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Updated on Thursday, January 29


OMG: Okay, quick poll OMG: What's your opinion on FWBs and/or polyamorous relationships?


OMG: Who ever keeps posting shit about the FEDs election needs to stop, cause who gives a fuck??


OMG: The world would be such a better place if everyone could chew with their mouth closed.


OMG: Lessons from Earth 122 Mid Term: People are dumb, students, TAs and Professors. Since when does a Professor not show up for a mid term that is during class time, I know you are busy but still. It should not take 20+ min to set up for a mid term. I know it is in AL 116 which is a terrible room but still. HINT: If you have a mid term that starts at 11:30am don't show up at 11:50am and if you are the TA running the exam DON'T WAIT FOR THEM.


OMG: #20425 here: Update after watching the services debate.


OMG: I graduated, and wanna go to a different gym in Waterloo. Suggestions?

Updated on Wednesday, January 28


WHO IS WHISTLING ON THE 6th FLOOR OF DP. This is a library not a casual Sunday stroll. I know this is a social study floor but does that need to include everybody listening to you whistle Christmas carols for half an hour?


OMG: Uhhh. Why aren't students outraged by this?


OMG: Early thought regarding the election. Fusion was a full day late getting their website up. There are two possible scenarios


A reminder to any UW student who entered Canada's Luckiest Student: Check your email for your invitation to the CLS3 Reveal Party!


OMG: Ok, preliminary rundown of the candidates.


i would rather let my bladder explode than use the disgusting washrooms in DC.


Fusion better not have an item about revamping the Feds website, they can't even put one up.


OMG: The damn copy/paste thing after the captcha doesn't work on Chrome. Why you need two hoops to jump through to comment?

MOD's NOTE: This shouldn't happen. We are looking into this. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

Updated on Tuesday, January 27


OMG: It feels strange when you instigate something good and it catches on like wildfire.


OMG: Yo, Engineering Gradcomm 2015.
Way to poorly announce event plans, give everyone a day and a half to buy tickets and completely undersize all events.
You guys fucking suck.


OMG: Does anyone else ever wonder what is considered 'normal'? Some days I feel isolated and lonely because everyone else seems so connected, and get overwhelmed and distraught with these feelings. On occasion I self harm.

Updated on Monday, January 26


OMG: New place doesn't have internet. I feel so lost without being connected online.


OMG: Walking through buildings on campus on weekends when the a lot of the lights are off. Creeps me out because it reminds me of the university chapter in the Last of Us.


OMG: On Sunday January 25, 2015 at approximately 2:57A.M., Police were dispatched to the area of Elgin Crescent and Regina St N, City of Waterloo for a report of a male prowler looking in windows. Upon arrival Police observed footprints in the area and associated to the prowler. the area was searched with K9 with negative results. If anyone witnessed a male running from the area around this time please contact North Division Detectives at (519) 650-8500 ext 6399 or contact Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS).


OMG: Ok so last term i lost a copper coloured bracelet in RCH.

It looks like a bent railroad ring. my boyfriend got me it, and it really meant a lot to me. I was devastated when I lost it.

I know its been a WHILE and I realize that its probably gone... BUT if anyone has it pls comment on this

Last hope to find it.

MOD'S NOTE: Maybe a pet peeve, but please capitalize next time?   


OMG: Laser Quest and Roxanne's are really close to each other, is Barney Stinson a city planner for Kitchener?


OMG: OMG. Team Gold. The one member of this year's exec I actually liked, without any of the political incompetents I didn't. Can we please do the intelligent thing and elect them?


OMG: I know comments from my iPad don't work, but do submissions work? Seems like anything I post doesn't make it.

MOD'S NOTE: Any other iPad users experiencing this? 


OMG: VP Internal Candidate here, I will not reveal my identity so as to not cross the line into campaigning. I just want to say that, unlike the incumbent candidates, I have emailed the elections commissioner any time I have thought about doing something that may constitute a violation of policy.

The current FedS exec team should have done the same, to ensure they are not breaching policy.

If you feel that they have violated policy with their AMA, please do file an allegation against them. The more allegations filed, the more likely it will be held against them.

Updated on Saturday, January 24


OMG: This is an honest question, I want to be educated. Why don't animal activists eat meat? I don't want an answer about whether or not meat is healthy for our bodies.

Would vegans and vegetarians consider eating meat if meat was produced in a sanitary and cruel-free way? Or is it the fact that we use animals for food that issue?


