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Updated on Friday, March 6

Best of UW Poll #2: Best place to get food around campus!

OMG: We got all your suggestions and now its the time to vote! Use the poll in this post to vote for your favourite place to get noms AROUND campus! You have three votes to pick your top 3. Voting will close on Friday. Results released on Tuesday. 

Updated on Tuesday, March 3


OMG: Why is everyone freaking out about the feds fee increase? It goes back to us in one way or another. They aren't increasing the prices just for shits.


OMG: Why do people think it's okay to clip their nails at the library, or on the bus? Do your personal grooming at home, people


OMG: We all have a "questions kid" in each of our classes. While it may be funny and satisfying to silently mock or text your classmates about this person, it becomes bullying when you say it loud enough for them to hear. Then it's bullying and it's mean and wrong. 

This guy just really loves archaeology, leave him alone!


OMG: My girlfriend didn't know a giving a bj does not involve teeth. Now I'm in the hospital with a nasty scar.


OMG: FEDS is asking students for around $250,000. Not $150,000 like a previous commenter posted.

This is ludicrous. There is no way that anybody can justify throwing more money at an organization that is so poorly run.


OMG: Think about this: Your right elbow has never been touched by your right hand, and never will be as long as it is attached to your body.


OMG: Can someone please explain to me why the school wants us to pay $25 a term for E7? Don't they already take enough money from us?


OMG:  The 11 people who are trying to make students pay them more money.

Fuck them. They should all lose their jobs.


OMG: I just had Cauchy-Schwartz inequality stated and proven to me for the 8th different time. Profs need to check what did we learn in other courses so we don't waste time proving the same thing over and over again.


OMG: MODS, I see where this Best of UW poll is going...can we please get one for the best washroom on campus?

MOD's NOTE: Sure, any other suggestions?

Updated on Monday, March 2

Best of UW #2: Best restaurants around the University

MODs: Last week we asked you what are the best places ON CAMPUS to get food. Now we want to know where are your go to places to get food OFF CAMPUS but near the university. We want to limit the scope to a 5 minute walk of the campus. So think places that are within the plazas, for example. 

How it works:  we will post a category and have you suggest the best of that category that Waterloo has to offer. We will then take all the suggestions and have you vote on them. The top 5 of the category will be posted in a new section of the site for future reference. 

Suggestions will be opened till Monday. Voting starts Tuesday.

- Luv, MODs. 


OMG: Wait, Imprint raised their fee? When the hell did this happen? Did anyone know about this before?


OMG:  Tip: Try your best to get a position in your last co-op term at a place you can see yourself working after graduation. Full-Time jobs are much harder to get when you're applying from the outside sighhh


OMG: FEDS does NOT need $5 more from me every term. 
That would equal about $150,000 more every year. 
That is insane. Can we all stop it by going to the meeting on March 25th, or is it too late?


OMG: 9 Police cars and a Forensic Investigation Unit Outside of 185 King St. WTF happened?


OMG: When your roommates have a loud birthday party on a Saturday night without letting you know while you're trying to study, then you start watching a movie and even their screaming and laughter cannot be tuned out. Fuck. Show some respect people, and yes i did tell them to turn it down.


OMG: Might just be me but it feels like this site has gone south since I first started using it a few years back.

MOD's NOTE: We're open to feedback. 


OMG: I was in the SLC 2nd floor on Friday, studying for a midterm at about 6pm. I mentioned to my friend that I forgot my calculator. A very nice girl overheard and lent me hers. I was supposed to return it after my midterm. However, after my midterm, I was exhausted and walked straight home. If you see this, can you please email me at, and we can arrange a pick up. Thanks!


OMG: @ Mods how bout you stop posting blatantly homophobic, sexist, racist or ableist posts instead of feeding off the drama you fucks.

MOD's NOTE: The more drama, the stronger we grow! Muahaha. 


OMG: FEDS had a 5% voter turnout. 

FEDS is now asking for a 10% fee increase.

This is bullshit.

Updated on Thursday, February 26


OMG: The girls at DC Tim Hortons (not express) need to stop chatting about TV shows or whatever and do their JOB!!! The line is always so long and near closing, they only have one register open when there are like 5 employees there (since the 2 "younger" white girls are talking and working so slow).


