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Updated on Thursday, May 5



Take turns with the equipments at CIF. This asian girl at CIF on the first day of school decided to just pretend there was nobody else waiting for it. I overheard her reply to people asking how many sets she's got left, that she "will be here all day". Yeah. okay. I saw same shit happen long time ago with another dude thinking he owned the barbell taking it with him from bench press to squat rack then to deadlift with it. You need to take turns goddamit. What are you, a five? With the expected high volume and with the number of equipments out of order, you gotta share folks. Please.


  1. From what I've found, most people will let you work in if its realistic. There are times though when you just need the equipment. If you're pushing for PRs in your squat you're not going to be happy taking off 3/4 of the weight every set so someone can warm up.

  2. "A" five. cough cough