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Updated on Sunday, January 24


OMG: Do you ever wonder if you can trust the people around you that you interact with on a daily basis? For example everyone who you think is your friend and who you think has your back. What if they don't actually care about you? How do you know who is pretending and who isn't? How do you spot the snakes from the real friends?


  1. Yeah it's pretty easy IMO.
    If it's hard for you it's probably because all your friends are comfort friends.

  2. 1) If you spend most of your time thinking about this, you're probably not being a particularly good friend yourself. Assume your friends are good people - if you're spending all your time wondering if they secretly hate you and would stab you in the back, that's a big sign something's wrong.

    2) Real friendship develops out of authentic, emotionally-grounded, shared experience. You should be able to express your emotions - your actual emotions - around your friends, and they should be able to do the same around you. If you feel like you can't share anything meaningful in your life with a friend... then that's probably a sign.

    All in all, 1 is right - this stuff isn't actually that difficult to tell. If you find yourself unable to figure it out, then you should give some real thought to the people you keep around you.

  3. Define a snake and your answer will become clear.

  4. Step on them. If they hiss, spit poison or slither away, they're snakes