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Updated on Tuesday, February 2



Last week I noticed two bandages on my little sisters arms in exactly the same place on either arm. I asked and she laughed it off, got defensive and told me not to ask again. This evening I came home to a dark house...My mom took her to the ER where they gave her a prescription for anti-depressants. Just wanted to put this out "there." A way of saying it, or telling someone, without airing the dirty-laundry... It makes me sad because I don't know how to help her.


  1. Sorry to hear that... fellow depressed person over here. The best thing you can do (in my opinion) is to be supportive. Doing the little things matter. Do anything that you think will help her... Make her breakfast, take her out, watch a movie... little things like that. I hope your sister will be okay.

    1. Good advice. Meet her where she's at. Don't say I'm going to help you get better. Don't say it's all okay. Just help her feel comfortable to feel her emotions and food is a very good way to de-stigmatize a situation.

  2. I have been through this. My relationship with my sister did not survive.

    She ended up in a bad place and refused all our attempts to help. After several years of dealing with someone like that you just stop caring.

    Hopefully you don't have to go through that, but if you find yourself getting tired or worn down dealing with her make sure to take care of yourself. It might prevent the "burned out" position I find myself in at this point.