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Updated on Wednesday, May 18


OMG: To the guy who ordered a large ice coffee then walked away loudly calling the barista a "bitch" and "incapable" for putting too much ice in your drink, how about you complain to Starbucks headquarters on how their recipes requires that much ice or you know just ask for light ice. As the customer after your rude self, I felt so bad for the barista.


  1. Wow what douche canoe

  2. This is pretty typical at Starbucks.
    My gf was a barista there, she has horror stories.

  3. So many people are also fucking dumbasses who don't realize you can request no ice in any cold drink (except for fraps, obviously)

  4. Lol. "I'd like an iced coffee, hold the ice."

  5. Have you considered things from his point of view?

    1. I have. I get the feeling that he's frustrated with a culmination of failings in his life and is using ice as a platform to take it out on someone who he never has to interact with again, which is what cowards do.

  6. I honestly don't see how she wasn't being a fucking bitch tho