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Updated on Monday, January 4



I am so glad my roommate from the fall term is gone. To be honest, he's decently nice as a person, but now I don't have to put up with him:
- turning the stovetop into an oil-covered fire hazard on a daily basis,
- repeatedly clogging the sink drain with rice despite my warnings,
- turning the counter near any sink into a veritable swamp every time he used a tap,
- blasting audio of some ranting preacher all night (every night) to "help him sleep",
- crashing and banging around the kitchen at 6:30am every morning,
- constantly and aimlessly moaning songs to Jesus,
- making the apartment floor filthy because he never takes his shoes off after entering,
- breaking the portable space heater I loaned him (which I could really use now that winter's actually arrived),
- and pissing all over the seat and then complaining that the toilet smells bad. (Cause and effect, how do they work?)

And yes, I asked him at various times to stop or tone down all of the above.


  1. the new guy managed to turn our apartment into a crack house within 3 days -_-

    1. Your roommate and OP's roommate sound perfect for each other...

  2. idk op...
    you talking trash about other people makes me assume you are shitty person as well and not the best roommate.
    We are all assholes in our special way so lets not point fingers and claim we are better than other people.

    1. what the fuck are you talking about op put it in such a nice way already... i would seriously hate to have this guy as a roommate

  3. he doesn't seem like a nice person at all