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Updated on Wednesday, May 25


OMG: Opinions please. I had been working for a company on a 6 month contract with the promise that upon completion of that term, a permanent offer would be forthcoming if my performance was satisfactory. I was evaluated throughout my time there and always exceeded expectations.
After the third month, I was told they were so pleased with my performance that a permanent offer would be coming in the next couple weeks. Well that narrative continued with the excuse that it only hadn't come yet because of ongoing personal changes at the top level putting lower level hiring on a, what was suppose to be a very short, freeze. Fast forward 3 months to the beginning of my last week of my contract. I was told directly from the exec. VP that the offer was still coming but obviously that provided little reassurance and I had begun applying elsewhere a couple weeks earlier. Well the last day of my contract comes and I'm told that the hiring freeze has prevented then from making an offer and I was done. Fast forward two weeks and I get a call from my manager informing me they have finally been able to put together a formal offer. I currently had no other offers so despite the awful taste left in my mouth we negotiate a fair package and I agree to come back. One week after that I get a formal offer from another job I applied at after already having accepted the first offer. This second job is a more senior position, in an area I more enjoy and pays over 20% more. Is it acceptable for me to walk away from the first company for this new offer given the history leading up to this situation? I'm of the opinion that it is acceptable because this situation only arose because they continually failed to meet commitments made to me and put me in the position to look elsewhere and now I have found a much better offer. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


  1. Why do you feel obligated to accept a shittier offer from a company that jerked you around for months? I understand that it may be unpleasant to contact them and decline after all the negotiating however you have to do whats best for you. Companies dont hesitate to cut back on labour to increase their profits or satisfy their shareholders therefore you shouldnt feel bad about bettering yourself and ensuring you succeed in life.

    1. "after already having accepted the first offer" I think this depends on the company and the terms of the offer you signed. At this stage in your career I'd say screw it and go with the better job.

  2. Who the fuck knows. I lost interest halfway through the huge paragraph to even have the will to follow along.

  3. it is not acceptable