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Updated on Thursday, January 21



Reminder for everyone participating in sever ties referendum.


  1. Question. To what degree is the University bound by this referendum? External academic relationships hardly seem within Feds' jurisdiction.

    1. It is not remotely bound by it.

      If at least 7% of all students eligible to vote, do so for a single side (specifically, the prevailing side), then the results are binding on Feds, meaning this becomes their official stance on this issue (which is irrelevant because this isn't directly related to Feds' mandate in the first place).

      Regardless of the above, Feds will formally inform the UW Senate and Board of Governors of the result at their first meetings after the referendum, and those bodies will decide whether or not subsequent action by the University is merited, based on their newfound knowledge of student opinion. [Spoiler: they probably won't take any further action.]