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Updated on Thursday, June 23


OMG: Feds is useless. Why do we have to pay the Feds fee?


  1. Dumb-but-short answer: because they have a government charter that legally allows them to collect it from every student without a refund.

    Better answer: because you actually get things of value from them, even if you don't see those things:

    -Advocacy: oh god, so much lobbying. On any given day, Feds execs and staff and student staff are meeting with half a dozen different university admins trying to push for policy changes, and expressing what they believe to be student opinions on campus issues. They also meet with people in local government (regularly enough to be on first-name terms with the mayor), provincial government (including using nearly $3 of your Feds fee to pay for membership in an external organization that lobbies politicians in Queen's Park full-time, which you can thank for the new Ontario Student Grant program), and at the federal level too. This is how the new student space in the SLC/PAC gets negotiated, why we have a UPASS, and also why UW hasn't abolished course evaluations (yet). You would be amazed how little UW admin understands about students - Feds isn't perfect, but they save us from major shitstorms on a pretty regular basis.

    -Services and Special Events: these serve literally thousands of students every term. They can serve you too. The University has no interest in providing any of these.

    -Clubs: Insurance and space for the core of many students' lives! Something which the University has no interest in providing either.

    But doing all of these things reasonably well costs money. If you want to know where that money is going, the - still unapproved - budget for 2016-2017 is public:

  2. The EU is useless, why do we have to pay the EU fees?

    -some idiots

  3. Come watch the Council meeting tomorrow at 12:30 in QNC 1507 to see how they'll be spending their $3 million of student money this year!

  4. $81 of the feds fees goes towards the GRT. $81 for 4 months of unlimited busing is well worth it for me right there. The FEDS Health & Dental Plans is helpful for some.. if you don't need it, get the refund.

    1. That's the Feds Administered Fee. Quite separate from the ~$60ish Feds fee.

  5. I think seasons change. Like the averages of schools. and not partying seems unrealistic at UW.