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Updated on Friday, April 29



All these black women worshipping Beyonce, too stupid to realize her entire career is written and produced by middle aged white men.

She's only a man hating feminist because it makes them money, how empowering!



I'm at school now to print a couple pages of documents, but most buildings are closed. And for the first building I can get in that has a uPrint printer.......URGHHHHHHHH THE ROOM IS LOCKED!!!!!



What's the best faculty at Waterloo and why is it ECE?

Updated on Tuesday, April 26


OMG: Who knows when the psych 101 final marks will be posted... That's the only one that hasn't been uploaded yet and I'm curious on how I did


OMG: How dumb can you get? I just passed a girl who was sleeping on the stairs. Later staff member said something to her, but she's too cool to listen to staff. I wonder if I will see her in class next term.


OMG:  Idea: to combat our decreasing population, why not legally require all women to have one child by the time they turn 25, and impose severe tax penalties on women over 30 who have less than two children? Then you can offer financial incentives to any family with three or more kids. BOOM, naturally increasing population.




OMG: I think I've fallen in love with my best friend, but he's in the same cohort class as me. We depend on each other a lot academically. Is it too risky to go for it?


OMG: Who else is following the Tim Bosma trial? That case is turning into something really weird. The shady business owner approaching bankruptcy, his friend who smokes weed with him and gets convinced to do robberies, shady business owner's girlfriend (9 years younger) who doesn't know anything except that he had a gun. It's like CSI except there's not really much doubt who did what and how.


OMG: To the girl on the 200 who took up 3 seats for herself, one for each of her bags and one for her selfish ass, fuck you. Your old enough to know proper bus etiquette.

Updated on Wednesday, April 20


OMG: Really wish they'd bring the pool table back at Bomber :(


OMG: Done 2nd year CS and it feels so good - I'm not as smart as some of the people in my program (a majority of them I bet), but I work so fucking hard to stay afloat.

I feel like I'm just getting better and better and I love what I do. Other people: Find something you love and give it your all every day, and you'll find success.


OMG: To the brown guy at CIF who always has the bottom half of his in his mouth when working out... May O ask why??


OMG: So one of the departing Feds exec is gonna go work for Trudeau Jr. in Ottawa now. Guess I shouldn't be surprised - our student dollars, there to help land our liberal student politicians jobs with actual liberal politicians. Though I guess it could've just been the fact that the guy's an Arab that guaranteed it for him - that's who Justin really has running the country, right?


OMG: If anyone lost a couple rings in an MC bathroom, they're at Turnkey.


OMG: Waterloo could really handle some more study spaces. I'm talking tables and chairs, in buildings with windows, with outlets. Too much to ask for?


OMG: Girls are np-hard.


OMG: I would like to apologize to the girl who's hair I accidentally spat gum in. This was a few years ago and we were dancing at a club. I panicked when I couldn't get it out and left before she noticed. I've truly been feeling really bad about it... Sorry


OMG: I feel like university completely kicked my ass. Not in terms of marks. ive been doing decent. i dont know what it is. but my final term has just been brutal.


OMG: I'm on coop in a small town and know no one here, I'm so frustrated and just eat and masturbate every evening. So sexually frustrated rn fam

Updated on Saturday, April 16


OMG: Yay! They have board games for sale at the book store!!!


OMG: We need more "maintainers" not "innovators". Discuss:


OMG: You know your professor is dedicated to DNA when shes got a tattoo of the double helix on her wrist.....


OMG: For any alum out there. What has been your experience with negotiating your salary for your first job? Just received my first offer which is a decent bit lower than I think is fair based on the research I've done into related positions and the information I've gathered from other recent grads. So for specific questions: in your experience, are initial offers always negotiable? What percentage higher than the initial offer do you think is reasonable to respond with (10% or 20%)? I feel 10-20% more would be more consistent with typical salaries in this role. Any tips would be appreciated


OMG: To the person who returned by iphone to DC! Thank you so much!!!! I not express how much I appreciated it.


OMG: To the girl I walked up on fucking petting a disoriented raccoon in front of DP: Enjoy your rabies, you moron.


OMG: That guy who ran on Team Nova a couple years ago was the best FEDS President we never had. Shame students are morons. #fedsdoesthat


OMG: Why are people so hurt over everything posted online? It's soo annoying. Everyday in the news, you hear someone is offended over being called curvy, or for having freckles. Grow up and stop being offended by everything.


OMG: Why do people have to talk really loudly in the library at midnight?


OMG: The people that go to "study" at DC are the ones bringing the class averages down. It sounds like a zoo in there compared to DP.


OMG: How can someone become a consultant with almost zero experience, low intelligence, and just a random degree backing them? Boggles my mind.

Updated on Monday, April 11


OMG: Yep, thanks OMGUW for being there to let me vent about various issues. Sometimes it's the boost I need to face the situations head-on to get them resolved.


OMG: If you sit on the stairs, then you are sitting in goose poop. Hint, don't.


OMG:I am constantly amazed at and disgusted with the immorality of our society.


--> -->Can you all please stop putting gum under the tables in classrooms and the library? You are grown ass adults, act like it and throw away your garbage in the fucking garbage. This is disgusting.


OMG: Why did I do science...even with coop can't get a job.


OMG: Loving that there is a "food ban in effect" for exams and PLAN 432 PROF and TA'S were all eating... hope you enjoyed your breakfast- I enjoyed your chewing while I wrote your dumb exam


OMG: To the person who returned my lost WatCard to the SLC: you just made my exam season that much less stressful! Thank you!


OMG: Black Lives Matter leader wants to kill white men like me, while expecting sympathy for violent criminals shot by the police, and they want me to support them?


OMG: I am a man. I am a feminist. Men: why aren't you a feminist?