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Updated on Wednesday, March 23


OMG: If Trump becomes president, everyone should be scared.

If Sanders becomes president, all Americans should be scared.

If Clinton becomes president, unborn children should be (remain) scared.

If any Republican becomes president, all Americans who might get shot should be (remain) scared.

There's no good option. That said, about 700 000 unborn children are murdered in the US alone each year, and about 30 000 people die from gun violence in the US each year.

That is, 23 times more people are aborted than shot and killed each year, so fingers crossed for Rubio.

MOD'S NOTE: Oops.  


  1. #Rekt

    Also, good to know that you want to force people to carry fetuses to term even if they didn't want them, or couldn't afford to raise someone, or say, take the time off of work due to a pregnancy because shitty maternity leave policies.

    In fact, ANYTHING could be better to prevent abortions than just banning them outright. Encouraging contraception. Non-abstinence-only sex education. But no. That's not acceptable. Of course fucking not.

  2. In a world which already has about 50% too many people than are good for it, I'm not going to spare any sadness for unborn humans who weren't wanted/couldn't be afforded.

  3. If pro-lifers were really about right to life then they'd care for ALL life. Seems that once someone grows up they no longer matter, as evidenced by so many pro-lifers assaulting pregnant women trying to get to abortion clinics and murdering abortion doctors. Stop pretending that pro-life is actually about caring for lives. It's really about controlling women's bodies.

  4. Come on OP, you know in your heart you want to Make America Great Again.

  5. OP: How many unwanted children have you adopted? My guess is 0.

  6. I came to this thread to rail against OP, but saw that my job was done. Good job everyone! Reproductive rights for all!

  7. ~610,000 people die from heart disease every year.
    That is, 20 times more people die from heart disease than shot and killed each year...
    ~590,000 projected deaths from cancer for 2015.
    That is, 19.6 times more people die from cancer than shot and killed each year.

    In other words, OP should learn how arguments work.