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Updated on Thursday, July 2


OMG: Feds evicts Imprint after 37 years

MOD'S NOTE: Our birth place! :(


OMG: Top tip. If you're on a full bus, happen to be standing by the doors. When someone requests a stop. And people are getting off. Simply step out of the bus, keep one hand on the door of the bus, and step back in when it is clear. That way people don't have to squeeze by and hit other people/you on their way out.


OMG: Does anyone actually major in women, gender, and sexuality studies? A few years ago when I was still in high school I attended a UW info session and one of the presenters graduated from the aforementioned program. At the time I thought it was some kind of a joke. What the fuck do you learn after 4 years there? That gender is a spectrum? Anything else?


OMG: I found my friends mom on /r/gonewild... It's clearly her, you can see her face in it, and you can tell right away that it was taken in his basement. He's going to find out at some point because I know for a fact he goes on it


OMG: I'm really struggling to study and focus on building a life for myself because just over a year ago a family member started a heroin addiction thats gotten worse and worse. I fear attacks and bad news all the time. I have lost all my friends from retracting into my shell when I found out and now I'm not sure what to do anymore, I feel helpless and very alone because I can't connect to people or get my shit together


OMG: In response to OMG #21601

There are many older animals in those shelters that shouldn't die confined to a cage. It's important to adopt those and give them some of the best times of their lives while they still have some life left. 


OMG: Dude breakdancing all by himself in lower level SLC around 2 June 30th. You're pretty good! Thanks for the lunch hour entertainment!


OMG:  There's a in DC guy raising money for the Food Bank by writing poetry. We have a great community.

Updated on Tuesday, June 30


OMG: A glass of wine gets me through an essay. You?


OMG: I'm all alone with my thoughts, nobody to share them with. The one I want to share them with doesn't want to be. I'm getting cabin fever here.


OMG: Related to a the many insightful posts under OMG 21008, a task force found June 29 that Dalhousie University's complaint system needs overhaul. Some quotes are:

"These are systemic issues," Florizone said. "These are issues that we know other universities face. These are issues that are going to require all of us working together."

"This was not an isolated incident and the status quo is unacceptable."

"Backhouse also found there was a level of distrust and suspicion about the university's responses to discrimination. She said most people told them they were too afraid to complain about sexist or racist issues because of the risk of retaliation, or that little would be done to address perceived problems."


OMG: Humans vs. Zombies signups are this week! 10am-6pm , all week in MC and Monday to Wednesday in SLC. The game is all next week, July 6-10!


OMG: Why does engineering have to be so separated from the rest of the other societies? I don't want to do Eng beach day with a bunch of anti-social/weird engineers. Can't we all just get along?


OMG: My roommate has two intact cats which she keeps in her room and they produce about 3 litters of kittens every year. She then give these kittens away free to strangers and finds this an enjoyable process. There are so many cats sitting in shelters waiting for homes, and I have no idea why she isn't spaying and neutering her pets. (You don't need to be a genius to guess that she is an international student)


OMG: My boss saw my penis while I was changing in my office. I told her I was about to change and would close my door, she said cool no worries. I'm in the middle of changing and she walks right in and sees my dick. She starred at it for at least 3 long ass seconds. She gave me a nod of approval and closed the door. I get the feeling it was on purpose. She's super touchy feely and flirty with me but this is something else


OMG: Why the fuck do people think it is acceptable to take their shoes off and put their feet all over the new furniture in the MC Comfy Lounge? Honestly, even leaving your shoes on and putting your feet up is only dirty, not smelly.


OMG: Did Al Madinas go downhill or is it just me? So much slower, and cant't get the order right since last term and they keep tearing my shwarma up.


OMG: New staff at SCH Tim Hortons are terrible. Stop ignoring customers and talking and do your job.


OMG: Ever had smoking roommates who refuse to take it outside? My dumbfuck international student roommates reluctantly agreed to smoking only in the bathroom or their own rooms but openly does it with the door open despite being asked repeatedly not to. Is this a thing with these people?


