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Updated on Monday, January 4



I feel really insecure about how I look because I'm a short asian girl (5'0). I get insecure about my legs because they feel stumpy and short compared to my torso. Sorry if this seems like a self-absorbed thought but it's how I feel.


  1. I hate short girls too.

  2. I love short girls

  3. No shit. You're short so you're gonna have shorter limbs. I don't know what you're insecure about. If you had longer limbs, you'd look like a fucking octopus or some weird ass shit (with 4 limbs I guess so maybe quadrapus). Guys are horny. If you have a vagina, then you'll find someone decent to fuck you if that's what you're worried about. I'd be more worried about your face and how fat you are if your looks are what worries you...

  4. Either love yourself or be insecure about it or be so extremely insecure to result in plastic surgery.
    But honestly people who judge you solely for your looks are REALLY NOT worth your time.
    EVERYONE is going to get old as ugly as fuck and those who value looks so highly is really going to have a hard ass time giving love and getting love from others when they hit 30. Just don't waste time being sad you don't look a certain way and just accept the way you look and spend more time developing your personality and traits.

    >A continuous decline in several cognitive processes occurs after a peak performance in the mid-20s age group.[5]
    >By age 30, wrinkles develop mainly due to photoageing, particularly affecting sun-exposed areas (face, hands) of fair-skinned individuals.
    >Around age 35, female fertility declines sharply.
    In the mid-forties, presbyopia generally becomes apparent.

  5. As a girl, neither short nor Asian are disadvantages. I've dated numerous short, Asian girls (among others) and there's really no difference. You don't even have to hide your insecurity because that also doesn't reduce a girl's attractiveness.

    If you feel like you're getting less attention than you deserve, it's probably something else.

  6. I like short asian girls...Don't feel insecure OP

  7. i'm sure you're beautiful :) you shouldn't feel insecure about yourself!!!

    1. Tumblr is that way...*points left*

    2. How do you know if she's beautiful or not!?!?!? Your comment doesn't make her feel better cause you obviously don't mean it since you've never actually seen her.

  8. need pics for evidence and research purposes