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Updated on Wednesday, July 23


OMG: It's been almost two years, I can't understand why seeing him and his new girlfriend still makes me so angry/frustrated/upset. It even made me slightly happy just now finding out that his girlfriend is going to be working abroad for 4 months next term. Happy because I hope the long distance for them, without the chance to physically see each other, breaks them up eventually. And I hope he cheats on her like he did to me.


OMG: Do you ever just want to say to someone, "Look. I'm flattered. But we're friends. We've only ever been friends. I do NOT see you in a romantic light. Stop following every little thing I do online. You're turning from a good friend into a weird stalker. Not. Cool."


OMG: Since when did country music become so popular? I know so many people who didn't care for it at all then all of a sudden it seemed to become popular. Like it almost became the cool thing; to be "country". Nothing against country but it's just an observation I've made. Anyone else know what I'm talking about?


OMG: My ex told me he cheated on me a few days ago. I met up with him because he said he had some important things to tell me and me being the nice person I am, went to meet him. He started dating another chick about 4 months after we started dating and they're still together (although he called me in April to tell me he wanted to get back together with me). He said he met up with me to tell me because he still wanted him and I to get back together and wanted to tell me the bad news first, because he had been feeling guilty about it. I told him him there's no way I would ever want to be in a r/ship with him again. Even though we're no longer together, it hurts a lot to find out something like this. I had hunches we were no longer connecting emotionally but I never suspected he was cheating at all. I had no idea there was someone else. He acted like the sweetest guy when we were together. I thought he was an angel, but he was the devil in disguise. I'm shattered to find out I wasn't good enough for him that he had to go after someone else. He texted me the next day and I responded with an angry text, called him the liar and cheater he was and some other things. The one person I thought I could trust was the one who ended up betraying me and I hate him for that.


OMG: I think I'm falling in love with this guy. I don't think he feels the same way, and even if he did it probably wouldn't work out between us in the long run because of core value differences. This royally sucks.


OMG: Part of the last text message I sent: "I think I'm a pretty decent looking girl and I just wanted you to fuck me or let me give you head and I'm not sure why you don't want me to- I think I have more reason to be confused than you do". I think I may be the most awkward person I know.


OMG: I know this sounds super needy, but I really just want someone to cuddle with, and someone to share a mutual loving bond with. Someone who I could go out for coffee with and talk about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict currently happening. A drama free, adult relationship would be nice right about now. Is that too much to ask for?


OMG: WHY DO ALL OF THE FREAKING ADVISERS GO ON HOLIDAY DURING THIS WEEK?!?!!? They know this is a week students need to come talk to them about classes and they book it off every year! If they don't want to be there to help, then they should find another freaking job.


OMG: Is it just be or does /r/TwoXChromosomes seem like a big female circle jerk? This coming from a girl too..


OMG: Fuck all the group work in AFM. This shit is getting ridiculous when you have assignments that take up a ton of time that are hardly worth anything.


OMG: So my boyfriend and I tried anal for the first time. When I woke up in the morning there was a... turd just lying there on the bed. I freaked out and I swatted it away so now it's in between the bed and the wall. My room is starting to stink and I'm not strong enough to move the bed myself. My BF is on co-op right now and he won't be back for a while... what do I do?


OMG: MSCI 211, which one's birdier - the online course, or in person?

- A mega aviphile


OMG: Where am I supposed to get an Iced Capp on campus?

SLC Timms is closed, DC Timms always has a broken machine, DC library Timms doesn't have iced capps. Do you seriously expect me to go ML or SCH for a cool frosty drink?


OMG: July 21st- August 8th Retail Services is hiring. You can apply online here:


OMG: Motivation in 4th year = 0%. Desire to get the fuck out of here = 150%. Fear of failing out and having to become a shitty professional life coach who sells iPhone screen protectors on the side to earn money: 50%.


OMG: Pro-tip: The SLC pharmacy sells small packs of 2 Tylenol for 59 cents if you ever need it.


OMG: If anybody found a black 2 in 1 iphone5/5s and micro USB charger on the 10th floor of DP between Tuesday July 22 6:45 pm - Wednesday July 23 12pm please bring it to Turnkey. I checked Turnkey and DP circulation this morning (Wednesday) and neither said that it showed up :(

Updated on Sunday, July 20


I'm going to try and do a PSA about the WPIRG fee, maybe the mods will let it go through.