OMG: I witnessed two dudes screwing while walking through waterloo park late last night. One had an eng jacket so safe to assume he was a UW student. Weird sight to see


OMG: Somebody stole my bike (~$700) while I was away at a conference last week. Was walking across campus today and saw many bikes without seats. Spent some hour imagining how I would torture and kill the responsible party.

Updated on Wednesday, June 24


OMG: Did someone lose $20 at the loading area outside of CPH? Next to it was a receipt from June 6 for something from Diary Queen... Tell me how much you spent there, and I’ll get it back to you. (It’s going to Ray of Hope if no one claims it in a week).


OMG: The night before an assignment was due a student in one of my classes sent this out in a mass email: "heres what I wrote so far. Honestly guys pool our shit together. This prof suuuuuucks and I don't know about you guys I ain;t learning shit from her." In a single email this student insulted a decent professor with real world experience in the field we're learning about, suggested we violate the University's academic integrity rules, and used appallingly bad grammar and punctuation. To all the people who spam my inbox with crap like this, fuck you!


OMG: Six years here and I still haven't found anyone with half a brain for creativity or innovation. Plenty of hype and hubris though.


OMG: Lesson learned, do not put chives in your smoothies, I repeat DO NOT!


OMG: I can't tell if he's flirting with me but playing it off because we work together and doesn't want to weird things out or if that's just how he normally talks to girls. 

We joke around a lot and I've gotten to know him, sometimes he winks at me (maybe he doesn't realize he does), he maintains intense eye contact (but he's also very confident), he notices how I dress and all that kind of stuff... So now I just don't know.. Is that just how guys talk and act around all their girl friends? 


OMG: Everywhere I go all I see are bubbles. Holy shit are we in trouble.


OMG: That feeling when you meet a crush and find out who they really are inside... being the opposite of what you imagined.


OMG: I am not masochistic but whenever I remember the stupid things I said in interviews I want someone to punch me in the face


OMG: It's lonely being ahead of the curve waiting for people to catch up.


OMG: When renting in Waterloo avoid any student residence management company and/or any Chinese-owned private house rental. You'll avoid so many issues.


OMG: It drives me up the wall when big corporations look for unpaid interns. We're lucky to have such good co-op here at UW. Some of my friends in Canada and state side are getting taken advantage of with unpaid internships and it's bullshit.


OMG: All these comments on OMGUW make me think that if you are not straight, white and male, you will be harshly discriminated against.


OMG: I put up the main spoiler from the GOT finale on the screen in gear lab and watched as people read it, cringed and walked away shaking their head.

Updated on Thursday, June 18


OMG: The girl sitting behind me in econ is clipping her fingernails. In class. UW students are the fucking rudest people I've ever met.


OMG: It's a good thing you want to post a MC about some person you saw and think is cute/hot. Don't know about others, but I find it kinda creepy people remember every single detail down to the laptop, shoes, clothing, backpack brands/colours, etc


OMG: UW is like a package of Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans, a lot of flavours have brown or yellow colours, and at least a few of those flavours are something like literal shit.


OMG: So, I failed 1a and i'm repeating this fall. However, i am so nervous/stressed over how people are going to react to that. I kept in touch with my friends from 1a but people in engineering are generally arrogant and I don't want to be treated like i'm less because of what happened. Like, i take responsibility for that, sure, but I care about what people think(even tho i shouldnt) and i'm so anxious about coming back just because of it. Like i considered switching but didn't.


OMG: I just wrapped up my undergrad. Convocation was this week, and I'm miserable. I've felt so alone for so long and convocation just reinforced that. I feel like I've hit a new low. I keep having panic attacks and suicidal thoughts. After five years here, I feel like I'm leaving with no real friends, and it's not for lack of trying. I joined clubs and teams, and tried really hard to get to know the people in my program and I never fit in. I was always in the background.


OMG: I feel like the further I go with university the less dedicated I become. I remember waking up at 6:40 just to get to school. Now can barely make an 8:30 class...