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Updated on Friday, January 29



Okay... does "Peoples Voice UW" even understand what the FEDS Exec actually do? Their platform reads like a bunch of high schoolers who think they know what a student union is for, but have never actually dealt with one.


  1. Agreed, though Team Impact makes a lot of vague and general promises in their platforms too.

    Impact is definitely more qualified though, with the exception for the VPEd candidates. People's Voice VPEd (Kinsey Schurm) seems more qualified than Impact's (Sarah Wiley), but I guess the campaigns just started so who knows.

    1. Agreed. I looked into it and he has some real political experience as well, he was also a huge part in the 'vote no' campaign for the recent referendum. I'll likely vote for him but not the rest of his party.

    2. I have a couple problems with Schurm right now:

      ->His platform suggests he doesn't really understand the VPED's role ("get more funding for UW" isn't what the VPED lobbies the province for, and lobbying the province is only 1/3 of the job - at most - anyway, but that's his whole platform)

      -> If you look at his facebook page, it's pretty clear he's also running to be President of the Ontario PC Youth Association. That's fine and all, but isn't that a full-time job too? If he wins that election, how will he do both that and the 50-60 hr/week VPED's job? Also how will he maintain good working relationships with our local Liberal and NDP MPs and MPPs and work on collaborative projects with them if he's a well-known spokesperson for conservative youth? VPED is supposed to appear non-partisan to facilitate that stuff.

      I'm not blown away by Wiley's platform (let's see something about federal advocacy, eh?), but at least she talks about a few academic priorities that she wants to tackle.

      So I'm dubious, but let's see how his campaign goes.

    3. Strongly disagree with this one here. Sarah at least covered both sides of the ED role: gov't and university advocacy. Kinsey just focused on gov't since that is what his personal preference is. And by focus I mean completely miss the reality of what a Feds Exec lobbies on.

      Also, yeah, he's running for the Conservatives. I'm not voting for a Stephen Harper wannabe.

    4. @2b Federal advocacy is the least important of the quarters of the VPED portfolio. Academic advocacy, provincial(where constitutionally universities are, tuition and most financial aid is) and Municipal/Regional(Housing and Transit) are the most important. Federal can be the most effective but if you're going to leave one out I would say that's the best one to.

    5. @2d,

      I agree it's absolutely the least important, but that doesn't mean it should be disregarded entirely. For example, 60% of all gov't financial aid comes from the federal level, using a federal needs assessment formula which is currently in desperate need of fixing. These are things that need to be addressed - and we can do that more easily if we have an actual strategy. We used to be a member of CASA, and while I understand why we decided that wasn't worth the money anymore and left, there's been a gap since then that absolutely needs somebody ready and willing to fix it.

      Also, your response makes no allusion to the academic aspects of the VPED portfolio - roles in several of the University's strategic planning implementation theme groups, the course evaluations project, Senate Undergraduate Council... AFAIK these things alone take up nearly half of the VPED's time every month, and they absolutely matter too.

    6. Kinsey wants to offer non-coops internships on Jobmine. Sure, they can have that, once they start paying for it. How ridiculous that I pay $700/term and he wants to give it to them for free.

  2. team impact pls go