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Updated on Tuesday, February 23


OMG: Things you should know when you come to the SLC Tim Hortons

This is literally my opinion as someone who works here.

The Line

-we know the line is long, we try to move people as fast as possible, if you're in front of the line we'd appreciate it if you do not have your earphones on or looking just at the cashier in front of you. Majority of the time, especially in the morning and afternoon rush, there are two other tills open and we hate fighting for your attention.

When Ordering: Drinks

-please don't keep your earphones in, talk on the phone, or speak very quietly. Keeping ur headphones on deters you from hearing us. Talking on the phone while you’re ordering is really rude. You wouldn't do that if you were talking to any other person so why would you do that when you're ordering? Please speak clearly, if you're whispering we will get your order wrong. It's not only loud in front of the counter but even louder behind the counter so to help us help you, be clear with what you want.

-the best way to order is to order your drink first. If the person who is making the drinks is caught up and fast enough by the time you finish your order you'll most likely get your drink and not have to wait in another line for your drink

-if do end up having to wait for your drink remember this; If you order in the middle cashier, the drinks will appear to your left BEFORE the next cashier.

-the person will read out the drink order as written on the lid. Please listen before you go and take other people's drinks.

-we only take CASH, DEBIT, AND WATCARD. Any food service on campus is the same (except for bomber I believe.) We take meal plan money for you first years. Once your meal plan is done then it'll take from your flex dollars.

When Ordering: Food

-please tell us when you don't want certain things on or off your sandwich or if you want it toasted or cut or with butter or whatever. The people making your food don't have time to modify it once the order has gone through.

-also if you think you'll want your lone sandwich in a bag please ask when you are paying. It distracts the people making food and gets them off tract when they have to stop what they're doing to get you a bag, and then at this point they’ll have back log of orders and everyone has to wait longer.

-also breakfast is usually done at 12pm. Sometimes we may go to 12:30pm if we still have product.

ROLL UP THE RIM -this only applies now since its RUTR season. If you have winner please give it to us when you start your order.

So for most people the process ends here. You grab your drink or your donut and you leave, but some of you will have to face the dreaded food line...

When picking up your food
PLEASE GO STRAIGHT UNDER THE HUGE "PICK UP FOOD" sign! If I could get a dollar for every time I've had to tell people to move under this stupid sign I would have paid off this terms tuition already. Going straight there lets the people making your food stay in their spot and continue to push food out without having to turn all the way around to pass you your food because you’re too lazy to walk to the other side of the glass counter. We know some of you have to pick up a drink but when you do PLEASE move the 5 steps over to get your food. It confuses the people waiting for drinks and the people who make the drinks for that cashier. It also just creates a long line the disrupts the main line.

Yes it gets to a point that a lot of people will be squished in that area but come on. If you've ever gone out to bomber or Phil's it really isn't that bad.

When retrieving your order WE WILL CALL OUT EXACTLY WHAT YOU ORDERED. So if you, let's say, order a combo, a chicken chipotle wrap, with no tomatoes, extra chipotle, and a small chicken noodle soup. We will call it like that. Don't grab a wrap that by itself or a soup by itself. People take other people's orders all the time because they aren't fully listening to the orders we call out. (due to not paying attention, having their earphones in, or whatever)

It wastes our time because we have to remake it and you'll also be unhappy because it's not what you ordered.

Going back to paying attention, please stop listening to your music or talking to your friend while your waiting for your food. We call out an order 3-4 times and then when we turn around you ask us, "did you say everything bagel with herb and garlic?" Yes I did, like 3 times and i made eye contact with you....

Last Thing

If you know, even 24 hrs before hand, that you’ll need 50 timbits, or 2 dozen donuts, or a Take 12 please place an order early. You can even call the order in. If you order before hand in store you can pay at that time so that when you pick it up you can just come to the front and ask for the manager and grab your order. You can also specify what donuts you want and specific timbits, its just more convenient for you and us. No lines and you don’t take all our coffee.

So yea that some things you should know.

We also make mistakes, we know we aren’t perfect, we're human, so please try and put yourself in our shoes once in awhile before you roll your eyes or say rude things or be difficult. Sometimes we run out of product, or our machines break, or we're dealing with our own things like a midterm we have to write after our shift or an assignment we have to finish, or have things going on so we may not be super enthusiastic when we are taking your order or calling out your food in the best tone. Most of us are students, just like you.

