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Updated on Tuesday, March 29


OMG: Hello UW undergrads and alumni,

Are you against the email domain change? Eventually in the near future, your uwaterloo account will not be usable but will have to resolve to using a new email domain.

You will not be able to receive emails and it is uncertain whether email will be forwarded. You may lose valuable contacts as a result. However, graduates, staff, and faculty emails will remain unchanged. Please click the link below to find more information and sign the petition if you are against the change. Thank you!


  1. So wait, does it only affect existing UW undergrads or any students? By addressing alumni in your post, but then saying graduates in exclusions, I'm confused.

  2. Graduates refers to graduate students, not alumni. This change affects current undergrads and anyone who has graduated and is no longer attending the school.

  3. OP, could you clarify a bit more? I am currently an undergrad but taking my last two credits through a different university abroad. I feel like the university would (should) have notified us of impending changes. A domain chain would be particularly shitty for me at the moment with all the business cards with my uwaterloo email address I've been exchanging!