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Updated on Tuesday, July 5


OMG: The only good result of new-wave feminism: Young girls give it away easily.


  1. >implying sexual degeneracy is a good thing

  2. As an older guy this is amazing. Young women wanting it 24/7. Life is good.

  3. Its just that once you relax the one-sided socially-imposed codes of behaviour men and women aren't so different. There were always both horn-dogs and ultra-shy and conservative men. Now the horn-dogging women get to be themselves too. Win win as far as I can tell.

  4. But most feminazis are ugly af. Thats why they are so against fat-shaming and stuff.

  5. Except for people who want relationships with non-degenerates. In other words good luck finding a girl who isn't a whore.

    1. Good luck finding a girl at all you hateful, judgmental prude. Though I guess there's a hateful judgmental shrew out there with whom you can share a life-time of insecurities and watching from the outside.

    2. @5.a Not an Argument

    3. 5a; found the whore

    4. ^Nope, just not a stuck up loser. One day you'll wake up to realize the difference but it'll be too late to make anything of it. Enjoy premature old age.

    5. Realize the difference between what? Being a degenerate and open minded? I know the difference. Apparently you don't.

      > Enjoy premature old age

      Lol at least you admit you're a grown child

      One day you'll wake up and realize your used up cunt isn't worth anything anymore and no decent man wants you. Have fun with that.

    6. ^Look at this dude who apparently doesn't know how vaginas work.

    7. I'm aware sex doesn't make vaginas loose, 5f. Try to overcome your autism to understand metaphor.

    8. how is that even a metaphor

    9. ^A metaphor is a comparison, the thing you're comparing to doesn't work that way, your metaphor is bad. You're a bad person for using Autism as an insult. All facts.

    10. 5i is for 5g. Got distracted.

    11. It's a metaphor for a whore's fucked up mind.

      Can you take your intellectual masturbation somewhere else, please?

      > Huehue so pedantic, so good *cums all over himself*

    12. You seem intensely angry about things that don't affect you, 5k. Have you considered therapy?

    13. Skin looses elasticity over time. Having sex will stretch tissue and will affect elasticity over time. It's not that difficult of a concept.

    14. ^Having sex doesn't stretch your vagina
      it's more like age

    15. 5k your comment is so illogical and ridiculous. How does anyone even take you seriously

    16. @5n. Please enlighten us as to how you know this nugget of information? Do you even know what cells make up the vagina? Or do you simply listen to people like Jenny McCarthy?

    17. 5l, I'm not even remotely close to being mad. Using swear words doesn't mean I'm mad. Painting a hilarious strawman of my opponent jerking off to his intellect isn't being mad.

      You don't want to see me when I'm mad tbh.

      5o: cool story bro. I don't care if you take me seriously. You're the one who will pay the price when you stick your dick in crazy.

    18. ^5o is a girl. nice try
      No decent person wants your crazy dick inside them either

    19. 5p it's common knowledge. Don't know who Jenny McCarthy is. Doesn't matter if I know what cells.

    20. Oh, I believe it 5q. You're not even remotely close to being mad apparently and you're already a prick.

    21. lol 5.s. just... lol.

    22. ^pointless comment

    23. ^5.s saying an urban legend being common knowledge therefore it's true? i agree totally. plus black guys all have huge dicks. because it's common knowledge. lmfao. gender studies degrees ftw.

    24. ^just ask a doctor
      What does gender studies degrees have to do with this

    25. also black guys having big cocks is a generalization/stereotype where as vaginas not becoming loose from sex is actually fact because of biology

    26. Ask anyone with knowledge of biology and they will disagree. Trauma by sex will cause tearing and stretching.

    27. > actually arguing with a cuck spouting about BBCs

      I thought better of this website.

      I'm white and I already have problems with girls being hurt by my dick. It's not a good thing to have a giant black dick (which may or may not be the norm, I don't particularly care) unless you're with a giant black vagina, where it belongs.

      And yes, vaginas do vary in length, and width. But this is more or less constant in the absence of pregnancy and birth.

      And it is true that tearing will make a girl looser. Which has happened to me so I can't imagine if you had a mythical 9 inch BBC the size of a pop can around. You're going to murder bitches.

    28. Reductio absurdum? UW degrees are pretty cheap now huh? Sold to anyone.

    29. lmao. in this thread kids that have no clue about biophysics. but think they do.

