OMG UPDATE: Merry X'mas y'all.

Updated on Tuesday, December 16


OMG: I want to violently murder anyone who uses those obnoxious tweeting or whistling sounds as their ringtone/notification/etc. in the library


OMG: I wish there was some sort of concierge in all the buildings, or at least a Vice-Principal type character to roam the halls. If anything bad happens, the only authorities are janitors and campus police.


OMG: I've solved the reasoning behind the 6 faculties. Environment deals with the Earth, AHS deals with the Human body, Arts deals with Human wisdom, Science deals with Knowledge, Engineering deals with human technology, and Math is the special sauce.


OMG: so my TA is super cute but the course is over and I don't know what excuse to use to meet up with him...


OMG: I was kinda hoping to see you again this winter term but I guess you extended your coop so I'll see you in 8 months.


OMG: After 5 years in Waterloo, I've master opening the GRT bus doors in a single, smooth wave.

Updated on Sunday, December 14


OMG: The Hide Fedora extension creator deserves a Nobel Peace Prize


OMG: Never go on a date with a guy from Tinder. Thank me later ladies


OMG: AHS, ENV, Math, SCI, and Eng, all get new buildings. Arts? No building for you!


OMG: I want to bitch slap everyone who talks about a faint whisper at the DC silent study area. Aren't there people whose job it is to tell these people to shut up?


OMG: "Although in the same room, researchers could not see the participants as they engaged in five pre-selected sex positions (two variations of missionary, two variations of doggy-style and spooning)."

I would totally have fapped to that, if it was me.


OMG: That moment when you give up trying to pass that exam is probably one of the most liberating experiences of an undergrad.


OMG: Imagine how much more study space there could be if all the books no one uses in DP were removed


OMG: I didn't know the GRT UPASS fee which is part of our tuition could be used as tax credits. Looks like I'll be claiming everything from Fall 2011 an onwards lol. Hopefully the rest of you haven't been as ignorant or in the dark as me.


OMG: Got a proof of enrolment form today and had to pay 10 bucks for it... My question is, why do I have to pay for a form that proves that I am enrolled in a university where I already pay thousands of dollars in tuition??? So basically I'm paying Waterloo for a form to say that I have paid Waterloo...absolutely ridiculous. The woman in the registrar's office literally just typed it up in front of me, and they're telling me that's worth $10?! Unbelievable.


OMG: I should be studying, but instead I was just looking at ceramic spoon rests on amazon . . . as if I even need one.


OMG: That constant struggle for dominance on the foot rest bars in the gear lab


OMG: Props to the guy fingering his girlfriend in DP. That was fun to watch.


OMG: Lol @ half the school getting temporarily enrolled in EARTH 499, gotta love learn.




OMG: So sick of not being good enough. No matter how hard I try I am never good enough


OMG: The only things I say here are things I'm scared to say in real life


OMG: Why am i forced to take some shitty arts courses outside my faculty that require immense amounts of memorization, for no real reason. Having to memorizing bunches of econ acronyms and 69 different terms for 1 equation that I'll never use again. fml.


OMG: Somebody had a seizure during my exam today.

Thankfully they seemed ok, but paramedics came and it was quite a rucous. It totally threw me off while writing the exam, and I had a really hard time composing myself and finishing it. Thankfully i was about two-thirds done the exam, but I am worried my mark is now going to suffer.

I know it is selfish of me to think about my marks when this poor person had a seizure, but is there any way for me to appeal the grade received on the final exam?


OMG: Exam period: You sleep till noon and then regret all the hours of missed study time.


OMG: Always thought I could handle a fwb. Nope.


OMG: If you Facebook message me for my notes, and have NEVER spoken to me in class before, do not expect me to race around and get my notes to you. At least ask someone you somewhat know already.

Or, take your own notes you lazy bastard!


OMG: When you pick up junk food on the way home from the bar from the 24hr convenience store, put them on your bed, start redditing, forget that you got junk food because you are so drunk, and discover them as if it is a gift from god, devour them, and feel bad about yourself.


OMG: I really really love bachata, like I've never taken classes for it but I do it for social events and stuff. Just dancing lol, wish there was someone I knew or somewhere I could just bachata. I know there is a club but I don't wanna join cause I feel like the raw sensuality of the dance wouldn't be the same for me :( what to do?? :(


OMG: I'm surprised that there haven't been any pornstars from here. It seems most of us are quite good at violently taking it up the ass for weeks on end


OMG: Shut up learn im using chrome 39 and your not going to change that


OMG: Tip for picking up girls while on co-op:
Buy the local university's sweater or shirt, go to a university party wearing it. No one will question what school you go to, say you are in some program that has tons of people, you don't know any profs because you never go to class.


OMG: Anything to do in the winter break over here? I have no where to go this break and would like to do something in Waterloo.


OMG: The secret to success in mathematics (at the undergraduate level), is asking a famous professor to be your supervisor - my references were not checked before the grant was approved.
Also... plagiarize - let nobody else's work evade your eyes [etc.] - but remember to always call it 'Research'.


OMG: So many self-centered snowflakes in society. This is the end!

Updated on Friday, December 12


OMG: Yet just another example of pure cronyism within Feds.

The Vice-President Internal hired somebody new for the position of Special Events Coordinator and take a flaming guess who it was? The person who he ran with last year, that didn't win.

I walked into the Feds office today to pick up a pamphlet, and looked at the big directory hanging on the wall behind the secretary and saw that name.

When did this happen, and why aren't people so angry? I'll admit that I volunteered with Feds before so I may care a bit more about where my money goes than the average person. Still though, this isn't just some little thing, he gave his friend a FULL-TIME JOB.

This is just so corrupt.


OMG: I've been feeling really down recently, because I can't make friends. It's almost impossible for me!

I'm from around here, I think I'm pretty interesting and not an eyesore. I can socialize but nobody wants to stick around. I'm unable to make girlfriends, especially. Its easy for me to make guy friends (because I'm a girl...), but all I want is a girl companion. I've tried everything, I joined clubs, etc. Nothing.

And I'm really worried about next year. Who am I supposed to room with if I don't know any girls?


OMG: On co-op, just clogged the toilet with no plunger in the washroom, this is going to be the most awkward call from my cubicle....


OMG: Let me sum up every future OMGUW post: A girl posts a thing. A bunch of betas call her slurs, then argue they are being persecuted by feminists. A wild debate ensues and no one answers anyone's questions / replies to the OP.

Cool now you can avoid OMGUW for a few weeks.


OMG: I hate everything about myself. I don't know how it's possible to find life worth living when my ultimate existence makes me sad on a daily basis.


OMG: People who smoke in the front door of E5, seriously, the cigarette tray is literally 3 meters away. It's not that hard! Also stop spitting all over the ground. Ugh, so disgusting.


OMG: I just attempted to eat a hot dog from DC caf. I'm pretty sure my gums are bruised and bleeding from the rock of a bun they give you. Why's is to hard to have normal, edible food from foodservices?


OMG: Why the heck didn't OMG UW expand and become yik yak?

MOD's NOTE: Yeah, missed opportunities. Looks like we're going out of business soon folks.


OMG: Why do my profs never respond to my emails during exam period? I've emailed three professors asking if they would have office hours over exams (because no info was posted on LEARN), and none of them responded. I would imagine that with so many early-in-the-period exams, they'd be more on the ball with student concerns, guess not...


OMG: Some of you in the library... I understand if you want to listen to music when you study but when you crank up the volume, some of us sitting around you can hear it too and it distracts people, please be more careful with the volume your music