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Updated on Wednesday, May 25


OMG: This dude thinks he owns the gym at CIF. I was looking around for a barbell. Then I found it laying next to a bench with at least another two barbells. When I was ready to go and grab it. This dude came back sitting at the bench (I think he went to get some water, which is fine). I asked if you are using it (the one I wanted), since you have two other barbells (with different weights) besides you. He said "Yes". I was pissed off, coz he was texting for at least 5-10 minutes afterward. OMG, these aren't your toys. Grow up dude.

1 comment

  1. > I don't possess and conflict resolution skills

    > Grow up dude!

    What a cuck.

    P-please can I have the barbell now, sir?