  6. Regretful degenerate detected.

    1. Isn't that an oxymoron? Good "Reply"ing by the way.

    2. Likely the same tool from the tattoo thread. "I'm not a degenerate because I know that I'm better than the whores that I serial fuck and discard, I would never consider having a relationship with such trash."

    3. No, not the same person 6b. I made that comment like a month ago and you're still triggered LMAO.. you fucking degenerate loser.

    4. :( :( Awww right back into the insults, must be tough leaving yourself out there without a moral or intellectual leg to stand on. Carry on though, wouldn't want reality to prick that ego of yours.

    5. OK cunt. Whatever you say.

    6. Exactly, whatever I say. Because you've shown pretty clearly that you've got nothing to contribute other than broadcasting a dated world view coupled with a troublingly misogynistic and hypocritical mindset towards morality and sexuality.

    7. <<{((BUZZWORDS))}>>

    8. P.s I have plenty to contribute, but it doesn't matter much when I'm talking to someone who can't think without referring to {{}} and various other buzzwords. Your message reads straight out of some fat cunt's Tumblr account.

      > Troublingly misogynistic

      I think you're troublingly unemployable, undateable and will fail horribly in life since you think with your genitals.

      Have fun with that.

      > Mfw supposedly misogynistic because I don't respect whores
      > In 3 year relationship with amazing woman that all my friends and family love
      > Mfw I have family around that support me
      > Mfw you probably have never met your father
      > Mfw I have no face

    9. Damn, my ¥¥{{CURRENT YEAR}}¥¥ became a vagina for some reason. See what happens when you interact with hoes?

    10. Wrong on all accounts... By what you've said I'm actually a fair bit more sexually conservative than yourself (but my no means a prude). Like I said you have nothing to say, forced to aimlessly lash out It's like one big tantrum of delusion.

      By your own admission
      -you acted in such a way that you could justifiably be called a whore (by your own standard) but are apparently a decent guy and that's the past so it doesn't count

      Any woman who behaves as you did is complete trash to be used and discarded. (No consideration to the idea that they thought the same about you, while holding identical moral views and following the same behavioral maturation- nope, woman willing to have casual sex is a whore, and once a whore always a whore)

      Any guy that calls you on your bullshit is assumed to be-
      unemployed, undateable, without a family, and a man whore that "thinks with his genitals" (which is a problem when its not you I guess).

      It's not my fault the buzzwords fit, you're a walking cliche of hypocrisy.

      By your own standard you are a degenerate and I am not. Think of that what you may.

    11. > le women and men are held to the same standards meme

      �� Rly tho? Is this grade 8?

      I'm amazed you're a guy tbh. You sound like a dumb whore. I was proceeding with that assumption.

      No hypocrisy here mate. The double standard is real, and I didn't say I was proud of sleeping around.

      > The buzzwords fit

      No, faggot. They never fit. Use real words. You sound like a fucking retard.

    12. Don't worry, I'm sure that you're amazing woman and supporting family have forgiven your degenerate ways. You should too, free up from the self-loathing that's battling with your ego.

    13. > le amateur Freudian psychology

      Wow ur so smart. Wish I could be like u

      > Be X
      > Become Y, realize X was a very bad choice
      > Tell people X is degenerate

      I love the internet sometimes. I like to play a game where I picture what the person I'm arguing with looks like. You're not faring well.

    14. I'm sorry for your girlfriend 6m. I really am. At best you're a decent-enough-seeming guy who puts all her friends on edge but she assures them you're "really sweet" and "you haven't seen us when we're alone". Ugh.

      Also, please notice how anyone who disagrees with you you assume to be a woman right away and worthless besides. You've got problems bud. Glad you at least have a favorite word to cling to.

    15. It's typically women who argue like Tumblrinas and talk about ego and say things like "awww right back to the insults :(:("

      You sound like a woman. I don't assume everyone who disagrees with me is a woman.

      > More amateur psychology

      Feel sorry for her all you want, lmao. She's fine and her friends are jealous of our great relationship.

      She doesn't have whores for friends so no one is being put on edge.

    16. ^Hell, if cohesive paragraphs, not resorting to insults, and not devaluing women makes me sound like a woman then I have no regrets. Ironically, being a prick doesn't make you more of a man.

