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Updated on Monday, May 25


OMG: Shout-out to all the regulars in CIF. Y'all are the real MVPs


OMG: Saw some asian with a selfie stick the other day. You don't realize how hard I am judging you. Really, that is just the most awkward device you could possibly use. I sincerely hop they do not become a social norm, and kill me if they do.


OMG: We need a korean drama club on campus :(


OMG: Why the fuck would you type on a mechanical keyboard in silent study?


OMG: To all the biker dudes on campus, HOW DO I MEET YOU AND HOW DO WE BECOME FRIENDS?!?!?!?!?!


OMG: So many people on this site complain about people making noise where they shouldn't, but I suspect that only 1 in 20 actually tells these people to be quiet.

If someone's talking in the library or in class, tell them to be quiet, don't go online and passively aggressively complain about it, because that doesn't achieve anything, and they probably aren't going to see it anyways, so you aren't really solving any problems...


OMG: I'm sorry but commenting on Firefox doesn't seem to work for me. Perhaps time to move to another platform. The students are willing to help - simply create a way for us to do so. Or pull the trigger yourselves. PLEASEANDTHANKYOU!

MOD's NOTE: We'll look into it. Sorry. 


OMG: Did anyone see that Mattress girl brought her mattress to graduation? I think it's ridiculous. I hope the guy wins his lawsuit.


OMG: What is "Overseer at Waterloo" and why does he/she/it add my Facebook account to course Facebook groups? Kinda irks me that the University is crawling into Facebook to make sure we're not doing anything wrong.


OMG: To the sasquatch who took a giant shit in RCH basement, your putrid toxic waste is making the lecture halls nearby smell


OMG: Anyone know the name of the guy around engineering who looks like Jason Momoa with glasses? He went from looking like a caveman to the hottest guy on earth


OMG: Too many Feds staff are also past Feds executives. You want to talk about a "Feds Circlejerk?" Look no further than that.


OMG: When paying fees to Waterloo, I think they should make the FEDs fee opt-in only and default students to not pay. None of my friends or myself benefit from FEDs. Just some thoughts.


OMG: Removing > 60 jobs from my shortlist one... by... one...

Kill me now.


-->Transferring from UW to an Ivy league school in the fall. 
About 25% of the school is studying some variation of Sociology/Women's/Ethnic/African/Asian/Middle East/Jewish Studies, and they've got to be some of the most angry and toxic people I've ever seen.

Give me some ignorant engineers or some anti-social mathies or some arrogant CS students any day. Better than the constant venom being spewed towards anyone who's white OR male OR disagrees with them. Like a circlejerk with sanding gloves on.

Thank God I'm non-white.

P.S. Love you UWaterloo. We bitch and moan all the time and OMGUW is a cesspool of trolls, but I'd still take the people here any day.


OMG: Wonderful, the place I am living now needs $25,000+ in repairs that were not obvious when I moved in...


OMG: I drank for the 1st time yesterday (age:20), and I honestly don't remember taking off my clothes and climbing into bed. But i know I was the only one in this room and my door was locked prior to drinking. LOL. I think I raped myself.


OMG: BDSM Club, its happening.


OMG: Jobmine is shittier than my excrement.


OMG: When are they going to fix the Learn homepage, so it doesn't just say the site is under construction?


OMG:  Caught a baby duck rescue operation on University Avenue yesterday. 

Updated on Tuesday, May 19


OMG: Whoever you may be, I hope you are having a lovely day. I know life can be hard are stronger than you know, try to trust/believe in yourself, and please don't be afraid to ask for help. 

a passerby

"Not all those who wander are lost"


OMG: To the guy sitting in DC Cubicle area by the window, next time I see you again making noise for an hour eating and giggling, Imma make you real sorry. Ppl ain't just sitting here on Friday evening for nothing. Go to the goddamn cafeteria if your gonna enjoy ur meal and making noise for an hour


OMG: You know a class is awesome when everyone applauds at the end of the lecture... If only less people stopped talking and asking hypothetical questions so he could actually teach.


OMG: I second this motion... IF I COULD COMMENT.
*intense muttering* *stupid captchas*

MOD'S NOTE: Sorry. 


OMG: If you get a card holder for your Watcard, please don't attach a million things to it. At a lot of places on campus the cards need to be swiped through a card reader, and the readers aren't designed to accommodate a card that has 5 pounds of shit hanging off of it.


OMG: I think that if UWaterloo wants to make a real difference pertaining to gender inequallity in academia, they should move their focus away from mature women already in the field. You all are right; promoting them based on their gender only is detrimental. 

Target the elementary schools. Encourage girls to do science fairs and get messy instead of focusing on being pretty and delicate. That's where gender roles really get ingrained; when you tell a six year old a fairly tale about a beautiful princess and a brave prince, when you give your boy a leggo set and your girl a pink dress and a doll. 


OMG: As a transfer student who has done exchanges (so I've been to a few schools), I have to say that Waterloo is spectacularly good at hiring terrible lecturers. I've never had so many profs who don't know how to teach, explain concepts, or speak English. Who hires these people? Good researchers are not necessarily good teachers


OMG: To the Asian couple in econ 321 who spend the entire class eating, talking, or in the case of the girl, making fucking ART CRAFTS (e.g. origami and fortune tellers), why do you even fucking come to class? You just annoy annoying the shit out of everyone. Just stay home, you can have your hour long conversations there you inconsiderate fucks.


OMG: If anyone lost their Waterloo lanyard attached with their home key, car key (Volkswagen), and good life membership key card, on the couches at AL, its now at SLC Turnkey desk! Found in AL around 11:30 am Thurs. May 14.


OMG: Hi, everyone. 

From going through too many thoughts that make me feel anxious, stressed out, or wanting to cry for overreacting. At home, to what happened today in my training for co-op, I am thinking there should be a workshop on "Impostor Syndrome."


OMG: Canada goose found dead near nest full of crushed eggs... this person deserves a medal.


OMG: ***k her right in the ****y'

I'm sure everyone has heard about his by now. The two idiots that defended they guy saying that are in deep crap. One of them has already been fired. It's a stupid, vulgar thing to say; I wouldn't say it, even if I was shitfaced. HOWEVER they weren't the ones who said it; they just stated in not so many words that it was funny after they were approached by the reporter. I think firing them is a little over the top don't you think?


OMG: Is it really that hard to find a coop in EB? What is the actual employment rate for last year?


OMG: For all you who take advantage of your student health plan. Be careful about being over billed. 

I was in an out of Dawson Dental within 40 mins and they billed me for 3 units of scaling ($165). Health plan covers only 2 units of scaling so I was personally charged the excess. Problem is that each unit is 15 mins. How could I be billed 45 mins of work in 40 mins?

Caught them in the act and they apologized, but they seem to charge everyone 3 units of scaling regardless of actual services rendered. 


OMG: I never bought a hoodie with my program on it in first year, in fear of being judged for my program. Now that I'm in my 5th year eff being judged, I run this campus. Soon I'll be here for my master's.


OMG: So I have my work report due in 9 hours. I've only done like an eighth of it. Wish me luck guys, I'm going to skip classes and a seminar to bullshit this. :D


OMG: Since when did Imprint become a giant square?


OMG: Dear Indian guy in my econ class: for the love of god please wear deodorant, or wash your pits more regularly. I thought it was a one-off thing but apparently it isn't. You make the entire section smell like BO. Please please please wear deodorant


OMG: One of the sublets (girl) in my house had a party last night. I (dude) got black out and passed least I thought I did. I was startled when I found myself spooning the sublet in her room in the AM. I slipped out of bed and went for a coffee run.