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Updated on Wednesday, November 19


OMG: I'm 22 and in my first year a UW, I can't hep feeling "old". I took 4 years off out of high school to work and I sometimes regret not going right into university. But I'm really enjoying my first year so far. Anyone else in a similar situation?


OMG: Fellas, what is your opinion on chunky girls? If they were cute, had a rockin' personality, but are overweight however not obese...would you consider dating them?


OMG: To the girl wearing shorts infront of DP, how are you not cold?


OMG: WARNING : I don't know for long this was going on, but there's a group of filipino ladies running around campus asking for donations for Children's Joy Foundation. The foundation itself is legit but these people, with their aggressive ways appear to be scamers. They have everything including IDs, a small booklet relating stuff to the foundation. A girl approached me and said 'Namaste' but after saying I'm not Indian she quickly tried to get to know me and simultaneously shoved the paper on my face. I scan through it and pull out my wallet to give $10.
She noticed a 5 in there and said, I see a 5 in there.
At this point I'm pretty pissed cause, first it's rude. And second, I'm going broke and I'm giving you what I can.
After that, she leaves and I do my research cause it's kind of strange how she approached me and stumbled on a lot of scam threads and posts about the said people.
TL;DR, Avoid them or refuse. They usually are aggressive about money and if you say you don't, will try to get you to an atm (friend's experience)


OMG: I'm on co-op in California, and I don't miss UW at all. HAHA


OMG: To the idiot arguing with the bus driver that he was late on Wednesday night. Give them. A break have you seen the weather!!!


OMG: Congratulations to Matt Taylor for both Proofs by Demonstration. First, landing a probe on a comet, proof that it can be done. Second, proving that what a male scientist wears is more important than what he discovers.


OMG: Wtf is it with all the guys on tinder and flow hair


OMG: can i just say that getting laid is actually really hard for your average female. i've tried tinder, but no one wants to fuck a virgin. well how you do expect me to not be a virgin when no one wants to take my goddamn virginity like yes i know i'll suck but i'll learn with experience. all i want is a guy who will have casual sex with me like why is this so hard ughhhh


OMG: Just putting this out there, I know some TA's are assholes, but I genuinely care about the students I have in my tutorials. I want them to do well, and get excited when I see a student improve. The semester is coming to a close and I will miss them! Just so any undergraduates know your TA has hearts too (even when I do give you a bad grade )


OMG: i hope no one takes the food reviewer at Imprint too seriously. his reviews are mean like Simon Cowell but lack the industry experience. who does he think he is?!


OMG: to the 6'6'' punjabi guy that plays basket ball sunday nights. You are the cutest.


OMG: A friend from my hometown committed suicide last night. I am trying to raise awareness for mental health resources that are available. Please if u need help, reach out <3
Good2Talk: 1(866)925-5454
Counselling services: (519)888-4567 ext 31976
National Suicide prevention hotline: 1(800)273-TALK
Chaplain services:
Peer mentoring:


OMG: To the Asian girl who decided to paint her nails red on the 13 bus today.

It is not ok to do that in a confined space with strangers. If you dont have time to do your nails at home. Then just don't do them.


OMG: The old Asian lady who works at the SLC Tim's is priceless.


OMG: Just saw the textbook I paid $120 for 4 years ago on sale at FEDS Used Bookstore for 50 cents. I highly recommend renting/using course reserves, if the option is available, if you do not want to risk wasting money on a textbook you may never use again.


OMG: "everything is amazing, and no body is happy" Louis CK. Stop complaining about stupid small inconveniences that do not really matter


OMG: I was born and raised here. My parents immigrated to Canada before I was born. It really upsets me when I come on this site and I see the abundance of racist posts, comments and stereotypes. The problem at UW is that there are a lot of exchange students and theres a huge difference between eastern and western culture. That guy in your class that reserved the seat could be inconsiderate, or he might seriously have no clue he's doing something wrong. I can tell you that in Asia, the attitude is much more "everyone for him/herself" which incubates this sort of behavior. The percentage of people that are even able to go to university is much lower than in Canada/US.
And is he actually doing something wrong? I don't remember reading a rule that says NO RESERVING SEATS, ever. Do something about it by speaking with the appropriate people if you really care.
One way I would suggest to deal with this problem is if incoming exchange students have to write something similar to ELPE, dealing with western culture and behavior.
Yeah, the Asian exchange students in your class don't conform to your way of thinking, probably don't speak your language, and might very well do something you don't agree with. As a math student, I experience this daily and have been frustrated by it a lot as well. But how about not coming on here and writing GO BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY.


OMG: Why are we even wasting our money on our football team...
You want funding? We want results. Simple as that.