    17. Whatever you say "dude" (you still sound like a woman). I hope a month from now you're still upset about this ROFL. but you wanna lecture me about it what it means to be a man. I forgot you existed!

      P.s I'm not devaluing women. Some of them just have a lower value than others. Which is typically inversely proportional to the number of dicks she's accepted.

    18. Nah, don't need a vagina to patronize you. You attack language and phrasing while writing like some reddit neckbeard. I didn't know that people still used "le" other than to ironically mock the tools that use "le". You write like a child trying to seem tough so that's how I treat you, because you've got nothing other than insults. Literally not a single argument.

      Also 6n is someone entirely different.

      But yes, good. now that you are the pillar of morality that is "y" you are absolved of all your degenerate ways, but everyone else is stained for life, especially those damn whores. Great logic.

      But pointing out the flaws in your stance only to have you ignore points and launch hilariously off base ad hominems is getting tedious so I'll offer my two cents.

      Sexual promiscuity has no bearing on how I perceive a persons value or character (actions surrounding said promiscuity are far more telling). Degeneracy is a term I reserve for more disturbing behaviours. While a given humans level of promiscuity doesn't change my views on them as a person, they do alter my opinion wrt to relationship potential as I like potential parters to have values and behaviours that align with my own. I don't presume to project my personal preferences as a barometer for socially acceptable behaviour.

    19. You think I'm using le unironically? I speak French, I wouldn't do that.

      Anyway, enjoy your pseudo-intellectual masturbation.

    20. wow 6s needs to chill
      so judgmental
      straight up disrespect

    21. ^Its a common reaction to being torn a new one on the internet .

    22. your sentence doesnt even make sense

    23. Lol 6u thinks I was torn a new one by the age-old "lel women can be whores if men can" .... it's sad what passes for an argument around here.

    24. This reminds me so much of shinny. Guy that can barely skate talks the most trash, oblivious to how much he sucks. Gets lit up, keeps talking trash. Gets lit up again, keeps talking trash. If he wasn't such a twat people would feel shame at beating up on someone that's in above their head.

    25. 6x, if you're referring to me (6w et al.) you are way off-base.

      First of all, I don't get "lit up", and if I did, I wouldn't call it "lit up" because I'm not black or a self-hating cuck who wants to be black.

      I'm not just "talking trash". Women who have had more sexual partners are more likely to get divorced. If that doesn't lower their value as a spouse or girlfriend I don't know what does...

      Women are just confused, I think. Society wants them to be whores that give themselves away, and they just want a strong man to take care of them and keep them safe. It's quite an amazing show to watch, really. But at the end of the day it still needs to be acknowledged that the women who follow the status quo blindly should be considered to be weaker. They either had bad parents who did not teach them self-respect, or they are just extremely gullible and easily influenced. Which is not a trait you want in a partner, when the whole world screams "divorce!!" or "dump him!!" at the first sign of relationship problems.

      Go ahead, Google "my boyfriend/husband did/said " and all you will get is a bunch of bitter and lonely cunts (or worse, lesbians) telling you to dump your SO and find a better guy.

      Anyway. I'm not wasting any more time on this. Believe whatever you want. Human nature will not bend to your will and you'll be sorted out by your actions and choices, regardless of whether or not I warn you. Good luck.

    26. ^"If that doesn't lower their value as a spouse..."

      Yes, because when I'm looking for someone who I want to spend my life with (or even fall in love with) I do a cost-benefit analysis first, and try to quantify my options like they're a commodity to be traded, taken, or rejected.

      Oh wait, I don't because I'm a thinking feeling person with a soul.

      Also 6y, I'm pretty confident neither of us are women, so what gives you the right to make a statement like "women just want..." when you don't know anything about how they experience the world? Maybe different women want different things! Maybe what they want is a product of how they're raised, or maybe they want most of the same basic things as any other human being. Or a mix of it all - I don't know. But you tell me, what do men want? Because I want a job, a family, people I'm close to, and a life lived well, without regrets; maybe that makes me abnormal?

      (I'm not the person you've been debating with btw)

    27. agreed 6z
      very well written

    28. It's not a "cost-benefit" analysis, incel.

      When you first start dating someone you keep your eye out for red flags. Love is great, but falling in love with a shitty person is not.

      > What gives you the right to say what women want?

