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Updated on Wednesday, March 23


OMG: RANT: from someone trying to sublet their room and is experiencing the worst side of humanity.

I don't understand the students who want to live at what is most probably the best student living environments in K-W, and feel entitled to pay pennies for it just because it's summer. Those who live here all year round and sign leases pay top dollar, as they should. But to those who lie and tell a person that 'someone else is offering a room in the same building for x would you be able to go down in price?' why aren't you messaging them? It is so obvious that 90% of the people who say that are just lying to see if they can get a better price off you. If you want to live at these places (Blair House, Sage, Preston, etc.) with all your friends and trash it like you do every other apartment you live in, then you will have to pay for that luxury. Especially if the person is paying 700+utilities per month for rent, please don't suggest 475 and say someone else is giving it away so you should go down. Feel free to find a place elsewhere. These leaseholders are losing money so YOU can save money, have a little bit of decency and respect. I wish student housing did 4-month leases as well but they just don't. I'd love to see those cheapskates (decided to avoid making a racist comment here) losing $250 a month to subletters so they know how it feels to be jipped.

TL;DR Have some compassion towards your fellow students and respect the asking price for sublets, PLEASE. If you really want to save that money so badly then find the next basement room in the middle of nowhere and throw your dirty ass parties there. Don't expect luxury apartments for cheap, summer or not.

end rant...


  1. That's how capitalism works. Nobody is holding a gun on your head expecting you to rent your $700/month apartment for $500. I don't see what your problem is.

  2. supply and demand, bitch.

  3. Why did you think 700 for a room in a 5-bedroom was going to be good for your wallet? This is definitely a case of sucks to suck.

    1. Yeah there are nice places for way less than 700 and not just summer. OP are you in one of the new apartment buildings from the big developers?

  4. I fail to see the reasoning behind this. You paid a lease and are not utilizing the room. Therefore when you advertise you'll be competing against others in the same position during a slow term where demand is particular low. So you feel that others should pay the same amount for this term as say September term?

    Yes, good luck with that. Especially for $475/month. I've had places for $350/month with everything included, including a/c, unlimited internet, parking, and my own bathroom to boot!