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OMG: re: does waterloo have a music scene?

This stuff is happening in kitchener if you care.
Sept 5.

Sept 13.


OMG: Every year, I keep a vigilant eye on campus for the one.

Some years they're in mathematics, others in engineering. Male, female, black, white, asian, latino. They do not discriminate. From many, they emerge as one. From the horde, they emerge as the individual. The man. The woman. The one.

The first year student that keeps their orientation band on the longest.


OMG: Why the fuck did someone go around giving a one star rating to every new post that came out. What a dick.

Updated on Thursday, August 28


OMG: Im not looking forward to orientation week whatsoever. I hate being around strangers and I deal with huge anxiety issues. I would have opted out, but I really need to start making friends....


OMG:  Did you know City of Waterloo is seeking input from residents in questionable living conditions? They are looking to hold landlords accountable for neglect - it's your chance to make things better for future generations of students! If you have horror story to tell, feel free to share - but don't forget to call 519-747-8785 so that something actually gets done about it. Details:


OMG: If anyone is choosing to live in Erb Hall, I would strongly advise against it! The landlord is horrid, rarely responds to complaints, and will harass you like crazy i f you get on his bad side! Especially if you are subletting!


OMG: I love the idea of a Fall Reading Week, but I really don't want to start classes on a Thursday next year... I normally use that whole first week of September to get in an extra week of coop, so it'll kind of screw me up if they go with that proposed schedule.


OMG: I can't decide what's easier: a degree from UW or a girl from Phil's.


OMG: Waterloo booked Down With Webster to play the Welcome Week concert AGAIN, and Ryerson gets fucking NAS to play?!?!

Fuck this man, they might be "that university inside a mall" but at least they know how to book a fucking event.


OMG: I just want a guy that will stay.

Updated on Tuesday, August 26


OMG: Actually really looking forward to getting back to UW this semester. Kinda amazed at how there are so many negative comments about this school. I definitely enjoy it.


OMG: I believe everyone should have a psychedelic trip as part of growing up


OMG: I'm glad she's being a total proves I've made the right decision.


OMG: I am realized I am probably ugly because everyone in my friend group is ugly.


OMG: Random rant, but did anyone else get raped by BIOL 110 in the last few years? Mercy passed with a 50, and the lab exam just made me cry.


OMG: omg school in 2 weeks


OMG: Is it bad if you're not living with friends? I know alot of people live with friends and I choose just to sublet a single room because 1) I don't really have anyone to rent a place with and 2) I enjoy my space. Just want to know if there's a stigma against living alone when in university.


OMG: Met this cute, petitie, shy and kinda nerdy asian girl recently. We hit it off, added each other on facebook and talked for a while. I just creeped her twitter today and the common theme of her tweets were: bitch, hoe, slut, dick, molly, ni***as, squad, edm etc. Like who the fuck are you?

Why are people so different on social media and real life?

Updated on Sunday, August 24


OMG: What does it mean if my grade is DNW (did not write final exam)? It should have a value of 32%, but I don't get a numerical final grade. Does this grade of DNW still considered as a course attempt and used for calculating average? Btw, I am from Math. I got sick for the final exam and I did submit the VIF form.


OMG: Jesus H Christ, why does our generation have such an entitled mentality these days...


OMG: Do people say self-entitled because they're confusing it with self-titled? I don't think self is a useful addition to entitled so that's my hypothesis. I'm going to try find a word that I can confuse with eponymous to rebut anyone who says self-entitled.


OMG: How am I supposed to get a refund on my WPIRG fee if they no longer exist in the SLC? Student accounts better have an explanation...


OMG: Intelligent AND good-looking seem to be non-existent on campus.

Updated on Thursday, August 21


OMG: The late fee to become fees arranged after August 25th is annoying.

I heard other schools (ex: York) wait until mid-September


OMG: PSA: September/October are the worst months for pedestrian accidents and deaths in the Waterloo region, and on campus itself. If you're a new student, or if you deal with a lot of new students, please stress the importance of traffic safety!

Jaywalking is a pretty common activity, and I won't condone it (I do it myself), but please be cautious of traffic coming from both directions. On campus, be wary of cyclists, and stay to one side of the path instead of walking or meandering in the center.


OMG: I look like such a happy guy. I have friends. I'm fairly popular. No trouble with girls. My marks aren't bad. I have some awesome talents spanning lots of areas. I have a family who loves me. I'm not poor.

Why the hell can't I kick this depression.


OMG: Is it so damn hard to find a girl that is pure? I.E. No tattoos, no belly button/nose piercings, still a virgin, old fashioned (handwritten letters) ... Damn. What a shame.


OMG: For my term evaluation, my supervisor said that if I wanted an Outstanding, I'd have to write the evaluation comments myself. He'd then review it and if he agreed he'd submit does one write their evaluation? As in length, amount of detail, etc...?


OMG: Regarding the (moronic) move by Food Services to rename Fed Hall: the UW Board of Governors maintains final authority regarding the naming of all buildings. To the 5 students sitting on the Board of Governors (including the Feds President): don't allow the University to rename a unique and historic building that was built and paid for by students. Please put a motion forward at the next Board meeting to prevent this!


OMG: The best part about sitting on the UW Senate is being able to silently fart at the President when you're walking away from him after a conversation.


OMG: How long before you had a dream about being in Waterloo? I haven't had a single dream that has taken place in Waterloo and I've been here for many years.


OMG: I still don't get International Students. The whole wide world is open and still they pay ridiculous amounts of money to come to UW.


OMG: You guys should replace the rating system with a thumbs up or thumbs down, since the vast majority either rate 1 star or 5 stars. Most "average"-ranked posts are actually really controversial since there's an equal amount of people who love and hate it.


OMG: Found out my girlfriend has cancer a couple months again, and she went through surgery to cure it, and it was successful but lately she tells me her body is rejecting her mess, I am dying on the inside knowing she can leave me any minute and never come back, all the promises we made will be lies, I hope no one's goes through this

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OMG: Arg, I wish all the marks came out at the same time!


OMG: The ladies that work at the front desk of health services are the most frigid bitches I have ever had to deal with.


OMG: So what would you rename fed hall?


OMG: To the kids who recently got into engineering, if you're in a non-conventional sounding program like Mechatronics, Nanotechnology before its too late.


>Being a diligent student does not cut it anymore when it comes to transforming an undergraduate education into a worth-while career.

Must feel nice to take a shit on everyone who's actually worked hard to get to where they are now.


OMG: As an average student at best, I managed to get all 90s this term :). Kinda happy.


OMG: I hate my life. I know, as a person living in. First world country I have nothing to complain about. But shit. Everything I've done so far has ended in failure. I literally have nothing to show for the last few years of working my ass off. I'm in the bottom of my class, hardly know shit. I've done nothing interesting. And have no actual friends. What the fuck am I even doing here?


OMG: Totally not looking forward to starting my undergrad at 23 and being surrounded by 18 year olds.



OMG: Peace out UW. I'm out and I sure as hell won't miss you.


OMG: Considering the number of depressed people on here, this subreddit seems like a good idea:


OMG: Everything I do is either for sex or survival. I really don't care about anything else at all and I haven't for years.