OMG: To everyone who lives (or has ever lived) off-campus:
The city of Waterloo is doing a survey to get feedback and find out about your student housing experience. It doesnt take long and there are a some good prizes (macbook air, ipad/android tablets, giftcards). Fill it out and share it with your friends:

Updated on Monday, November 17


OMG: Quest is down... stop looking at courses, people... I have to!


OMG: To the cow who sat on a seat and "reserved" the other one, when I was about to sit on it, at DP around 2:30pm.

Go back to your country where it's "acceptable" to take over 2 seats.

Oh wait, it isn't acceptable anywhere :/

I would have made a scene if there weren't other seats. There should seriously be a sign that says no reserving seats for "people who aren't even there" directed towards people like you, who don't seem to understand this.


OMG: people are saying Winter 2015 schedules have been released but I haven't seen them anywhere on quest....?


OMG: everyone always says "don't live with friends" but i've been living with friends all fall term and it's been really nice and peaceful.


OMG: Friend after having sex for the first time: "She came six times!"


OMG: I graduated in May, and I miss UW so much ! Especially student life, honestly school is 1000000x better than work life. Can I just be a first year again ?


OMG: To my fellow FedsBus riders, please be considerite. Almost 99% of the time the busses are fully booked out, so please don't be the jerk that thinks he's (or she's) going to have his (or her) own seat. Scoot your butt over, and if the bus driver asks if there's any other available seats, kindly raise your hand or indicate that the seat beside you is empty.

Also, if you're going to be bringing additional "luggage" that can't fit on your lap, please don't put it on the seat beside you and expect the person beside you to sit uncomfortably as a result of your overpacking -- put your bags in the aisle, or sit on it or something.


OMG: Time to start me new years resolution to lose weight so by the time new years comes I can say I completed it.


OMG: Does anyone actually shop at 3.14 foods in the plaza? Its always dead


OMG: When your co-workers, who are mostly male, spend the entire evening singing lines from Taylor Swift's "Shake it Off" at random intervals.


OMG: I'm not really digging the top bun craze that's going around right now. It looked good before because the people that were doing it could pull it off. Now everyone seems to be trying to pull it off, and it isn't really working half the time... yall look like fools.


OMG: im 5'4 and i weigh 110, probably less than 110 at this point, yesterday my friends invited me out for dinner and it was all you can eat, because i knew i couldnt go out and not eat and i wanted to see my friends, the 3 days before that night i basically ate nothing, had some coffee, a little rice at most, day of didnt eat anything before going, it's tiring but every time i look in the mirror i feel so big and fat when im not and im suffering so much, i just wish these feelings would stop, but they wont

Updated on Saturday, November 15


OMG: I won the portal golden ticket but have no friends for the other 'three friends' part......anyone want to have access to it?


OMG: That thing when you try to pay attention in class only to realize you have been staring at the prof's ass for the past five minutes.

Goddamn, he has a nice ass.


OMG: Fun fact:

There are 7 "tier 1" sports at Waterloo.
Over the last 5 years, there have been as many seasons where a team has literally lost every single game as seasons where a team has gone at least .500 (i.e. at least as many wins as losses).

(Only Men's hockey and volleyball fyi have had a winning season).

This is why people think our sports suck...the golf team wins OUAs basically paying their own way and no one hears about it, but we keep putting hundreds of thousands of dollars into paying for and promoting teams that are garbage year after year.


OMG: GO bus riders: If a man at Square One approaches you asking for about $3 for a bus ticket, it's worth noting he seems to always be short about $3 ;)


OMG: I want a boyfriend so bad, but I wouldn't put myself into a relationship unless I find someone I like who also likes me. I will be much happier if I could spend a lot of time with a loved one. To find the one, I feel it is almost impossible.


OMG: Who would support the school getting a pizza vending machine?


OMG: If I'm being completely honest, I've felt super lonely since moving to school. I like my classes, I like my major, and I'm on a sports team. I just feel really alone, like I haven't made any friends (except my roomie) and it's starting to catch up with me. It's making me miss highschool and the small web I had going on there.


OMG: gross PDA in class: 100% fuck no. Not only is it distracting to everyone around you, it is extremely weird and uncomfortable watching couples get all horned up during a lecture so please just.. stop


OMG: The registrars office in needles hall is giving out free food if you sign up for their focus group....check out the free food UW group on fb for deets!


OMG: Am thinking of coming to waterloo next fall and wanted to know if there are any Nigerians who actually left Nigeria and not the ones born in Canada. Just want to know.. how their big leap affected them.

am currently in Nigeria


OMG: The girl wearing red top sitting at the corner of DC basement. Oh dear woman, why don't you wear bra? It's distracting!!


OMG: people who speak on their phones in the fucking library... how inconsiderate are you?!


OMG: Are you allowed to date a first year don when you're in first year and he's not your DON?