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Updated on Wednesday, January 27



So I don't get it. Why are we paying WPIRG a fee each term, when they just turn around and literally spend the money sponsoring ads on facebook to tell us to vote a specific way on a referendum? Aren't there rules against outside interest groups campaigning for a certain side? Shouldn't our fees be regulated if we are going to pay to not go to certain items, such as advertising for a specific side? If we are paying WPIRG, why shouldn't they represent BOTH SIDES since they are PAID BY THE STUDENTS who obviously have voting ideals on both sides of the debate? WPIRG funding needs to END NOW. This special interest group doesn't represent the student body and shouldn't exist on campus. They are nothing but a group of people who believe whatever they decide to believe. What if I went in there and asked them to represent my side of the argument since I pay them money? What would be the outcome? This is bullshit. We the students need to wake up and get rid of this garbage and STOP PAYING WPIRG!


  1. 1) I don't particularly like WPIRG either.

    2) I don't particularly understand why you're so angry that they exist, though.

    3) They aren't an organization that exists to represent student interests, therefore they have no obligation to represent both sides of *anything*.

    4) If you don't like the work that they do, you can always get your fee refunded. Or get a petition going and trigger a Feds referendum on the WPIRG fee, as well (note: Feds does not collect the WPIRG fee, and whether or not to continue collecting it will ultimately be up to the UW Board of Governors - but they can be expected to listen to a referendum result).

    5) Regarding this referendum, there *are* rules about third-party involvement in the campaign, which you can read at If you think those rules are being violated, submit an allegation to the elections officer. If it's severe enough, you can actually get the "Yes" side disqualified (weird, right?)!

  2. you can get $4.75 refund from WPIRG if you just go ask for it.

    1. can you tell me where? and if there's a deadline to get it back? thank you

    2. 2a: It's already over for this term I believe. You have to go to their office in Conrad Grebel during the first week or two of class.

  3. This is the first I have heard of this and after looking through their website and my fee statements I am pretty annoyed. It is insulting that they take this money from people hoping they wont notice.

  4. There's some talk about a group getting together to get the fee removed on uwaterloo reddit