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Updated on Tuesday, February 2



The University is proposing a 9% increase to international tuition at Tuesday's Board of Governors Meeting, come out and show your concern for this increase in a peaceful manner. NH 3407 1:30pm


  1. Should be higher. Look at the fucking cars they drive!

    1. Actually, higher is how you get more international douches in expensive cars driving around, not less. Because all the internationals who aren't the children of extremely wealthy people will stop studying here - even if their academics are superior to the wealthy ones. And all that'll be left are the sort who can afford pretty much anything.

      Not saying internationals shouldn't pay more than us - but it should go up at the same rate.

  2. How can I show my support for the 9% increase?

  3. I support the highest increases possible to keep the plebs out.

  4. international students tuition's getting so expensive im glad my parents don't have to pay more in fall coz i'll be outta this place!