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Updated on Tuesday, April 28


OMG: If you see what's happening in Baltimore and don't think black people are a problem, you're a racist.


OMG: na na nana na na nana na na 
nu na nu nu nu na na nu
nu na nu nu nu na na nu

Lyrical stylings of a recent graduate, humming the musical stylings of the Game of Thrones theme.


OMG: My flight to go back to do my 1b term is in three days but since I failed 1a I won't be going back until september and it honestly feels so crappy. I'm done with co-op so I have nothing to do now and even though i've been upset over having to repeat for the past four months it feels so much worse now that my friends are going back to 1b and i'm not. fucking hell. it sucks how with most universities if you get below the requirement you only get put on probation or something but with us you become a year behind. great.


OMG: Dear Bell Curve,
Thank you for saving my ass!


OMG: I started raving around a month ago because my ex-bf that I wasn't completely over was going and asked me to go. At my first rave, I had so much fun on my own and I didn't even dance with him once. I've been to several more raves (w/o him) since then and I've been having the time of my life. I'm so much more happier and doing a lot better in school.

Finally realized he's not worth my time anymore. I wasted 3.5 years on him (dating + not being able to get over). Peace




OMG: To the moron at King/Columbia that almost ran me over at around 1:15 today because you couldn't wait ONE SECOND for me finish crossing the street, assholes like you should get seriously


OMG: Not sure if any international student didn't already know this, but you can file for tax return as well! I got ~$3000 back each year!!!

Updated on Thursday, April 23


OMG: Roses are red,
And people are salty,
With useless whining,
About Feds being faulty.

There is tireless work,
By volunteers and staff,
All the belly-aching,
Simply gives them a laugh.

Events and services,
Advocacy too,
Plenty of work done,
for UWaterloo.

So if you want to see change,
And want Feds to be fixed,
Don't just complain,
And quit being a bitch.


OMG: Finals studying music. The Space Jam theme goes with literally everything.


OMG: A shining example of the kind of BS that proliferates at university. How the hell do these people even get jobs, let alone keep them?


OMG: I've come to the sad realization that I can't write an exam without having a panic attack unless I load up on benzos beforehand. Uwaterloo has turned me into a drug addict.


OMG: Who will save us?


OMG: The anxiety and stress is starting to get the better of me to the point of which I've had a few breakdowns and I'm now onto the I don't give a flying... about anything.

Updated on Tuesday, April 21


OMG: Guys at UW are generally whiny, entitled and unattractive and still bitch on this website about not getting girls? For a bunch of people who are apparently 'intelligent', you sure are blind to the reality of just how pathetic you are.


OMG: How do some students who can barely speak english manage to pass the ELPE?


OMG: I was getting late to my exam today and this guy in front of Mongolian Grill was asking people for change. I was too caught up in my own thoughts and reviewing my material so when I made eye contact with the guy, I didn't say anything and walked away. I feel like a complete asshole for doing that. Sorry sir!


OMG: Let's clear up the "Does x race find y race sexually attractive?" question. Here is your answer: The majority of people will tend to date within their race for a number of sociocultural reasons, as well as proximity. Most people who don't have a stick up their ass are willing to consider dating someone outside their race. You want to date someone of a different race, go make some friends of that race, your odds will go up significantly.


OMG: I have a bit of a serious OMG. I was recently accepted into the University of Waterloo for Software Engineering, but I come from a highly dysfunctional family. My parents drink a lot and refuse to support my desire to go to school.. I was just wondering if anybody knows what I can do? Even if I get OSAP and get a job on campus, I still need some help with moving my stuff to campus.

Are there students that are homeless at Waterloo? What types of social services are there for people like me? I know there's a food bank?


OMG: I don't get why people don't go to classes for hard courses. If the material is hard, you should probably be attending lectures even if you don't want to, because that's sort of the point of you being at university...

What, do you have something more important to do than the thing to which you owe your namesake as a 'student'?


OMG: I hate when parents, family, friends, etc. all try to get you to date and marry because "you're that age now." Nah. No thanks.


OMG: If only students at this university knew what happened behind the scenes at FEDS... they would be shocked at the shit staff can get away with without getting caught.

