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Updated on Tuesday, February 23


OMG: I feel spoiled by the fast service at SLC Timmies. No other place at home can compare to their speed, since they handle such long queues all the time.

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  1. Oh gosh, I know how you feel! I always complained about the line at SLC, but they really stand out when you have other locations to compare to.

    I was back home and ordered the same thing I normally order at SLC:
    -Combo number 3 with a large chicken noodle soup
    -cheddar instead of swiss
    -on white
    -apple juice
    I've never had an issue with SLC employees telling me I couldn't order a combo with a soup, but back home, "A combo number 3 can only be ordered with a donut. You see the menu? There's no soup pictured with combo number 3, just a donut."

    ...I know the soup is substituted and there's a price difference, I can read the menu. Why does it matter what I call the combo when she knows exactly which sandwich I want.

    *rolls eyes real hard*