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Updated on Tuesday, March 29


OMG: The valley is booming while Canada remains stagnant making toy planes with cameras. What a joke.


  1. So move to the fucking valley then. See ya.

  2. Assuming you are referring to Silicon Valley, this might enlighten you:

    Also, a lot of the startups who have been valued to the moon have not shown themselves to be profitable. So, it's debatable whether the boom from at least these private startups will be sustainable.

    Not saying that Silicon Valley isn't still a hotbed for growth and innovation, but it is not booming as much as you seem inclined to believe or at least there seem to be factors indicate the present boom may not be sustainable in the future.

  3. Seattle's where it's at. No state income tax. If you make $300K / yr here, which is not as hard as you think, you'd need to make $500K in Waterloo to be equivalent.

    I don't know many people in Waterloo making $500K/yr.