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Updated on Sunday, January 24


OMG: Watching the sever ties debate, and wondering why the Vote Yes side seems so unprofessional. Not knowing how debate works. Is just me or does it seem like they watched question period for about 5 minutes, hitting the table instead of clapping, referring to the moderator as "Mr. Speaker".


  1. Yeah, content aside, the Mr. Speaker bit really bugged me. Not that I thought either side were particularly good debaters, but... come on, if you're not going to call the moderator by name, at least say "Mr. Moderator," eh?

  2. IMO the asian dude recked the no side

  3. the yes side is a bunch of libtards, that is why i voted no

  4. The yes side reminded me that old Family Guy bit where Lois "wins" her debate by repeating 9/11 over and over again to the mob, just replace 9/11 with "human rights".

    They weren't there for an intellectual debate on the pro's, con's, and effectiveness of a boycott, the principle's of academia and how a boycott fit's within them, or even what's best for UW. They were there for a circle jerking rally about their personal moral take on the issue, ready to shout down any dissent from their self anointed high ground.

  5. Read this. Stop supporting WPIRG and their hateful ways.

    1. I don't care for WPIRG, but your comment is stupid. They aren't trying to get anyone to hate anyone from Israel, but what is happening to Palestine. Kids, let's educate ourselves before taking a stand. That's why I voted no, because f*ck Palestine.

  6. In a professional debate competition that's actually how you speak and refer to the moderator so they were just following more formal debate rules than the Vote No side