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Updated on Sunday, October 23


OMG: Does the library still give warnings/ move peoples things when they've left them at a study cubical for too long? Im currently sitting in the quiet study section of DC to the right of the library entrance and have been here since 3:30 pm its now 5 pm and I have not seen the person who left their bag in the cubical beside me for the entirety of my duration at the library.
Thats an hour and a half their things have sat in a study cubical taking up space while others (i've counted at least 12 people) hoping to sit and find a study space are left to wander around. I myself had to do two laps around the library before finding a space while passing many empty cubicles with only a note book or jacket saving an anonymous persons spot. Its a really inconsiderate thing to do- using the study spaces as your personal locker and since it seems like some UW students still dont have the maturity to think about others who actually want to study in the library - I think the library should continue to enforce the time limit rule regularly, not just during exams.

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