Updated on Sunday, April 19


OMG: 5 exams in 5 days .. Just a bit stressed.


OMG: I wish I knew how to balance out working out with school. I just have so much stuff to do like clubs, keeping up with school, sleep...


OMG: As a past volunteer for the Feds Food Bank, I really appreciate all of the End-of-the-Term donations that are received each term. However, please do not treat the FB as a garbage disposal to dump whatever unwanted -OPENED- food into.

For one instance, the FB received melted ice cream in the donation bin and it took the volunteers extra time to clean up the spill and we had to throw away contaminated donations since the ice cream melted through boxes. Please be sensible and think if the food (or toiletry) you're donating can actually be used by others before donating it to the FB. Thank you!

P.S. Unfortunately, we cannot shelf opened food items due to possible contamination issues!


OMG: Fuck exams.


OMG: Non refundable GRT costs are about 77$ for tuition but I've gotten far more value from its use.


OMG: The moment when you're already having a panic attack about your exam and then you realize that the exam started an hour ago. Holy fuck.


OMG: I'm a brown third year student and am unable to find someone to date. There's many reasons for this.


OMG: After 5 years on this campus, I've realized two fundamental truths for all incoming UWaterloo students.

1) Engineers are impossible douchebags.
2) Yellow Fever is real.


OMG: I kinda want to get some old Disney VHS tapes and record over them with home videos from youtube and then sell them on ebay.


OMG: Does anybody else see the resemblance between the one SLC janitor and Zoolander? This man is not to be confused with the hot, Good Will Hunting janitor. I think our school is recruiting all actor doppelgangers, which is totally fine by me, but I can't unsee the resemblance, and it's making me look creepier than usual when they come around.


OMG: So I got caught cheating on the last assignment in cs350. Yeaa... I'm such an idiot, should've listened to the warnings.. but I gambled like a fool and took someone's github and changed some variable names... kicking myself so hard right now. I'm totally fucked right? :(


OMG: Oh shit. Google just changed bookmarks. Better fucking not show up on my public profile. Time to delete Horny Horse Harlots 5 and Lubed Midget Obsession III.

Updated on Thursday, April 16


OMG: Coming back from another coop term, still excited to see ya, Waterloo!


OMG: Where does Math News get all their money from? Cause I would certainly like 10 grand to drop on electronics...


OMG: I don't have a racial preference, but I want a non white partner just to spite my racist parents.


OMG: This time of the year sucks because it's still cold as balls at night but really, really warm during the day. It's like spring is only here from noon til 8, then it goes back to winter.


OMG: That feeling when you have to break up with your girlfriend because you're graduating. I'm moving across the country for work and she's still on campus for a couple years. Never found someone I really wanted to date until I met her this term and we dated for the past couple months always knowing it would have to end. She's amazing and I wish it didn't have to end. Life really sucks sometimes. 


OMG: I hate exams, not like anyone really enjoys them... this schedule though is close to the worst I've had yet. I still haven't had my first final (it's on Saturday) and I'll be finished four of them by around 3 on Thursday next week. 3 finals in 3 days is not cool UW. I know I'm not the only one in this boat but my anxiety and stress levels are significantly through the roof this time. I honestly have no idea how I'm supposed to do well on these finals. I need to do well to make up for the crappy marks I got because I was sick and unable to study for any of my midterms


OMG: I might never be able to forgive my ex and her new boyfriend.

I should pray for them but all I can think of is "I hope you suffer as much as you made me suffer."

I hope I can forgive them one day. 


OMG: Fuck it.  I'm not going to study.  Just going to order some pizza, drink some Coke, and watch the Dark Knight series from the beginning to end.  Then cram.


OMG: I'm puzzled that in 2015 so many individuals still derive part of their identity from the colour of their skin. Try to preserve the "purity" of a race for a while and you'll end up with sterile imbreds. Everyone is mixed. And everyone is likely to be related if you go back just a few generations (yes, 2^n grows pretty fast nah mean?)

Updated on Tuesday, April 14


OMG: Can we get an update on the dude that was offered a girl's V-card? I need to know what happened.. for science.


OMG: Now this woman is amazing. 

I hope we all think of students in need the way she did at least once during our time here. Awesome.