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Updated on Tuesday, March 29


OMG: Where can complaints be filed to the university?

I understand that we sometimes need to suck it up when the weather is not perfect, but to have unlit pathways covered in ice which you have to walk through to get home from a night class - there comes a point when enough is enough.


  1. omg you're such a crybaby. Even if you fill a complaint the university is just gonna laugh at you for wasting your time.

  2. If coming to campus on the ice storm day impacted you negatively, contact for assistance filing a grievance.

  3. Hello peeps, before I let you all finish, I just have to say that the school hasn't got the slightest clue about ice formation or how salt can be rendered ineffective in certain conditions. Forget about the slippery roads. There was excessive accumulation of ice on buildings that would fall to the ground. There was even excessive build up of ice on trees. This causes weaker structures on the trees such as decaying branches to succumb to its increased weight and fall to the ground from a elevated height. Now imagine if someone was struck by falling ice and/or branches on the way to class or back home... The conditions would only get worse as the freezing rain continues from day to night with the declining temperatures. Furthermore, seeing the university attempting to defend their poor judgement on social media is cringe worthy. They do this every year and I'm at the point where I'd rather that they say nothing at all. By defending their mistakes, they just had more salt in our butthurt wounds, hence, their annual backlash from both the staff and the students. However, if the university openly declares that they operate on the mindset that they're a business first and a school second, then I'd respect their decision to remain open during poor weather conditions. On another note, I'd appreciate something cheeky but funny instead of their annual butthurt responses when students and/or staff question their decisions. You know like fact checking us, "Bitch, x-percentage of students live within x-minutes to the main campus. They don't even have to commute that far to get here!" Or, "Piss off, to the few or x-percentage that needs to commute from elsewhere outside of the city. We only cater towards the majority! Deal with it bros." Yee..What was I talking about again?


    Anonymous Crybaby #2/ Internet Social Warrior Who's Procrastinating?

  4. Hypothesis: April's fool = comments are censored.
    Test 1

  5. Waterloo wouldn't even close if there was a bomb threat. Everytime I see Laurier close its doors due to some weather thing I'm like "lol waterloos open for sure"