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Updated on Tuesday, February 9



To all the dudes out there, give your balls a feel and check for lumps or swelling. Testicular cancer is some real shit and it affects guys around our age.

A buddy of mine told me that a girl he brought home from the bar handled him downstairs and said that there was a chance he could have testicular cancer. Turns out he was at the early stages and is being treated now. She more or less saved his life. Check your balls and while you're at it give your prostate a good poke  


  1. That's seriously good advice, bad things including cancer happen to young people too and life can change on a dime.

  2. "Omg, josh, something is wrong...I think you need to get it checked out."
    "uhh okay...but can I still hit it?"

  3. Josh here: Honey im home!
    Josh here again: No u may not

  4. Now there's a real women. Fucking wife her.