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Updated on Monday, January 11



One of my roommates stole my milk jug and put their milk in it, and I haven't had a chance to go and buy another one, so I've been drinking his milk for the last week.

I kinda feel bad about drinking someone elses milk, but I literally cant drink mine because they're using my jug.


  1. Shit in the milk
    Problem solved pls no one else reply to his thread because I solved it

  2. Write your name on your milk jug, and continue to drink it. In large quantities. Roommate should get the message eventually.

    1. Passive aggressive as fuck. This is how you start hating your roommates. Next time you see them just say yo dickhead that was my milk jug

  3. buy a new jug. milk u stole = jug he stole, no moral problem.

  4. this is honestly really stupid. I know he did something wrong so you think you are justified in stealing his milk, but why not just talk to him... being passive aggressive like this is the easiest way roommates begin to hate each other

  5. Time to switch to bags of milk.

  6. Are you sure he doesn't just think you're sharing the milk like normal people?

  7. Surprisingly, a Phil's pitcher works pretty well as a milk jug if you need one

  8. just buy some milk bags... use his milk and replace it with a new bag.. are you really that cheap over some $3.99 bags of milk