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Updated on Wednesday, April 20


OMG: Done 2nd year CS and it feels so good - I'm not as smart as some of the people in my program (a majority of them I bet), but I work so fucking hard to stay afloat.

I feel like I'm just getting better and better and I love what I do. Other people: Find something you love and give it your all every day, and you'll find success.


  1. Sounds like obvious advice but it's certainly true. Although one won't believe it's true until they feel it personally :P still nice to see unexpected positivity :) keep having fun man

  2. baby thugette here: i think its important to work hard at what your good at

  3. After surviving CS350, I felt like no matter how hard it got, I would be able to survive.

    Survive 3a and you should be set!