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Updated on Sunday, October 23


OMG: Would you guys recommend the campus dentists for a minor cleaning/scaling?. I have heard mixed opinions about people's experience there. A friend of mine went for a cleaning and was told to get a root canal for a minor problem. :/

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  1. Went there a few years ago, was told I had 6 cavities to fill (very likely not true, if anything they were small/early. I've heard some places say they need to be filled when it's not necessary, just to get money). They didn't believe me when I said I flossed and brushed my teeth every night.

    When I actually went to get the cavities done, the dentist was in a foul mood. All she did was complain to me about how many cavities she has to fill every day, how disgusting peoples' teeth are, etc. So not very pleasant.

    I don't know how much it's changed since then, or if the same people are there, but would not recommend. Find a local place instead.