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Updated on Monday, March 7



Can jobmine stop fucking logging me out? No, I don't give a shit if my account is secure or not on my own goddamn computer. If I forget to log out it's my own fucking fault and responsibility, not jobmine's. Fucking programmers eating shit for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

MOD's NOTE: OP is just upset that a pop-up window interrupted him during a violent masturbation session.


  1. LOL at mod, must be some guy who didn't get into waterloo's co-op lolll

  2. Quality mod note. 5/5

  3. Mods shut up with your unoriginal, unfunny notes.

    And yeah OP, I've spoken to many people and we agree. There was a plugin to stop learn from logging you out, I wonder if one can be made for jobmine?