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Updated on Wednesday, October 29


OMG: Today, I found a new appreciation for the season of fall. As I was walking through the scenic paths on campus, I couldn’t help but notice the vibrant colors of the leaves and how refreshing the cool air was, as it swept by my face. It was a peaceful stroll during a cool autumn night, I felt very at ease and it was as if all the worries in my life were just floating away as I enjoyed my own company. Everything around me was just so beautiful: the yellows, reds and oranges of the crisp leaves on the trees, the rippling of the water in the pond beside me, the sheer size of the aging trees and the silent sounds of the night.


OMG: I'm in love with my best friend and I don't know what to do. I know there's something there but we're both too scared to say anything. He's been my best friend for years and I can't imagine my life without him; so I fear telling him and him not feeling the same way. He doesn't have a clue about how I feel about him. Now any time I see him with a girl or have to listen to him talk about the girls he gets with/ girls he sees I die a little inside. What's a girl to do..


OMG: No matter what the numbers on the paper tell you, you are not worthless. Everyone is of some value, no matter what you think or someone else tells you.


OMG: Lost phone on Oct 29th 5PM - 11PM around M3 and BMH parking lot. It is a white iphone 4s with a clockwork orange background. If it turns on it is a picture of my french bulldog. Please and thank you.


OMG: When you want to talk to someone more than anything, but you know you can't because they won't want to hear from you.


OMG: There are loud people, and there are people who do things noisily. It is a bad combination when you have both + an inconsiderate personality. PS. Yay to passive aggressiveness!


OMG: I first thought that getting a co-op job in Toronto would be great. I'd get to see downtown (and I did), try out different foods (that too), and check out festivals. This is just a rant, but its getting harder everyday to keep myself in check. Nowadays I feel so isolated and lonely away from my family, friends, and boyfriend.


OMG: A lot of posts in the ASK page could be answered by typing the exact same question into Google.


OMG: Whats the point of their being a Physics department and Perimeter Institute. I think one should merge with the other.

Updated on Monday, October 27


OMG: To the couple sitting in the the back of the SLC blasting their laptop at 8:30pm monday where people across the room can hear it. The amount of consideration you have for others is equivalent to the brain cells in your head. Go back to the dumpster you came from. Trash like you should be disposed.

-a spiteful person sick of all the inconsiderate, selfish people taking up space on our planet.


OMG: To all the people who think it's alright to leave garbage on the tables in the libraries, classrooms, or study spaces, it's not. Someone else has to pick up your trash and it limits the amount of space available for other students. So be a little more considerate and pick up your damn trash like the adult you are. The world doesn't revolve around you.


OMG: The other day my boyfriend and I were playing around with a bullet vibrator. He put it up my butt, but it didn't feel particularly good... it just made my sphincter muscles contract, so it just felt like a small piece of turd coming out. But when I put it up HIS butt, he seemed to really like it.

So that got me thinking: do guys get off when they take a dump? Doesn't it stimulate the same muscles


OMG: Lost a brown wallet has all my Id's in it

- Adeel Ahmed e-mail me if you find it (


OMG: I'm on co-op right now, and I keep messing up the tasks I get I don't know why. I dont think there's one task where I didn't screw up. I can see the disappointment in my managers and co-workers faces. This is my 3rd co-op and its the first co-op term where this has happened. Help!


OMG: I hate when a prof makes the effort to talk to you after class and all I can muster is unintelligent conversation.


OMG: Sometimes I feel so lonely and empty that I sit in the shower under the water and ugly-cry for a while.
I have no real problems in my life to complain about, which makes this even more confusing.


OMG: Last year during elections, Burt and Hamade's cronies went around in the libraries, shoving laptops in unsuspecting students' faces and forcing them to vote [for their team]. And now people wonder why this exec is muzzling council, closing the board, etc. etc. Yeah, tell me something I didn't know.

Somebody better get that shit sorted out before next elections. Oh, wait...


OMG: From both FEDS staff and volunteers I've heard that this exec team is the worst in a long time: failure to meet goals and milestones, board meetings now closed, Presidential muzzle attempt on Council, botched mental health agenda, etc. Yet some commenter on here figures they're great because things have been relatively "drama-free"?! There can't be drama if no one DOES anything.


OMG: As a prospective masters student, I have daily flashes of 'fuck this shit'; math was something I did for myself, then with some friends, and now for the grant money. Shall I continue this prostitution?


OMG: If you need to be sleeping at 10am do it at home, not in the DP basement where people need to work


OMG: In an Arts program, what is the effect of a WD? I know that it means you withdrew from the course without a grade assigned, but how is that viewed by potential interviewers either for coop or when you graduate? What about post-graduate education (ie. gradschool or professional schools)?


