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Updated on Wednesday, December 16



I seriously hope the cons didn't leave us economically up shit's creek. But I'm not holding my breath


  1. I wonder how many years it will take before you'll blame JT for the condition of the economy rather than the previous PM.

  2. This is comedic, the conservatives had strong economic policy and were generally responsible with public funds. Many of the problems in Ontario specifically stem from Liberal policy (the energy problem, thx Mcguinty for directly wasting 2 billion dollars of taxpayer funds and making energy more expensive!)

  3. I smell another Justin Trudeau fanboy. Fuck off.

  4. The economy moves in cycles. It's the fate of every government to be blamed for our economic problems, and to take credit for every economic boom.

    That said, some governments can do real damage. But the previous Tory gov't didn't - and barring something extreme, the newly elected Liberal gov't won't either. There were pros and cons to the previous set of policies - the biggest pros being reduced taxation and low levels of government spending (IMO), and the biggest drawbacks being politically-motivated fiscal practices and the fact that the various tax cuts/credits failed to adequately incentivize consumer spending.

    The new government isn't promising a radical reversal of those policies, but a little bit of change probably won't hurt - as long as they don't leave us with a fresh structural deficit.