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Updated on Friday, January 8



I went back to my home country and didn't feel at home. I don't spend more than 3 weeks a year in my home country so I picked up many habits and got used to living in Canada which is different in many aspects from my home country. I don't stick to people from my country in Waterloo, not because I avoid them but I don't want to isolate myself and I'm also from a small country and there are like 4-5 people at UW from my home country anyway. However, I still don't feel at home in Canada. This is not where I was born and grew up. It's not where I went to elementary school or where I first learned to drive. There are some small details that sometimes make me feel unwelcome in Canada but I mostly don't feel at home because I didn't grow up here. But Canada is still where I live. Living here shaped the way I see things and I like so many aspects of life in Canada and probably won't go back if I'm allowed to stay here. I feel like living in Canada suits my personality really well. I've never liked the lack of personal space and I've never felt like I should always show off to prove myself. Maybe you don't realize it but people in Canada appreciate modesty a lot more than in many other countries (it could be annoying if it's excessive but it's still better). I'm wondering if I will ever feel at home again. I didn't think being "homeless" (as in not having a real home) would feel so bad, and moving every 4 months for co-op doesn't help.


  1. alright paco, but you still have to go back

  2. As an international student, I feel ya. I often think of this quote "You will never be completely at home again, because part of your heart always will be elsewhere. That is the price you pay for the richness of loving and knowing people in more than one place."

  3. Yeah Canada is pretty great.

  4. Yeah that's normal. Google 'third culture kid' for stuff about a related situation. I think it's unlikely you will feel 'at home' with a major culture, because the box of being aware of more than one standard and not always preferring the same one is already open. But you might feel 'at home' with the situation : )

  5. > I feel like living in Canada suits my personality really well

    Bland, vague and no one actually knows where you're from? Yep, sure sounds Canadian to me.