Just because we are in a uniform and are behind a counter that doesn't mean we should not be treated with the same respect that we give you. Don’t get me wrong there are some amazing people who do all the things above and I want to say thank you! For making my job a bit easier. I appreciate the “thank you's” and “have a great day's” I get. I love my job and would not continue to working there if I didn't.

So if you read all that I also have insider things for you

1. If you're ordering food and there is cheese on it, you can switch it out for any other type of cheese, sliced or cream. So if u order a egg and cheese, it normally comes with American processed cheese, you can switch it out for real cheddar, or mozzarella or if you want, herb and garlic cream cheese, and it's not extra. Same with veggies

2. Sauces are free, they aren't extra

3. If you order a drink and want a tea bag in it its only and extra 0.25 cents

4. If you like fresh dark roast coffee or like the pot most recently made order from the cash register closest to the entrance.

5. Best times to come and avoid a long line are before 10am, after 3pm, after 7pm and an hour before close.

6. The cheapest drink you can get is a small coffee, the most expensive would be the any large special ice capp and the large strawberry banana smoothie

7. You can buy timbits for 25 cents.

8. For combo’s you can have any drink you want, hot, cold, or bottled. The price on the menu board is just for the most common combo, which is a medium coffee and a donut. You still get a discount but based on your drink it’ll be more or less than the price on the menu, same goes for your side.

9. For vegetarians, we have a veggie sandwich, its not on the display.

10. If you want your panini’s extra grilled we can do that, just ask


  1. post this on /r/uwaterloo as well

  2. Thanks for taking the time to write all of this!!

  3. -please tell us when you don't want certain things on or off your sandwich or if you want it toasted or cut or with butter or whatever. The people making your food don't have time to modify it once the order has gone through.

    This is kind of unfair. If I feel like if I want butter on my bagel I should be allowed to ask (even if you say no)... Also contradicts point 10.

    Other than that, I feel like those are reasonable points. It's a shame these things have to be reminded of us in the first place...

    1. I don't see how it's contradictory. They're just saying to tell them - upfront and before they've inputted things into the register - exactly what you want and how you want it.

    2. 4 here - you're right, I misread! Thanks for pointing that out.

  4. I worked at tim hortons all through high school, honestly some workers are uw timmies can't take order. They charge me double for some things they shouldn't be. I asked them to check if certain bagels are there and I end up not getting it at the bagel bar because they didn't have it. Fuck SLC tim hortons. Your baker sucks too. Some donuts and muffins are missing fillings too. OP probably isn't one of them but honestly, train your workers. AND ACCEPT TIM CARDS for god sakes.

    1. Can't accept tim cards since they're accepting watcards fam

  5. TLDR...and also because I already graduated lol

  6. make uw tims great again

  7. Fuck off with your list of demands. I'm not following an extensive protocol just to order a fucking coffee and sandwich. Sorry that you sometimes have to deal with genuinely rude people but other than that YOU'RE the one working, not us.

    1. Following these recommendations will make the entire process quicker and less painless for everyone, not just the people working.

    2. It's not rules you have to memorize, it's fucking common sense. The fact that the OP has to remind people not to be retards and the fact that you're going "BLRRGRGHGRHGB DON'T TELL ME WAT TO DO" just proves their point.

    3. 8 didn't read the post and just assumed it was a list of rules. 8 is a tard

    4. 8 is a huge fucking potato. Probably a PAC meat head.

    5. @8, why are you such a turnip?

  8. really helpful! ive always wondered about the vegetarian sandwich, will be ordering that from now on!

  9. OP here, just wanted to say that this is MY OPINIONS AND VIEWS and in no way reflects the views of the University of Waterloo and the Food Services it provides. I just wanted to write something that would help you lovely people's who come visit out establishment a faster and more efficient way to get your food, because as a student I know that getting food as fast as possible is the biggest mission for any student on campus.

    MOD if you can edit the post and put this under the disclaimer i'd appreciate it! :

  10. LOL This is crazy. I'm not going to follow a freaking flowsheet to order my food. I'm going to order like I always order and you're going to make it for me the way I like it, fry boy. Go get an education if you don't want to work at Timmie's for the rest of your life, haha.

    1. if you haven't realized like 80% of the people who work there are undergrad students working part time.
      If you are as educated as you say, you'd see a majority of what they posted is common sense stuff and things they tell us when we do go there. Its just complied in this massive post.