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Updated on Friday, December 18



Mods of omguw why do you guys post such hate and inappropriate submissions all the time? Reading omguw always make me feel like there's a reason why we're not an american Ivy League university. Even if this is a troll site I've never heard of a OMGMIT or OMGHarvard before

Prior to posting this, I did a quick skim of the recent submissions. Can you please clarify which posts are hateful, and which are inappropriate?

Is it talk of virtual reality porn? Is it people complaining about loud people in the libraries or terrible drivers, or in more general terms, any action performed by another student that they don't approve of? Is it any post with the "F-word"? Specific feedback would be nice.

As a Mod Team, we support the idea of free speech - If a student has a specific moment they feel deserves to be shared, who are we to censor it? We try to censor blatant flame-baiting, and of course sometimes it's not always black and white, but we do the best that we can. Please comment with suggestions that you have as for how we can do our jobs better!


  1. Well, of course we're not an "American Ivy League university." This is Canada...

  2. Actually MODs, since the last time this was discussed I think you've generally been doing a pretty good job of moderating. But I'll repeat what I said last time.

    Posts that should be censored out:
    -> No relevance to UW, life in Waterloo/on coop, or anything to do with student life in general.
    -> Hate for the sake of hatred/posts designed just to start a flame war (i.e. black people are inherently evil, etc.).
    -> Stuff that calls out people (other than public figures like the Feds Exec, University President, Provincial/Federal Politicians) by name, regardless of context.
    -> Stuff that would literally send the person saying it to prison if it wasn't anonymous (i.e. actual hate speech and encouragement to commit crimes).

    Otherwise... use your best judgement. Anonymity provides a lot of benefits, but in its unfettered form it can be weaponized to do a lot more harm than good. Let this place be good for free and open discussion, but don't let it become a cesspool's cesspool like 4chan.

    1. >Hate speech should be censored

    2. 2, I disagree. Keep it free.
      - "no relevance"? That's subjective.
      - "posts designed just to..." Who are you to say why?
      - "stuff that calls out people ... regardless of context"? Who's to say who isn't a public figure, or who affects our lives.
      - "stuff that would literally..."? Unless it's really clear, leave it and let the readers decide.

    3. "But I'll repeat what I said last time."

      So you said the same lines last time and the mods ignored you. Therefore you need to repeat yourself again to the letter? Perhaps you should take a hint.

    4. 2d, by all accounts, the Mods paid some attention last time. They hired more mods, and the really hateful stuff disappeared after that. Light, quiet censorship always works best because nobody knows it's happening, so the mods don't have to deal with some kind of revolt.

      ->Relevance - of course it's subjective, that's why we have humans moderating and not an algorithm.
      ->The stuff that only exists to start flamewars is so blatantly obvious, any reasonable person can pick it out easily.
      ->Public figures - again it's common sense, but this is why we have moderators. I'm a random dude on-campus - if somebody in one of my courses calls me out by name on this site, mods should either edit the post or I should be able to e-mail them and have the post taken down. I'm not somebody you elect, I'm not a high-ranking public official. There is literally nothing that makes me a public figure.
      ->Criminal stuff - I agree that unless it's really clear no action is needed.

      I'm not suggesting we take any of this stuff to a strawman-like extreme. I'm suggesting we trust the mods to use their best judgement, and come to at least some agreement that this site shouldn't be 4chan.

  3. censorship is so fucking dumb and never works. Let them say what they want and ignore them if you don't like what you see

  4. OP is a clown if he thinks political correctness and censorship is what makes Ivy League schools better than UW.

  5. SJW detected.

    This is life outside of your safe space, welcome to the real world.

  6. how do i give a low vote to the post but i 5 star vote to the mods?

  7. OP sounds like a cunt.

  8. This post has been deleted by the moderators of OMGUW for being too dank. A Friendly reminder that all posts are run through Sedra Smith to ensure optimum quality.

  9. Proud not to be an uptight piece of shit worried of ever having an "improper" thought that will make the fucking corporate gangsters or lobbies they desire to work for turn their heads away.

  10. 'As a Mod Team, we support the idea of free speech' and thank you for that because it's being suppressed on universities all the time now.

    1. This. If you're gonna be a sensitive little bitch, gtfo already. Nobody is forcing you to read omguw with a gun on your head. Just leave, we don't want you here.

  11. fuck you OP, go cry on tumblr if OMGUW is too "triggering" for you lmfao. You're in university now, you should be smart enough to just ignore posts if you don't like them.

  12. Mods, I approve of your message of free speech. However, I hope you understand that this isn't an equal sided issue, the vast majority of us are in favor of free speech. The posts that op is complaining about are just stuff that she disagrees with. I remember posts that were talking about the sjw bias of imprint and the non integration of international students were removed. These are legitimate issues that need to be discussed and shouldn't be censored.