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Updated on Wednesday, January 20



To the brown guy in SCI 238 who came in late, kept asking the prof stupid questions, talked shit to the white guy who tried to help you after the prof started ignoring you, talked shit to the asian guy who stood up for him, and turned back every few minutes to glare at them and spew browntown insults for the entire remainder of the lecture: 

You're a stain on humanity and I'm revolted to think that I'm receiving the same degree as you. No one was trying to "start shit" with you or your "fam", you braindead cunt. I'd tell you to grow up but it's almost certainly too late. Jesus fucking christ.


  1. What do you expect, damn Pajeets

  2. What stupid questions?
    What degree are you guys getting?
    What "browntown" insults?

    This story is so interesting I want more details.

    1. same lol, OP you must deliver

  3. this post is racist af and i'm convinced the white guy and the asian guy were trying to start some shit as well.

  4. Jay-z here, i believe so

  5. Toronto man gotta Toronto man.

  6. Why bring race into this. Posts like this make me so frustrated.