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Updated on Thursday, January 21



instead of a new slc expansion, can we funnel money into the internet services. I know in general they are pretty good, but some days in D.C/DP are just brutal. Is it even possible to improve it? Sorry, really not knowledgable about IT.


  1. Completely different sources of funding.

    TBH, campus wi-fi has really improved in the last 5-6 years, to the point where it's usually pretty reliable and reasonably fast. DC/DP are the obvious exceptions at peak times because you have a lot of people trying to log on at the same access points all at once, but otherwise, all things considered, they're doing a decent job.

    Doesn't mean more improvements aren't needed, though - but last I checked there's a long-term improvements strategy they're working on implementing.

  2. God rid of half the students and the network will be a lot better

    1. Yeah our wifi is shit! Like I tried to watch a porno at DC and it kept freezing on the girls bootyhole, and people probably thought I was into anal because they kept looking at me weird.. ugh thanks eduroam!