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Updated on Monday, January 11



Thanks UW. It's Friday night and sleeting outside. There is no sand or salt to be seen on the sidewalks which are now skating rinks. What exactly do tuition and ancillary fees pay for here? Besides 1/256th ply toilet paper made by our friends in nano and overpaid administrators?


  1. The plant ops staff that handle this stuff don't work 24/7 you know. Their unions wouldn't allow it.

    They're typically pretty good at getting out there with the ploughs and sand/salt early on weekday mornings though.

  2. Say it like it’s true, brother. Simple safety precautions such as salt are far too much for a university as stupid as Waterloo is to handle. As the poster above mentioned, their unionized donut-eating lazy slabs of blob - a dog can't help being a dog, so why would a unionized employee bother to ensure the safety of the students, knowing full-well that they'd never ever be able to attend a university as prestigious as the university of Waterloo???