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Updated on Wednesday, September 14


MODs: Welcome back UW! Hope you had a great summer. We promise to deliver daily updates - but we need more submissions to make this happen! Also, we're thinking of retiring ASKs. All questions will be posted as OMGs. Thoughts? 

- Love MODs.


  1. bring back ILU instead

  2. Good idea about retiring asks MODs. Could you also increase the number of recent comments that appear, from 5 to 10? That way we'll know more of what's going on.

  3. I like ASKs and it looks used. So I say keep it. It doesn't get in the way. If people want their OMG on the main page, maybe they can just request it in their submission.

  4. I don't look at ASKs. How about keeping the ones that are there, so they're searchable. Maybe there's a lot of good advice in the ASKs that can be of value. But any new OMGs go on the main page only, even if they're a question.