      > Maybe they want the same basic things as any other human being

      I'm finding it strange you are disagreeing and agreeing with me in the same paragraph.

      And you get a "well said" for that, lmao.

      > I want a life without regrets, but I'm not going to try avoiding sticking my dick in crazy

      Good luck with that one buddy. I understand when you're a virgin everything seems romantic and transcendental.. and it still can be, always. But at some point your brain gets involved too, and that means not dating a trashy whore in order to be happy. But by all means, you pick your woman, I have mine. I don't really need to help you.

  7. alliteration. Bad reply by the way.

  8. just smile at them and they drop their panties. what a generation. always remember to double up on the rubber.

    1. doubling makes it not work dumbass, shows what you know

  9. yea dumbass
    A girl doesnt even have to do anything and a guy's dick will appear
    double standards??

    1. Is this a rebuttal to 8? Do you not know how to nest comments? How is anyone to take you seriously if simple concepts evade you?

    2. i just made a mistake
      calm down

  10. can some1 give me a tl;dr of this thread?

    1. Shitlords: Fucking degenerates. Who would want a girl like that?

      Feminists: Bigots! Her body, her choice!

      Desperate Virgins: all women are holy angels and I would gladly marry any of them (please talk to me)

    2. Gender Studies students: I know everything about biology but failed high school science.

    3. Normal people: Judge people's behaviour against the same standard that you hold yourself regardless of their sex. recognize that a person's choices regarding sexuality (wrt to frequncy, not true degeneracy)-and your opinions of those choices- have no bearing on their character or value, just on their suitability for you if that's something you care about.

    4. Translation of 10c:

      ""Normal people"" = Feminists

      > Judge people regardless of sex

      > Men and womyn are the same lol

      They aren't, you fucking tool. How can anyone be this goddamn stupid? Have you ever been in a relationship? Do you interact with the opposite sex? They are NOT the same, in any way.

      Virgins wouldn't know, and degenerates who fuck everything that moves don't know either since they never have to stick around to deal with anyone's feelings.

      Your opinion is pure trash and it is contradicted by thousands of years of human wisdom. No one should take you seriously as soon as you utter anything about men and women being the same sexually.

    5. 10d, aside from physical differences, most of the meaningful differences in how men and women experience the world are socialized - the product of nurture, not biology. At least, so says most movements of the late 20th century, and most mainstream 21st century thinking.

      I'd try and have a productive discussion about the merits and drawbacks of this approach with you, but you seem a lot more interested in calling everyone who disagrees with you names and yelling on the internet. So why bother?

    6. 10e: 100% false. Psychoanalytic theory agrees with me. Modern psychology that relies on outer observations of human behavior in order to pinpoint chemically induced behaviors, and consequently assign the right drugs to cure people is witchcraft at best. Psychiatrists willingly admit they have no idea why most medications work.

      The late 20th century is polluted with feminist thought and doesn't hold much merit on this subject. 21st century, see above.

      If you honestly believe that women and men are only different in their psyches because of the way they are "socialized" you're a blind and arrogant fool. There's no need to talk to you about this subject since you refuse to see obvious truths right in front of you, and would rather blindly follow "gender studies" Facebook memes.

      P.s; Feminist and Gender Studies literature is usually based on Freudian psychology, for the most part. They just happen to interpret it all as how horrible men are (naturally, of course.. nothing can be done to change it)... so they proceed to advocate for socializing (brainwashing) young boys out of their "destructive and problematic male behaviors"....

      Indeed, people *can* be "socialized* (brainwashed like Pavlov's dog) but as Freud would have warned you: the psyche is not so easily controlled. These people will develop neurotic problems from all of the pressure on their psyche, forcing it to change. It's no wonder when you look at the West and see that we have the most people in the world on anti-depressants and some of the highest male suicide rates in the world.

      Not to mention all of the other neurotic problems people have like endless vanity, addiction to alcohol, smoking, TV, video games, celebrity gossip and so on..

      The prevailing psychological thought of today; pushed by people such as yourself, who are completely clueless, is responsible for making a tremendous number of people unhappy. So I ask you sincerely to do your research or shut the fuck up, because you are making people miserable.

    7. Wrong again 10d. Not at all a feminist. For example I think equal pay for equal work as determined by job description/ responsibility is absolute horsehsit in physical fields where actual output is not at all equal. Also that physical standards should remain the same regardless of sex, custody rights and criminal sentencing are fucked, etc etc.

