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Updated on Monday, June 13


OMG: Seems like a lot of people forget the key rules of being a friend:

1) Don't hit on your friend's gf.
2) Don't hit on your friend's ex.

Very obvious rules that some people are still stupid enough to violate. If you have a friend who violates these rules, stop being their friend. Their thirst will overcome your friendship and they will backstab you.


  1. I agree with the girlfriend portion but the ex-girlfriend bit is by no means set in stone. Every breakup is different.

    1. found the bad friend

    2. @1a I'm saying this as someone's girlfriend. If I ended things with my boyfriend, I honestly wouldn't mind if he started seeing one of my friends.

  2. CSB: Last year I lived in a place with a few friends of mine and there was another group of housemates upstairs as well. The five upstairs were all guys (kinda stereotypical frat-bro jocks, really) and one of them, in his non-wisdom, decided to have sex with the girlfriend of one of his roommates. Not surprisingly, his four former buddies then banded together to kick him out of the house.