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Updated on Saturday, April 16


OMG: To the girl I walked up on fucking petting a disoriented raccoon in front of DP: Enjoy your rabies, you moron.


  1. Probably not rabies if the animal wasn't aggressive, although definitely sick if it's lost its fear of humans completely. Raccoons are frequent hosts for leptospirosis, which can and will jump to other mammals, including humans. Really bad idea to touch it; if it pissed on itself at all, and then you touched it and transferred it to your food, or touched your eyes, etc, you could easily contract Lepto.

  2. I saw this happen too! The racoon was alternating between snarling and stumbling around looking confused. It definitely didn't like the attention but was also too sick to focus on her. I talked to someone working at the library later on who said the humane society came and took it away and they said it was displaying early symptoms of rabies, and that there have been confirmed cases of rabies among raccoons in Hamilton already this year.