      No. Your kindergarten level >strawmen do not equal "translation". The post was pretty fucking literal. It's not my fault you either can't read or are incapable of considering women as a diverse group of individuals capable of rational thought, a wide range of values and behaviors and reasons behind them. Slight psychological and physiological differences don't change that. Maybe a woman that has a lot of sex is everything you say, a person with little self worth and emotional issues, or maybe they just place less value on physical intimacy and more on emotional and have made a rational decision that if guys that meet their standards are making themselves available "why not". Maybe a guy that has lot of sex is the latter, maybe he's a predatory man-whore that only values women for their bodies and has serious mommy issues. If you want to go around having casual sex and at the same time look down upon the women you're doing it with you're at best hypocrite and a self deluded moron, at worst a closet misogynist. Consistency around judgement of a discrete behavioral decision is not the same as saying "men and women are the same." Perfectly fine if that standard removes people as dateable in your eyes, because it does for me. Like I said in relationships I prefer for our ideals and values to be similar. But I don't mark everyone that doesn't align as either a degenerate whore or a virgin prude to prop myself up. Different strokes for different folks.

    8. So your argument boils down to "I wouldn't dare date them, but some other poor bloke can" ... turns out I'm the one who cares about other people in this exchange..

      > Not at all a feminist

      > Two points of disagreement is negation

      Nice logic bro.

      > a wide range of values and behaviors and reasons behind them

      Psychology and biology give pretty clear reasons behind sexual motivations.

      > or maybe they just place less value on physical intimacy and more on emotional

      Are you trolling at this point? "They place less value on physical intimacy" is the same as "emotional problems" ... and what on earth do you mean they care more about the emotional side? Since when does casual sex involve getting emotional?

      I can't believe I'm going to continue reading this sad excuse of an argument...

      > If you want to go around having casual sex and at the same time look down upon the women you're doing it with you're at best hypocrite and a self deluded moron, at worst a closet misogynist

      First of all, I no longer do that. Second of all, I am a man. Men and women are not the same and are not held to the same criteria. And in fact I haven't even said anything about men who sleep around.

      > Consistency around judgement != "Men and women are the same"

      Yes it is... really? You're asking me to judge two groups by the same standards. Unless both groups are the same that is idiotic. Are you going to judge fish and squirrels on their ability to climb trees?

      > To prop myself up

      Hah. More amateur psychology. I am not propping myself up buddy. I just wish there were more decent people around here.

    9. Well 4 points of disagreement, as well as implication of more that aren't listed. But who's counting.

      And nah. Not "wouldn't dare date them" so much as "it would present an ideological barrier and could make a successful relationship a less likely outcome." For another guy that barrier might not be there.

      So what do you think of men that sleep around? Were you a degenerate?

      Again. No. You can acknowledge differences exist and yet still hold people to the same behavioral standard, especially for behaviors rooted in conscious decisions. Men are not squirrels, women are not fish, and ability to climb trees is certainly not analogous to the conscious decision to have sex. I'm asking for logical and moral consistency, shouldn't be hard for someone that "doesn't ascribe to moral relativism."

    10. > it would present an ideological barrier and could make a successful relationship a less likely outcome

      I can see why you're single.

      > So what do you think of men that sleep around? Were you a degenerate?

      Nothing. It's what all men (who can) do at some point. They fake advantage of broken women with emotional problems.

      > especially for behaviors rooted in conscious decisions.

      Ah. We finally figure out why you're wrong. Sexual decisions are not entirely conscious. Nor are "normal" decisions.

      I'm being entirely consistent. You're just not getting it because you think women and men think the same way. Which is probably why you're a virgin.

    11. Saddle up sunshine.
      Firstly, neither single nor a virgin. And you were doing so well, you went like two full posts without having to fall back on the ole baseless ad hominem.

      Secondly, how would acknowledging that a difference in ideological stance is a barrier to a good relationship make someone single? No different than an as an outdoorsman not wanting to date a vegan. Probably not a good future there, but doesn't lower the vegans value and make them undateable for peoples or values are more aligned.

