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Updated on Monday, October 3


OMG: I read what Dr Morgan is going through at the Counselling Center. I want UW groups to push UW to fix it. And fix it for our safety worries. Not just talk about it here.

But I don't want to put my name to it. I want my privacy. I don't want anyone knowing if I go there. Especially for sexual safety questions. Going there should be private. I shouldn't have to give that up if I want our groups to make it safe. I don't want attention. I don't want to get mistreated if I go, from me calling action groups. What groups can I contact? How? I don't want to use my email address, cell phone, or have anyone recognize my voice. Is that possible?


  1. Step 1: Assume everything you want to hear is true, anything opposing your beliefs is untrue, and develop a delusion that everyone is against you.

    Step 2: Ignore all facts involving this situation that conflict with your ideological motives and use anecdotes and conjecture to support your theory.

    Step 3: Keep repeating your delusion until you start to believe in it as fact. Keep repeating it to others and use your own statements as facts due to repetition.

    Step 4: Try to gain support from others by using emotion and logical fallacies.

    Step 5: Inflate the amount of supporters you claim to have backing you and seek "justice" from government or private interest groups.

    Step 6: If an event occurs in which you can claim to be responsible for, yet lack proof, take credit for. Ignore any events contrary to your position using steps 1 - 4.

    Step 7: Claim victory, or start again at step 1 and repeat.

  2. can someone explain/ link to context about Dr.Morgan situation??

    1. Here’s an omg link to events in March and April 2016 calling Dr. Morgan, a psychologist at the Counselling Centre a “notorious liar”. Apparently this was to retaliate for her 2010-2013 human rights complaint against UW and a fellow counsellor. The male counsellor had sexually harassed/assaulted her and another psychologist also from the Counselling Centre in 2009. UW does not restrict him.

      Based on what posters said they know of staff sentiment and a later retraction, those 2016 comments against Dr. Morgan seem to originate from Counselling Centre staff or management.

      See its comment 1f for a summary of omg23632 that includes the “notorious liar” comment at 10d. That omg was spammed and is now unreadable without omg23658’s 1f map showing pointers to key comments.

    2. part 2.
      From omg posts between 2010 and now, Dr. Morgan is facing ongoing reprisals that no one in UW's management will resolve.

      UW’s president Dr. Feridun Hamdullahpur was asked in posts to resolve Dr Morgan’s treatment. Other posts listed UW’s Board of Directors members and stated their responsibility to resolve.

      To cool concerns and stop the UW Board members from being appealed to individually and directly, a January 2017 provincially required campus sexual violence prevention policy was touted to address campus women’s safety, including Dr. Morgan’s. Patience was requested.

      The point was made that the campus sexual violence policy-building project needs to resolve Dr. Morgan’s present situation and to ensure her ongoing fair treatment.

    3. Zzzzzzzzzzzz. So many words. So little facts.

    4. Those are some pretty serious allegations 2a/b. You're accusing without any proof that others have been involved in this affair. Your attempt at creating a conspiracy is unfounded. If anything, I would suggest someone investigate Dr. Morgan's involvement in these postings to see if she has been involved with issuing libelous statements and criminal harassment in regards to her dismissed case. I do think WPS should be involved in this investigation to these hate comments posted on this medium which could mean the end of OMGUW thanks to sjw trolls.

    5. What student ever issues a retraction on OMGUW, like whoever called Dr. Morgan a "notorious liar" did. Based on the advice of a friend? Seriously.

    6. @2.d I don't see any conspiracy theory in 2a/b. The "notorious liar" post and its retraction could have been one staff member. Hardly a conspiracy.

    7. ^Why would someone retract a post indeed. It sounds like that poster was threatened. Dr. Morgan should be investigated, by a third party or the police, for these postings and the results should be made public.

    8. ^Let's see if I get your point. Your theory is that an anonymous poster was threatened. Is that right? And so they retracted based on that threat?

    9. Actually my point was that nobody cares about this issue yet it keeps popping up on this forum. There is a little too much information posted to simply be someone who is casually interested. Many posts are very detailed and it is highly suspicious that it is not someone intimately involved who are creating these posts. I think Dr. Laura has been posting on here or using students to push her agenda.

  3. @2i Who is Dr Laura and where does she work? Is she at Counselling Services? You're accusing Dr Laura of posting. Why would she post?

  4. OP just use an anonymous email account. Google it and good luck.