OMG: From both FEDS staff and volunteers I've heard that this exec team is the worst in a long time: failure to meet goals and milestones, board meetings now closed, Presidential muzzle attempt on Council, botched mental health agenda, etc. Yet some commenter on here figures they're great because things have been relatively "drama-free"?! There can't be drama if no one DOES anything.


OMG: OMGUW #20000 GET!


OMG: Can't we all just hold hands and love each other.


OMG: To the girl I fell in love with this summer. I'm sorry things didn't work out between us, and maybe we would've worked at a different time, but you'll always be my first love.   Remember to be a good cat.


OMG: I just want to send a reminder out to first years, or anyone who thinks this is acceptable. If you are doing poorly, don't have your parents call your prof. Profs cannot talk about your work, you are an adult now. My parents frequently come home from work complaining about how another parent called them trying to get free marks for their kid. Same thing goes for lawyers. (I bet a lot of you think this is a joke, but it happens a lot more than you would think.)


OMG: Do a lot of people find it hard to "come out" as atheists?

And atheist or not, do people know who Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris and/or Christopher Hitchens are?


OMG: havent made 1 friend who i can lean on whenever i want, or surprise them at their dorm room when I'm bored. or someone who's just relaxed like me and doesn't give a shit or judge people. ugh


OMG: Why don't people on the bus move back when the entire rear platform is open and people are standing shoulder to shoulder in the front? It's just common courtesy to fill in the unused spaces so people can board the bus and have enough room.

Had some asshat who would not move back or let people through earlier today, pushed past him and he then wanted to fight. Wtf is wrong with people?

Updated on Saturday, October 25


OMG: Gold iPhone 6 Plus found in MC Comfy around 2pm on Oct 23, returned to Police Services.


OMG: Potentially controversial statement: If the Feds Exec were doing more to engage students, more students would have come out to the Annual General Meeting. Ergo, student engagement has suffered under this Executive.



OMG: Is it just me or is the Tim's at SCH being super lazy/cheap and not putting the cardboard sleeves on drinks anymore? like no it's okay I don't need a sleeve or even a double cup or anything i'm just gonna walk across campus with this scalding hot tea while I switch hands every three seconds to avoid burning off my fingerprints...


OMG: Yayyy continuous round....


OMG: I have realized that I am an elitist. I won't consider a relationship with any girl that isn't in university with Masters position offers or prospects, and in a field I deem acceptable. I don't talk to any of my high school friends that didn't go to university. I don't look at cars that cost less than $40,000 as my first car (I will buy used though). I have actively ended friendships because of this.

What happened to me, I used to treat everyone as equal, didn't care where they came from or where they were going, just mattered if they were a good person. How do I go back to this? I don't like the way I think, but when I try to think like I used to, I become repulsed and go back to my elitist ways.


OMG: The guy I like loves being a jerk, on purpose. He doesn't want a girl to think hes the nice guy. So, he told me I would be the girl that makes him stop being a jerk. I was incredibly turned off by this.


OMG: So apparently unless someone is threatening WPIRG, nobody actually cares what Feds does, or how it spends almost $3 million in students' money, eh?
Well... okay then.


OMG: This November, when I wear my poppy, I will be thinking of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, shot dead as he stood guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Ottawa.
Such a tragic reminder of what can happen when a psychopath with a gun decides to turn terrorist - and why we need to continue fighting movements that promote extremism and hatred.


OMG: To the people in the front row of the psci 281 tutorial-what is wrong with you? Why are you sitting in the front row if all youre going to do is mock the t.a's english? Racist shitheads. she's actually so nice and so smart. She is working really hard to get the prof to raise our marks. I hope you all fail though as you obviously have no self awareness or tact and have no place in government


OMG: My roommate keeps on touching me inappropriately (ass grabbing, pinching, shoulder rubs) , even after I expressed my dismay. What do I do?


OMG: A repost from reddit, anyone else didn't get their Schembri deposits back?


OMG: Here I am in the same spot I was last February. Heartbroken. I've been heartbroken more times than I should be.. I hate this feeling , my heart hurts. Maybe I'm too nice/ naive and need to change. I don't know. All I know is that this is a part of life.. A chance to experience true love so I can't give up


OMG: i thought the up stairs pair of slc was silent study... the people behind are literally singing, so did you guys just not read the signs or do you just not give a fuck


OMG: The proxy forms for the Feds General Meeting were purposely given very little notice of the deadline in order to stifle turnout. Already clear that the Students' Feds Council is being muzzled by the Executive, this is just another ploy to divert attention away from their failures.


OMG: Does anyone else have a problem with KW4Rent Heating? They keep saying they need to wait for a certain temperature to 'switch it on' . What are they waiting for? -40 degrees?


OMG: Is there gender equity in school sports? Elementary? Secondary?