      Here's where your wrong. Step 1. You equate the decision to engage in casual sex as "broken with emotional problems" based on the strictest and most absolutely brutish application of evolutionary psychology. Hilarious. While certain embedded traits do influence behavior, they do not dictate it. Not acting in strict accordance with deeply buried primal instinct does not equal "broken". Step 2- In order to make this stick you've made the fantastical leap that since decisions are not "entirely conscious" (the aforementioned instinctual influence, as well as sociological etc.) that apparently no decision can be evaluated on it's own and that we're all just slaves to our subconscious.

      You fundamentally don't understand the application of morality in a society. Morality is based on right and wrong, beneficial/ detrimental to society, not on "how should we act based on the lingering instincts of nomadic primitives trying to keep their genes alive. Or should men have more lax laws surrounding violent crime because of our embedded aggression?

      People don't have to "think the same way" to be held to the same standard. That's the whole point of a fucking standard dumbass, to make sure that individual behaviors are based on whats good for society. The problem is that assholes like yourself in all walks of life (politicians, religious leaders, any one) confuses "things that i like/ dislike" with "things that are right/wrong". Behavioural preferences on superficial issues should not influence moral codes. I don't even know where to start on someone that can claim to be "just looking for decent people" or whatever and then condone "taking advantage of broken people with emotional problems". You're fundamentally fucked up.

    12. > The problem is that assholes like yourself in all walks of life (politicians, religious leaders, any one) confuses "things that i like/ dislike" with "things that are right/wrong". Behavioural preferences on superficial issues should not influence moral codes

      > dips fedora

      Cool story bro! Tell me again how your moral code is objective and mine (the prevalent one for thousands of years and in most of the world) isn't.. sigh.

      > You equate the decision to engage in casual sex as "broken with emotional problems" based on the strictest and most absolutely brutish application of evolutionary psychology.

      Not really. Just regular psychology will do, since I said "psychoanalytic theory" previously, and I've never once mentioned evolutionary psychology.

      > In order to make this stick you've made the fantastical leap that since decisions are not "entirely conscious" (the aforementioned instinctual influence, as well as sociological etc.)

      Uh, no. This isn't some vague "instinctual animal instincts bro" bullshit. Stop trying to talk about a subject you know nothing about.

      > Or should men have more lax laws surrounding violent crime because of our embedded aggression?

      Sure, then I could knock your face in and I wouldn't feel the need to argue with you online.

      > I don't even know where to start on someone that can claim to be "just looking for decent people" or whatever and then condone "taking advantage of broken people with emotional problems". You're fundamentally fucked up.

      Hahahaha. The brain and the penis want different things, friend.

      Anyway, good luck with your girlfriend. I'm sure you'll need it.

    13. oh 10l, I can tell you think you're hot shit. Weird though, no one else on here has felt the need to flex, insult, and threaten.

      Your opinion is the modern-day equivalent of thinking the world is flat. Its been the norm for a while but its changing now thanks to evidence to the contrary. No worries though, there's always lots of people on the wrong side of progress.

    14. > Le current year

      > Le wrong side of history

      > Le feminism and gender studies evidence

      And you're insinuating I think I'm hot shit... you think you're God, lmao.

      What you're describing isn't progress. It's movement, in a certain direction. But it's not progress.

      I'm not threatening you buddy, relax. You're safe behind your computer screen to pretend like you know what you're talking about because you frequent buzzfeed.

    15. > "Le" multiple times mocks "amateur fruedian psycology"
      >proceeds to represent psychoanalytic theory as trump card to all modern multidisciplinary research surrounding sexuality with respect to blending evolutionary, psycological, sociological, cultural influences using empirical studies
      >father of psycoanalytic theory = Sigmund Freud
      >"like you know what you're talking about" hahaha
      >hasn't realized that he's debating 3-5 people instead of 1 characterization that he's decided to attack.

    16. If only 10.n was listening to actual arguments instead of just lashing out, eh 10.o?

      I'm 10m and I wasn't insinuating (that means something else), I said it flat out. You think you're hot shit behind your keyboard throwing insults and acting tough. No one else feels the need to do that. Don't take my word for it, show this thread to the GF and see what she makes of your comments.

      I know you won't though, so go ahead and cover your ears and eyes and keep on being you. Everyone around you can see it though, don't forget. That's why way back in the thread I said you make your gf's friends uncomfortable. It wasn't a guess, I know your type.

