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Updated on Monday, December 21



In the spirit of Christmas, I hereby summon the old God
Oh RL, come grace us with your presence, I summon thee RL, come forth and give us joy this holiday season
(seriously Roman, come say hi. still miss the chat room)


  1. Site has died down quite a bit since then sadly.

  2. Anyone remember Jas? RL is nothing compared to Jas

  3. Damn, I miss RL too, loved his snark

  4. I have arrived, mortals!
    (Sorry, mail's a bit slow here at the North Pole)

    By the way, if you know who I am, Facebook is the best way to contact...not to disrespect the power of prayer or anything.
    For anyone else, hanging out in the old IRC channel for a bit... (#omguw on quakenet) (or your favorite client)