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Updated on Wednesday, January 13


OMG: Pphubbing is a real thing. I hate how it's affecting my relationships. Any suggestions on how do deal with a significant other who consistently pphubbs you?


  1. That's not a word OP

  2. had to look THAT shit up. what a stupid.

    1. If I hear someone use that IRL they are getting a smack to the back of the head.

  3. I've met a few people like this. I confront them directly, and tell them that I don't like their habit.

    If they don't change it, I just end it and find someone else who doesn't annoy me. We're young and there are plenty of other great people out there.

  4. Tell them how it makes you feel and if they still don't change then dump them. It's just respect.

  5. Use them as a fuck-toy for a bit and dump their ass once you get something lined up.