OMG: Does anyone really believe there girls on this campus that are sugarbabies? I mean, would any of them even score an investor?


OMG: Change my view: We should stop always bashing CECA for their shortcomings and be more appreciative of the opportunities the school has provided us in terms of coop. Many people who go to U of T or Western or etc are envious of the opportunities we have and would love to have a system like Jobmine.


OMG: University of Toronto is jealous of our portal


OMG: WOW, this is new! OMGUW updated two days in a row.

MOD'S NOTE: We've been doing that since two weeks ago. You're so 2000 and late.  


OMG: For those who always bitch about not knowing... now you know. Feds AGM Details

MOD'S NOTE: How do we add an item to provide unlimited funding to OMGUW?



Right now, the Conservative party is trying to fast-track the "anti-terrorism" bill C-51 through parliament. While they would have you believe it should be passed to protect Canadians, the powers of the bill would extend far beyond basic protections, and would:


OMG: Dear idiot moving at a snail's pace at the DP cafe milk/sugar bar: If you're going to take 5 minutes to adjust your milk and sugar in your coffee and take multiple delicate, slow sips of it to ensure its quality is up to standard for your elite lips, and manage to block everything on the counter in the process of your highly scientific process, don't give me a dirty look when I'm trying to get around you to grab the milk for one 0.02 second pour. Some people have important things to do and places to be, unlike you.


OMG: Did you see the purple engineering tree covered in yarn?


OMG: Why do fat people have to take up a seat and a half on busses? It's not fair for me to have to deal with a half seat. Lose some goddamn weight


OMG: Dear UW Students,
I used to be one of you. I was stressed, I was poor, I was hungover.

Updated on Wednesday, February 25


OMG: #20558 here. I am filing against my landlord to terminate my tenancy early (April 30), and with all the documented evidence I have, my report that was supposed to be a 2 paragraph (summary based on space on the T2 form) is going to be a 10+ page report of why no one should have to live with this dumb fuck.

Oh, and the list of things he has done gets longer:

He has threatened to spill curry on my appliances, which could do up to $700 in damages, and threats like this are something he seems to like relying on to get his way.

MOD's NOTE: Please share this report. 


OMG: I am so stressed out over my classes that I am probably going to fail one or two. I feel like dropping down to part time would solve so many problems, but I definitely cannot financially afford to drop any. Does the university offer any help to people like me?


OMG: Being a male Adonis is difficult walking around UW. I feel the stares of all the women I pass bore into me with such ferocity that I question where are others worth my time and effort? I apologize for making UW more humid than what should be.


OMG: Those new tv screens on University and Lester are obnoxious as fuck. Dat light pollution.


OMG: The Ontario Government has closed down Everest College for skewing records for financial gain. If this is the reason for closure how long will it be before the government closes UW and its co-op scam?


OMG: I'm a 20 year old female with a BMI of 21 that goes to the gym 3-5/week and eats a relatively healthy diet. My BP averages at around 160/80. Before uni it was under 120/80. I've gone to the doctor and nothing is wrong with me medically, other than this.


OMG: The new Silent Study room on the 2nd floor of the SLC is pretty good ... but why are there so many tables and not enough chairs?


OMG: Why does wifi in DC have to suck so much?


OMG: Where is our food poll summary? You seem an awful lot like a certain Feds exec who did not deserve reelection with this...



OMG: I freaking hate that girl that hangs out in CND. She comes overdressed all the time and her face is like "I am the hottest bitch in here". School is for studying, not showing off your shit.


-->Every time I post on OMGUW, I have to declare I'm not a robot. WTF OMGUW? Why you gotta be so robot-ist?
MOD'S NOTE: Its a slippery slope to robosexuality.   


OMG: Don't rent a car from Budget, they breached my credit card and charged me $300 for no reason. I called them and they said they didn't. So the bank treated this case as a fraud. I had to cancel my credit card and change every subscription, it's a pain in the ass......f-ckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!


OMG: If you wonder why u don't get laid, it could be the pebble on your wrist