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Updated on Tuesday, February 2



MOD's NOTE: Let's just put them all in once place -- Come on UW, do what you do best and and argue your opinions on an anonymous forum!

Interested in more commentary on the Feds elections? Check out @FedsElxnWatch on twitter for your daily dose of sass about student politics


WTF is with the buzzword-named "teams" running in every single Feds election? Get that cliquey partisan BS out of our school.


Does the neckbearded keyboard warrior who runs the fedselxnwatch twitter account have nothing better to do with his life?


Victoria Harkes:
I am currently hosting an AMA and will continue to answer posts throughout the campaign period. So let’s talk about Feds, the campaign, your ideas, and my ideas:


  1. I'll have you know that I shave every single day.

  2. The near-total lack of comments tells you all you need to know about student opinion on Feds ...