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Updated on Tuesday, August 16


OMG: I graduated from UW in the Fall of 2014 and I realized that I have some money left on my Watcard. The card itself expired on June 2016.

my question is: can I still use my Watcard at a library to make photocopies or buy some food at library? Or since the card itself is expired in June, I can no longer use the Watcard?

I checked the Watcard website, but didn't find anything related to expired Watcard. Any information is helpful. Thank you in the advance :)


OMG: Prepare your bum-holes Waterloo! The unofficial grades are coming.


OMG: This is the first time in months I've visited this website. I graduated back in 2015. Nice to see this still exists...GO GEESE!


OMG: Please tell me the hot girls are hiding somewhere. That has to be it.


OMG: My final mark for the 2nd year engineering math course was out 2 days ago. And my the exam was fucking easy but somehow ended with 55%. FML


OMG: Women in Canada are very oppressed. They are forced to work harder than men at everything including training for the Olympics. Canadian women winning the majority of medals is a sign of the patriarchy that women face everyday in this country.


OMG: RL reminds me of the high school jock who has graduated years ago but still wears his team jacket to try impress the cheerleaders.


OMG: Confession: masturbation is one of the few things that is keeping me going during finals season.


OMG: Confession: masturbation is one of the few things that is keeping me going during finals season.


OMG: This website is mostly people complaining that something is stupid and then other people replying with "no actually you're the stupid one". I love it.


OMG: Never put a bumper sticker on a Ferrari.


OMG: MS runs in my family, so when exam season arrives and I end up drinking just a liiiiiitle to much caffeine my mind jumps to "My hand's not perfectly stable and I feel jittery? On no! This is how it ends. I totally have ... oh right.... french vanilla."

Updated on Wednesday, August 3


OMG: Why are DC bathrooms so fucking disgusting. Man just want to take a god damn shit in peace, and cleanness. I pay 8k a term and they can't provide a fucking stall without shit stains on the walls. I guess the shit and piss stains are the bonuses! WOOO So glad i didn't go to UBC. FUCK UW


OMG: Does DP even have AC? I felt like I was going to get a heatstroke for the one hour I spent trying to study there..


OMG: The acapella concert this past weekend was amazing, I'm still thinking about it. Props to the acapella club and shoutout to the adorable MC, all the waterboys, and the two filipino soloist in the unaccompanied minors, I could listen to you again and again 


OMG: Referendum to remove mandatory funding for WPIRG is coming this fall! Make sure you vote this fall in order to remove and organization that promotes hate, intolerance, and divisiveness.


OMG: Filipina Ladies are back around the plaza soliciting donations. Tell them to back off and move on with your daily lives.


OMG: This is still one of my go-to sites for a quick browse-and-poop


OMG: Met a few new people a few days ago and we started talking. The convo then turned to past relationships and dates. While my new friends are talking about their ex's and dates I'm just sitting there. WIth 0 dates under my belts, I've never even got my 1st kiss, while they have gone all the way with several people before. It just makes me feel so bad.. 4th year now, with nothing under my belt, at all :S

Am I the only one here like this :(?


OMG: I'm so lonely.. :S


OMG: What's the drug scene like at UW? Is it easy to find people who smoke weed, do shrooms/acid, xan molly adderall, etc? How would I go about running into these crowds?

Updated on Thursday, July 21


MODs: Time for new banners! Got an idea for the rotating banners up top? Want to design one and make our lives that much easier? Comment below or send us your design at! 


OMG: I lost my Watcard recently and am still taking an online course at another university which is being counted towards my waterloo degree. I went to the Watcard office today to get a new one and they refused to give me one. They say I'm no longer a UW student and can only give me a guest pass which is for $35.00. My original watcard was expiring in 2017 and now I can't use any of the student benefits even though I'm still a student. I despise the watcard office and their rude staff.


OMG: I'm tired of being UW's bitch.


OMG: Length of thread... MIND BLOWN

Updated on Tuesday, July 19


OMG: Ive been dating this man for 2 years now and we are really getting to know e.o very well. He's someone that I can see myself with in the future- studious, polite, well groomed, passionate, talented, beautiful and most of all, he is driven. The problem: my mother.


OMG: Should I get a macbook pro? Since they have a student discount my parents told me I should. But at the same time Im kinda questioning myself if it's really worth the bucks. I'm currently using a windows laptop but it easily warms up and has a pretty bad battery life. Everything else I can handle it tho.
I'm in chemical engineering btw.


OMG: UW has the highest amount of know-it-alls that I've encountered in university life. It's too bad that they're wrong most of the time, but will still refuse to admit such.


OMG: Pokemon Go: For the 20 something university graduates living in their parents basements while working a menial service job to pay off their massive student loans wanting some pseudo accomplishment in life while still thinking they're twelve years old.


OMG: Shoutout to everyone putting lures everywhere on campus, you the real MVPs


OMG: Left Marble Slab this afternoon only to see a naked male student shouting at people in the street. I guess some people can't handle midterms or the hot weather.


OMG: Love when people unfriend you on facebook after having a friendly debate. what is this kindergarten?


OMG: Hey, so I lost my keys Saturday night around Phils, and I've called phils, the police, turnkey and waterloo police and no luck! I was hoping to have something posted to hopefully get them back! three keys, a fob and an audi car key on a waterloo lanyard that I would love to have back! Will even give a 50 dollar reward! I just need to be able to drive home this weekend!!! I am desperate!!!


OMG: Fuck, people are whiny.


OMG: Disturbing realization: since sex toy bingo is paid for out of the FEDS fee, we are essentially all paying money every term to buy sex toys for a few of our random peers.
Thanks FEDS, for having no regard for my morals or beliefs when spending my money on shit.


OMG: PSA: There's a creep who has been sexually assaulting females at night around University Avenue West between King Street and Keats Way. If you know any information about this guy, please call the police. 

Updated on Tuesday, July 5


OMG: The only good result of new-wave feminism: Young girls give it away easily.


OMG: OMGUW is a safe space for racism, reverse racism, homophobia and overall bigotry.


OMG: So many good looking women.


OMG: There's a picture of a gun shooting a rainbow next to the OMGUW website banner. Please remove it along with all references to violence against gays.

MOD'S NOTE: Its the gays shooting the gun, silly.