    17. How am I supposed to know who's who when it just says "Anonymous", genius?

      I did indeed mock his amateur version of Freudian psychology when he talked about my "ego", since the "ego" buzzword has little to do with the actual concept.

      I didn't dismiss *all* modern sexuality research. I dismissed the feminist "research" that claims men and women are equivalent in their psychological framework with regards to sex and every day life.

      > Father of psychoanalytic theory = Sigmund Freud

      Uh, yes? And? Not sure why this is a point.

      Do you have an actual argument here? Like, proof of the assertion that men and women are essentially blank slates in terms of sexuality? Or proof that whores aren't emotionally fcked up people? I'd be glad to find the research for you that shows women's happiness in decline since sexual liberation and women's suffrage. Then we can trade, both insist the other person is wrong, and keep arguing. Woohoo.

    18. You don't know shit kid.

      I could easily have this conversation without ad homs. It's just more fun this way.

      I'm still responding to your arguments, if you can call "current year" and "wrong side of history" arguments in between insulting you. It's just too easy when you speak in memes.

      My woman doesn't give a flying fuck how much I insult people. I don't seek her approval for my behavior. You have a lot to learn fuckboi

      > Everyone around you can see it

      LMAO. You mean the aspies and chinks I'm surrounded by all day? Yea I'm sure they don't like me much. The feeling is mutual.

      Meanwhile I go back home and I'm surrounded by fantastic, successful people.

      Only degenerates and SJWs argue this bullshit from your angle. It's you that no one actually likes, ROFL. Wait until you leave your safe space and go out into the real world.

    19. Look at your reply:


      Bluster (unwarranted)

      Misquote and insult (since saying "wrong side of [progress]" is apparently speaking in memes and a negative to someone who uses "le" to be funny)

      Deflection. Told you you wouldn't show her.

      From here it degenerates into some blatant racism and finishes with some more bluster and false assumptions. Yikes, you're not really saying much anymore are you?

    20. ITT: One man case study on the threatened egotism theory of aggression.

    21. It still amazes me how stupid people are.

      I'm using "le" to mock your idiotic meme thoughts. "Wrong side of progress", so sorry I misquoted you. That's totally not a stupid meme either.

      > Deflection, told you you wouldn't show her

      She's a busy girl and she wouldn't care. I have much more "problematic" (to borrow a buzzword from you) opinions that she agrees with.

      > Blatant racism

      Well, not really. Is UW's math department not 90% Asian? Or are you upset over "chink"? It's just a word, Chang. White people are being systematically mocked and silenced by the left so please, don't get so upset over one word.

      > False assumptions

      Ah, no. These are not false assumptions. I realize it makes you the coolest kid on the block in University to speak in Tumblrina language, but out in the real world no one wants to hear that bullshit. They have families to take care of and work to do. The perpetually unemployed or unsuccessful are those who continue to talk in such a way; in addition to immigrants who want to blend in, so they pick the easiest route of following "social justice".

      It's fine, really. You do you. I don't really particularly care. But if you'd like to actually discuss something, come with knowledge and facts, not buzzwords and Reddit memes. Alright?

      10t; another dumbass who thinks they understand what's going on. Great. There's far too many of you to continue doing this. Carry on with your memes and amateur psychology. I'm not going to continue to listen to this stupid garbage.


    1. well, as long as Roman is with us, we're still afloat.

    2. Yeah, after browsing through this thread I think I'm out.

    3. ^Agreed. Too many ideological extremists now. Critical thinking is dead on this site.

    4. let's all chip in and open

    5. > too many ideological extremists

      > probably supports Islamic immigration

      You're in for a rude awakening in a few years.

    6. ^Hitler's dead. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

    7. Don't worry he'll be back, as a dude named Mohammad hell-bent on genociding infidels :)

      (Oh wait that already exists)

    8. Hitler liked Muslims btw.

      Pretty fucking stupid comment..

  12. lmao this is the most ridiculous thing i've read in a long time.
    sucks to be insecure enough to care what other people do with their life!
    you're all neckbeards

    1. Spotted the whore

    2. Being a whore is actually a lot of fun. I just started whoring around this past year and it's sooo much better.

    3. So fun that you have to be intoxicated to deal with the self-loathing of the whole process..

    4. ^That leap!

    5. > I have a great life, I'm not sad at all

      > That's why I'm on omguw at 2:39am