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Updated on Wednesday, March 23


OMG: I love university. Where else can children with average intelligence, no life or work experience, but the hubris of a Ivy Leaguer, go to be taught by people with the same skill set and be told they're brilliant? Only university!


  1. I'm glad you can feel superior about your intelligence then.

    Oh wait. Go fuuuuuck yourself. You sound more smug than the people you're making fun of.

  2. You're getting downvoted to hell but you're right. University isn't about how smart and capable you are, it's about how rich mommie and daddie are.

    1. I've been noticing that myself honestly especially in Ontario. There is really no incentive for work ethic here because the system is shot to hell. Scholarships no longer go to the best and brightest, but to minorities on a feel-good basis or to special interest groups. Quite sad really. It just drives people to other provinces or countries all together.

  3. But...Ivy League is also universities...