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Updated on Friday, January 8



Still in KW
Most of these jobs are soul crushing
I've got to do some reflecting
I've got to find me one out here that is good at mentorship
I am convinced that my experience is being neglected
So I hit my recruiter to get them the message
And make the connection like brrrrr
I've got that work permit tonight, I hope you not the conservative type
I'm in GTA tonight, I might just accept you low balling tonight
OMG ain't with the ray tay
You know zoh haay
Got co-ops here going way way way way way way
Tathem center trips look so waste days
Glo'd up off a gate way
Man I really don’t get this
Rejection is one thing, rejections from all is a whole different story

MOD'S NOTE: (Turns on cell-phone light and waves in the air)