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Updated on Wednesday, September 14


OMG: Has anyone else ever searched "example hobbies" to figure out a good answer when asked what their hobbies are or is it just me? I don't have any hobbies! Why do people have to ask that and make me feel boring and awkward?


  1. I just stare at the person who asked the question. After they start feeling uncomfortable they give up and ask something else. Works great on interviews.

  2. To be pretty blunt, doesn't having no hobbies make you fairly boring?

    Hobbies don't have to be impressive, just talk about what you like to do (video games, reading, sports, cooking).

    If you don't do anything when you get home other than browse reddit & watch TV then idk man, I'm not sure you'd be an interesting person to work besides (because there is more to work than work).