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Updated on Monday, January 11



rest in peace david bowie:(


  1. One thing I could never understand was why we end up paying so much respect for these celebrities as soon as they die. Seriously, it’s like everybody wants to try to be politically correct and see who has the highest “I love you, David Bowie!” mountain. It’s quite pathetic, just like Michael Jackson’s death. Sure, Bowie made many amazing songs back in the day, but recently he did nothing, yet everybody brings out their “I love David Bowie” idol and get them polished out to display to the world. Damn. He contributed nothing within the last few decades and is nothing more than a nasty, disgusting body rotting in the ground. All the radios are playing him, all of his merchandise has become orders of magnitude more expensive. And we watch as the poor working class struggle so much just to meet their everyday needs. Yeah sure, rest in peace David, we all love you long time.

    1. Well if you had any respect for the world of musical progression over the decades you would come to realize how significant the loss. Yeah there will always be people jumping on the "David Bowie" bandwagon or the "Michael Jackson" bandwagon. But for people of my parents age - David Bowie was a huge influence on their life and their generation. He was always one to test cultural and gender norms and progress music stylistically through his music. It would be a shame to say he's a nasty rotting body in the ground. Even if he did merchandise on his success. That's what the music industry boils down to; it's a business like everything else. But at least he respects the integrity of the art. Have you ever even listened to his albums? My god, even his final statement of death on Blackstar (his final record released friday) is genuinely a beautiful masterpiece. It was his last gift to his fans. I'd like to know what handful of garbage you consume on a daily basis.