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Updated on Tuesday, February 2



Does anybody else read some of the crap thats posted on here and is like, "ew holy shit do I actually go to school with these people? am I really surrounded by individuals who seriously think like this?"

MOD's NOTE: Refer to OMG #23558. You're not alone.



  1. This school doesn't exactly engender developing a caring persona and being considerate of others. Since, you can't publicly express these thoughts and feelings for obvious reasons, you do it on anonymous online forums like this. Take it all with a grain of salt. People are going through different things in their life. Don't judge before you've walked a mile in someone's shoes. A lot of it is just a mechanism for expressing frustrations in your personal life. I don't think most people here are sociopaths devoid of empathy as much as the posts here may indicate otherwise.

    1. Reformed sociopath here.

    2. You made a lot of good points. This school cares about projecting a caring persona. But I don't believe it really cares about us. We pick up on that and follow its lead. We want to feel good about ourselves regardless of what we do. And we despise being called out when it's noticed. Just a weakness in our human nature.

  2. Eww holy shit I go to school with OP?

    I actually find the people here very reasonable and kind. There are trolls here and there and people always have different opinions, but in general I love this community. A few times I posted about some personal issues and I got nothing but positivity and support.

  3. Angry here: im just angry all the time.