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Updated on Sunday, October 23


OMG: Okay frosh, it's time you learned the truth about geese. They run UW. Geese with gang rings on their left legs are part the Creekside Flappers. They shake down the ducks, control smuggling across the creek and take a percentage from all campus retail.
Importantly, Creekside dominates the SLC and the Feds. All major Feds decisions are made by a bunch of geese. A goose with a ring on its right leg is part of Hiss. Hiss gets a take from everything the squirrels gather on campus. Hiss geese also scam EngSoc and MathSoc; and intimidate GRC by blocking traffic. They also steal games from MathSoc and re-sell them. Geese with rings on both legs are the GooseFathers and demand respect. Get out of their way, especially in the parking lots.The GooseFathers sell papers and exam help on the internet, then sell security solutions to UW, That way they turn coin from desperate students and desperate faculty. You have been warned.


  1. The worst are the El Gansos Locos, who are slowly gaining power on North Campus, North of Columbia. presidential nominee Donald Duck is right, we should build a wall to keep them out.

  2. Creekside! Creeeek siiiiiide yo!

  3. And you should consider it a blessing when you step in their shit.

    1. there was no disguise in the beginning but there was after