats are too damn small! Either that or I finally got an ass but tbh that ain't likely.


OMG: So obviously UW has nothing better to do with our ever-more-bloated fees than to landscape the Grad House green, creating a giant roadblock in the middle of campus for months on end for "improvements" that the area didn't even need in the first place. That's money that could have just as easily gone towards the huge backlog of necessary improvements to educational and research programs, but no, THIS is apparently what we need, a fancy little campus facelift. "Why not?", indeed ... what buzzword-ridden BS will they dream up next?


OMG: I was called beautiful by a stranger. I'm a guy. Wtf?


OMG: Lol, KPMG. Keeps getting better and better.


OMG: So. Many. Immigrants.


OMG: There's soo much white trash in Waterloo it's disgusting.


OMG: Feeling sad bc i just lost another friend. He doesn't talk to me much anymore bc i said i just wanted to be friends. I guess i understand, but it still sucks


OMG: I picked Waterloo AFM over Queens Commerce, Schulich BBA and Laurier BBA, and a lot of people are telling me I made a mistake. Is Waterloo AFM that bad?


OMG: Any ideas how to raise awareness beyond Omguw of issues raised in Omguw? I ask since I saw a big Omg from last term. People may want to know, not just Omg readers. It was on women's safety trouble at our campus counselling center.


OMG: Seems like a lot of people forget the key rules of being a friend:

1) Don't hit on your friend's gf.
2) Don't hit on your friend's ex.

Very obvious rules that some people are still stupid enough to violate. If you have a friend who violates these rules, stop being their friend. Their thirst will overcome your friendship and they will backstab you.

Updated on Wednesday, June 1


OMG: Omg, my greatest fear just occurred: diarrhea getting in my vag...


OMG: Shout out to whoever stole my sandals from CIF! I hope you like foot fungus! :D


OMG: Honestly, who gives a fuck if a Gorilla got shot? Holy shit people, calm the fuck down.. It's a fucking gorilla...


OMG: I hate when I see a gorgeous girl and then she reveals this abomination of a tattoo. Turns me right off.


OMG: I don't want to compete anymore. I don't want to compete for the best co-op, or the best grades, or the best girl, or the best social life. You can have it, you win the prize, good job, please stop telling me.

I just want to live in a light tower in Nova Scotia with a dog.


OMG: That shitty feeling when jobmine glitches and you know you didn't get ranked even after preparing a week for the interview.

Updated on Wednesday, May 25


OMG: Is sleeping with the TAs a thing? Especially if they're grad students/TAs. I heard these girls talking about it but wanted to know if there was any truth behind it.


OMG: Opinions please. I had been working for a company on a 6 month contract with the promise that upon completion of that term, a permanent offer would be forthcoming if my performance was satisfactory. I was evaluated throughout my time there and always exceeded expectations.


OMG: Computer Engineering is the most difficult program in Waterloo in terms of workload + technical content


OMG: Starting to feel the summer slowdown on campus, a lot of my friends aren't here this term, anyone in a similar boat?

Will probably want to go out and be a bit more social or at least find some people to chat with, any suggestions? Just curious how everyone is passing the time.


OMG: White people are soo fucking entitled it boggles my mind.


OMG: It must be summer. The gym is packed with manlets.


OMG: Okay UW MSCI 211 past students I need your help. I keep seeing on Reddit there's a test bank somewhere on the internet and I can't find it for my life. Please help a brother out.


OMG: This dude thinks he owns the gym at CIF. I was looking around for a barbell. Then I found it laying next to a bench with at least another two barbells. When I was ready to go and grab it. This dude came back sitting at the bench (I think he went to get some water, which is fine). I asked if you are using it (the one I wanted), since you have two other barbells (with different weights) besides you. He said "Yes". I was pissed off, coz he was texting for at least 5-10 minutes afterward. OMG, these aren't your toys. Grow up dude.

Updated on Wednesday, May 18


OMG: To the guy who ordered a large ice coffee then walked away loudly calling the barista a "bitch" and "incapable" for putting too much ice in your drink, how about you complain to Starbucks headquarters on how their recipes requires that much ice or you know just ask for light ice. As the customer after your rude self, I felt so bad for the barista.


OMG: Opinions on UW and the general region in regards to general tech advancement and innovation?