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Updated on Tuesday, April 26


OMG: Who else is following the Tim Bosma trial? That case is turning into something really weird. The shady business owner approaching bankruptcy, his friend who smokes weed with him and gets convinced to do robberies, shady business owner's girlfriend (9 years younger) who doesn't know anything except that he had a gun. It's like CSI except there's not really much doubt who did what and how.


  1. Millard is a genuine psychopath. It's really too bad we don't have the death penalty because he is one of the few who are literally a threat to everyone he comes in contact with.

    1. Armchair diagnosis ftw. I'm sure you've seen his PCLR results, his PAI results, etc. to make that decision.

  2. @1a Clearly you're not following the trial, because it's very apparent. Very, very apparent. He is separated from Charles Manson only by lack of mania.
    Some things are just glaringly obvious.