OMG: I want to get my M license but am not sure if its worth it in Canada, any thoughts? Also, if you already have your G, do you still have to go through the entire M1, M2, M tests, or do I get a short cut? haha Oh, and would I then have pay to renew both my G and M license every 5 years?

Any help is appreciated as I couldn't seem to find this info online.


OMG: Pop Corn time is the best thing ever. Thank me later


OMG: I have an essay due in 62 minutes and I'm just sitting here masturbating.


OMG: My handle bars on my bike came loose while doing a track stand waiting for the light to change. Sorry to the drivers that had to try to interpret what I was doing when the light turned green, and I was going everywhere while figuring out what happened.


OMG: Ugh that moment when you find a perfect job but you can't apply because of restrictions.


OMG: I wanna start my work term report but I have ZERO motivation :(


OMG: My biggest fear is accidentally hitting R instead of T and refreshing something that's been loading for a really long time instead of opening a new tab. They shouldn't be so fucking close to each other.


OMG: Are there any UWaterloo string quartets that need a cellist?


OMG: @ASK#6064

You're a PIECE OF SHIT. More people need to be aware of this.
Seriously, how dare you call your own girlfriend a whore?
No one deserves being called a whore. Having had sex with more than 1 guy doesn't make anybody a whore.
How can some guy's values be so messed up? what kind of society do we live where women are not allowed to do as they please with their bodies? I am not a feminist or anything of the sort (I even dream of one day marrying a man and raising some fine kids) but MEN of waterloo, a girl's virginity is not something sacred or that should be saved for her husband.

I actually can't believe that in 2014, there are still men like that out there. I have never EVER been called whore. I have never told anyone this before but my ex-bf was a true gentleman! I was off working in Alberta for 4 months and I end up accidently sleeping with two guys (I was under a lot of stress and really wanted to get to know myself) and I told my bf 2 months after the next school term started. I gave him the option of leaving or trying to make it work. We made it work! and he never once called me a whore.

Updated on Saturday, July 19


OMG: Sometimes I feel like so many of the problems people have on campus could be solved if we just talked to each other more in a civil way. See an attractive person? Talk to them. Have no friends? Talk to people Campus is anti-social as fuck? if everyone talked to everyone else, we wouldnt have that problem. I feel like the fat chick from Mean Girls who just has a lot of feelings right now man.


OMG: To the Caucasian guy with dirty blonde hair and glasses in Mathsoc. You are rude and condescending.


OMG: FEDS evicted WPIRG from the SLC. Why is no one talking about this?

MOD'S NOTE: #19476


OMG: what's an easy complimentary study elective for a first year engineer?


OMG: Someone should start this up again


OMG: I love biking in the rain.

Updated on Friday, July 18


For all you beautiful guys and gals who keep posting missed connections. Watch this clip, it's only a minute:

It may very well be the worst movie ever BUT this is what happens if you don't take chances and speak your heart out. (The same thing almost happened with me and my boyfriend, but fortunately, I asked him out in the nick of time.)

Seriously, people. Life is too short to be scared and miserable. You are all worthy of that special someone. Don't wait for chances; take love into your own hands.

Now go ask 'em out!


OMG: Has anyone gone through a mandatory tutorial session for a failed work term report? Wondering if my traumatizing experience was an anomaly or has been experienced by other students as well.



My condolences to his family and friends, it' a sad day for all.


OMG: When is UofW actually going to do something about the teriible ugly looking convocation that is hosted in a gymnasium? Why cant we hold it at Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex like laurier does, or maybe somewhere else on campus? Does hagey hall not have enough seats? What about the hall that will be in the new science teaching complex? Come on waterloo you're better than this!!


OMG: Who here rides? I've noticed a few motorcycles around campus but it seems like there's less than 10. I want to know some nice places to go riding around here, within say 70 km or so, before we get freak weather again.


OMG: I'm tired. Where's the exit?


OMG: I just took two days off of co-op to go lose my virginity


Was not expecting to read this.


OMG: How do I go about getting a part time job at CIF/PAC Fitness center?

Updated on Thursday, July 17


OMG: I'm considering taking 6 courses this fall instead of the typical 5 I usually take, my schedule is emptier than usual and consists of more breaks. Any advice on taking 6 courses or experiences in terms of work load/time management strategies you've learned. Anything would be helpful.


OMG: Microsoft to cut up to 18,000 jobs.


OMG: just saw a turban guy ask out the prettiest girl for coffee in the smoothest way possible. Things like this make me question whether my prince exists or not........