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Updated on Tuesday, July 5


OMG: Entering my fourth year now and still haven't glimpsed that mysterious entity called friend. I have managed to gain several hundred acquaintances on my Facebook and LinkedIn, but that's it. There are people I get along with pretty well and its all fun and games till the term end and we never see each other again. Sigh.

( I just needed to get it out of my system. I realize it sounds miserable af, don't rub it in)


  1. Wall of text incoming, not writing this for any pity, but just to say that there is a silver lining. I have certainly felt what you've felt. Since I went into Uni with very little money, I still have to commute all the way from Cambridge via GRT bus, since I live with my parents. I've made only a few friends from Laurier by high school connections, and I've done a handful of things with them over the past couple years but thats just about it. Otherwise, each day is nearly perfect isolation for me, no regular hangouts, no parties, no dating etc. I felt worst about it in my first year since I was a very social guy and I felt cheated by people saying "university is the best time of your social life!" (I guess that only applies to rich kids who can afford residence and a car). Though now I feel like I've adjusted to it pretty well, and I feel more headstrong and independent from the need of gaining other people's approval. I've gotten a co-op job and I'm saving some money nowadays, so I've become more financially responsible (and I'll probably leave uni with less debt than those partying yahoos) and since I've had some rough times early in life, I feel toughened from hardship and more ready to take on true adulthood. So what I'm saying is, don't let that bullshit get you down!

    1. I know lots of yahoos who live at home and still had a butt-tonne of friends and stuff. I saw them at parties as often as anyone else. I don't think you're as social as you think.

    2. Or perhaps its because I have a job during my full study term as well, and the latest bus I can take to commute home is around 9pm so I don't have the luxury of sticking around for that sort of thing till past midnight.

    3. ^Pack some extra clothes and crash at a buddies. Get picked up. Get dropped off. Hell, take a cab a few times with all that money you're saving and making. Life's too short to paint yourself into a corner like that.

  2. I hate to break it to you but honestly that's how life goes. You need to be at peace with yourself and not rely on other people to bring you happiness or "complete" you. I have tons of friends, many whom I love dearly, but when co-op and school schedules don't align, we don't see each other and will lose touch completely for months at a time. It's been over a year since I've spoken to my best friends from first year. But that's OK. When you see each other again it's just like old times, and if it's not, take comfort in the fact that you had a lot of fun and have both moved on to other experiences.

  3. It's UW. Over the years I've noticed that many students here are just in to pay for a degree and leave. You may find a clique to belong to, if it's in their general interest, but overall it's not a very friendly school

    That being said, you'll need to look harder. There are some decent people at UW, they're just few and far between.