OMG: 1 hour lecture slot- ends 10 minutes before full hour.
2 hour lecture slot- 10 min break, ends 10 minutes before second full hour.
1.5 hour lecture slot- no break, ends 10 minutes before full hour and a half.

As a result classes with 1.5 hour slots have an extra 180 minutes or so a term, the fuck?


OMG: Should the Canadian Goose be Canada's national bird? Yes!


OMG: When is the next UW break dancers doing their battle in the SLC? I'd like to go watch them without looking creepy and watching them practice!

Updated on Friday, January 23

Poll #1


The fact that I had to go into 10 different girls bathrooms in 3 different buildings before finding a freaking tampon dispenser is outrageous!


OMG: Hot tinder chicks, I keep getting matches with you, but no one responds. I swear I'm a nice guy who isn't simply trying to hit it and quit it.


Sitting on toilet, just had explosive diarrhea, felt it on my balls, threw up in lap. Now I have to manage the trip home.
MOD'S NOTE: Ah, OMG is back to its roots. 


OMG: Please, can some of you learn the names of the food that people are making or serving to you... I always hear "this one" or "that here". Makes me feel better when I say "I'll have the chicken" for example, and I see some relief. No one is a mind reader. If you don't know the name of a food or ingredient, study the menu. And don't say "thees wan" if it's written right in front of you. Make all our lives easier!


OMG: From the Elections Procedures: "Campaigning may consist of, but is not limited to, all forms of advertising or communication ... designed and/or likely to influence voters towards a particular candidate"

How the hell can anyone think that some of those answers are not likely to influence voters towards a particular candidate? As was pointed out, even if this was in the works for months, could you not have postponed it until after elections? Or held it a couple of weeks ago even?

Ben, Stephane, Maaz, shame on you. I hope the voters realize how shady this whole thing was, and kick you out of office.


I am a gym rookie, so if my form is off, PLEASE let me know. I would much rather someone help me out now than me to be working out wrong forever... thank :)


Hey guys, I'm just a random student who is thinking of writing a proposal to create a nap space for students. I'm sure there are tons of logistics like sanitary upkeep and regulations to discourage abuse, but I want your thoughts. Sleep pods are hella expensive 13k each, so might not be viable. It could be a corporate sponsored space? Thoughts and ideas guys?


OMG: Yesterday I watched as a girl called someone out for wearing a Canada Goose Jacket (for animal cruelty). She better get busy because half of the students on campus wear those jackets.


OMG: @ DP studying. The continuous loud buzzing is extremely distracting and annoying. We get it, you're closing at 11pm! Why not just flash the lights a couple times as a signal like DC does ?!! It's disturbing :(


OMG: When did the SLC Silent Study turn into a group study area? In all my 5 years at UW, this is the only year where it hasn't been dead silent... Do the first years just not read the signs posted all over the walls and doors?


OMG: Today on the MC-DC bridge, a dude with a stick/staff and an orange wig was bellowing at passersby "you shall not pass!"
What even?


OMG: I'm going to rant so hard. I network efficiently and do have alot of acquaintances, but zero friends in this university. I'm no shy introvert either. OMG look at me, ranting anonymously to a group of anonymous people. Fucking weird. I'm sick of feeling this way.


OMG: Bacon was on sale ($1.99/375 g) until today. Bought like 16 bags so I'll be eating it for the rest of the term.

Meat eating has never felt so great.

MOD'S NOTE: There is a direct correlation between bacon and oil prices.

Updated on Monday, January 19

Feds Execs AMA!

OMG: They've been reading your questions and comments - now they want to share the answers. The Feds Executives will be reading all the questions posted in this OMG from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Tomorrow (Tuesday, Jan. 20th  Wednesday, Jan. 21st). The President, VP Internal, VP Education, and VP Operations and Finance will answer as many questions as possible. Post your questions now!

MOD'S NOTE:  Update - some miscommunication; execs are answering question on Wednesday from 9 a.m to 9 p.m. Comments will be moderated so keep it civil, guise.

Updated on Sunday, January 18


Seriously MODs? It had been a week since the last update and you're not going to publish any complaints about the infrequency. Maybe if you published on OMG like this, you'd see some of the comments and thoughts of the whole site, rather than just picking and choosing which things you like to hear about.

MOD'S NOTE: We apologize for the lack of updates. Schools has got us bogged down but we promise to update more often this term. We would love to hear your feedback so comment on this post and let us know what you think!